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Keep it up !
I must give you my heartiest congratulation for capturing the hearts of the Muslim community within a short period of three years.
SMAR Majeedi, Chandpur-246725

Outstanding Achievers
Accept my great, grand and magnificent congratulations on its third year of publication.
Indeed, Indian Muslims should be highly thankful to prestigious Milli Gazette, which represents Indian Muslims in true context and highlights their major problems.
Majid Jahangir
Anantnag, J&K 192101

I took time to review the Gazette. It is a good source of news with good articles which presents things as they are. I have also noticed that it is a progressive publication in the sense that it puts forth alternatives for Muslims in distress. JazakAllah
S. M. Aeisha Muhammad

I was visiting your site regularly for last six months. Last month I considered it necessary to be a subscriber. I have received your very informative work titled “At the threshold of new millenium.” I sincerely admire the contributions you are making to the betterment of this Millat.
Syed Akhtar, Canada

Much ado about nothing
RSS supremo, K. S. Sudarshan has asked Muslims to drop the word ‘kafir’ from their religious lexicon. ‘Kafir’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘denier’ --- one who denies the existence of God. A Hindu by no stretch of any reasoning ever denies the existence of God. So he is not a kafir to begin with. Why much ado about nothing. Hindu sages do believe in the higher philosophy of one-ness of Supreme being. That monotheism is the very foundation of Islam, and firmly believed by all Muslims, whether he is a Maulana or a common lay person. The concept of monotheism is not confined to or cornered only by the learned, as is the Hindu practice. The correct word in Islamic lexicon to describe a polytheist is 'Mushrik' --- one who assumes partners to the Supreme One. It is an irony, that at religious level, the Hindu culture has travelled far from its monotheistic moorings. It is for the learned sages from RSS to reform their own thinking, go back to their roots and original basics and refrain from demonising Muslims for believing what their own elders themselves believed in the past as well as continue to believe even in the present. RSS is committing a great sacrilege by distorting and misrepresenting their own pristine beliefs of one-ness of the Supreme. Let them first reform their own thinking before issuing fatwas against Muslims.
Ghulam Muhammed

Gujarat carnage
This is with reference to your Gujarat reports.The violence still continues and the administration just fanning it to spread it in remaining areas. The honest officers who did not allow the miscreants to function in their areas are being punished now and fresh appointments are being made in these areas for the reasons best known to them. we expect your reporters to visit in rural Gujarat where I hope the will find more stories and investigative reports. Here I am sharing my opinions and request you to gather some more reports from Gujarat.
As when the reports are coming out from all over the state it is quite obvious that these riots are not spontaneous reaction of the mob as what is being claimed by Modi, but it is a well planned strategy to systematically annihilate the Muslim minorities economically and mentally from the state and was planned much more earlier than the Godhra incident. The allegations made by the opposition parties and various secular organisations seem correct that Gujarat has been chosen as a laboratory for these organisations to fulfil their long term goals of disrupting the country for their biased ideology. Though reports now emerging question not only the government version of the Godhra incident but also hint at the possibility of a more sinister design with ulterior political motive behind.
Gulam Mohiyuddin

Be Indian
A lot of things are written and said about Indian Muslims and their love or otherwise for their homeland. From what I have seen of your site there seems to be very few positive statements about India. You don’t seem to focus on good aspects of India or its progress in any field either it is economic, sporting, military, space or any thing positive. Instead you focus on communalism. I am not Hindu but as a Sikh that loves his country. I don’t only just think about 1984 so why do you seem so hung up over these issues. There are many Indian Muslims that I regard as brothers because they love our country and there are those who don’t see themselves as Indians who are striving for a second partition... who are you?
Mandeep Gill

I came across your online paper and happened to read it. Looks like it is the best Muslim paper of India but I am sort of amazed at how you guys depict yourselves and your community. Why are you always asking for sympathy? There are so many Muslims in India that are very rich and educated... How come none of you ever raise protest for something that happens to India? After reading your paper I see a lot of complaints about Hindus ill treating Muslims but let me ask you this... Have you ever felt sorry for the Hindus killed in J&K? What about the pandits who have lost thier houses? Now in Gujarat the same happens to you and all hell breaks loose!! How come you have not condemned the Godhra attack?
Shivanna Holenar

Sorry, PM but we don’t agree.....
The utter failure on your part to safeguard the lives, honour and properties of the minorities in Gujarat, and your total lack of sense of responsibility is not as surprising, because we all know well that you are being a party to this well planned genocide. Your unwillingness to act against those who are being caught “red-handed” and against whom, there are loads of evidences, is good enough to prove our point. But what surprises us more, are the statements you gave during your Gujarat visit.
Prime Minister, we are sorry to say that you have lost all your credibility. At least no Muslim worth his salt, barring a few lust stricken individiuals in your party, could get deceived by your tears. Thus far, we had only heard of the crocodile tears, here is yet another version; the crooked liar’s tears!
You lied to us Mr PM, when you said, “we are ashamed of the incidents in the state that had turned people into refugees in their own country.” If there is any shame really left, you should immediately resign from the primary membership of the organisation, whose meticulous hard work of last 50 years or so has paid them the first “real crop” of dead, charred bodies, bruised psyches, tarnished modesties of women folks, and ravaged properties. The seeds of hatred and animosity sowed in every possible facet of the Indian lives, have finally taken to roots and have started bearing the sweet/bitter fruits it was expected to. It is like placing landmines in every nook and corner which can either result in torn apart mutilated bodies, or revengeful survivors, who will then be labelled as ‘terrorists’ in future by the very same people who created them. You rightly wondered, if the devil had indeed overcome the people of this country. And if this most anti-human, fascist devil, called RSS comprising of upper caste racist Aryans/Brahmins, is not eradicated immediately soon, it is bound to subjugate all other ‘inferior races,’ ‘lower castes,’ ‘ethnic minorities’ and not to speak of the ‘malichhs’ by unleashing the reign of terror.
People must remember that Muslims may be the first targetted community but not the only and the last. Can there be any bigger lie than your farcical statement that “the whole country is with the victims of Gujarat?” The entire country is, but a silent spectator barring a few, paying only lip service and nothing more. In fact, there are people who are clearly unhappy about the relief work being doen by the Muslim community. These sadists would draw more and more of pleasure by seeing the injured die a painful death; such is the state of humanity in a country which does not get tired of boasting of its rich cultural heritage and culture. Can you see anyone else expect of course Muslim community who has been steadfastly holding the ‘Relief Front’. All those NGOs and other organisations talking big about humanity and secularism, and who were trying to beat each other to second place, in helping the earthquake victims in the same stater sometime back, are conspicuous by their absence.
You again lied Mr PM, when you said “what face shall I show when I go abroad next month?” We know you are a very seasoned politician Mr Vajopayee. We need not tell you the oft-repeated, ready made answer from your Manual to handle embarassing situations.
Who should feel ashamed? We, the citizen of India, or you, the belittled PM or the blood thirsty Sangh Parivar???
M Noor, Tandel St, Mumbai

Mastering in falsehood
The Goebbles of today are at it again. ‘Spreading hatred by uttering a lie thousand times till people start believing it as a truth’ is being efficiently undertaken by Praveen Togadia of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). His recent outbursts claiming that Muslims are not punished for their crimes is yet another salvo replete with pure falsehood.
The vandals who demolished the Babri Masjid were not Muslims while the nearly 70,000 innocents jailed later under TADA (with a conviction rate of 1.8 percent) for years were Muslims. THe criminal photographed burning the Qur’an were not Muslims but scores killed for having dared to protest in Kanpur and elsewhere were Muslims. The Singhals, Girirajs and Togadias featured in the high-pitched drama on March 15 for surcharging the communal atmosphere under full state protection were not Muslims while one Yunus Siddiqui of Babri Masjid Rebuilding Committee, jailed in New Delhi for giving a call for a march to Ayodhya, was certainly a Muslim. Thousands of kar sevaks, not Muslims, gathered in Ayodhya for violating the law and order were accorded safe passage were while about 125 activists, Muslims, meeting in Surat to discuss educational upliftment of minorities were arrested and are still behind bars with no news about their whereabouts. In the pretext of fighting cross border terrorism thousands of Kashmiri youths have been killed or made impotent. 
Lastly of course, Sukhram, Jayalalitha, Narsimha Rao, Bangaro Rao, stalwarts from leading political parties involved in the S. K. Jain Hawala case including the great L.K.Advani could not be punished or jailed only because they were not Muslims. 
Mr. Togadia, this is in fact the one-way secularism in what is known to the outside world as the greatest democracy. Be bold to admit the truth.
Kunju Mohammed, DOHA - QATAR

Rays of hope
The National Human Rights Commission, under Justice JS Verma, with its detailed and forceful recommendations to the Gujarat Goverment over the Godhra and Gujarat riots, has come out with a role that will go a long way to restore India's prestige in the world, as a nation of law. Never in India's history such a humane and supportive approach had been forthcoming from any previous government or even judicial authority to redress the wrongs of any of the hundreds of thousands of communal riots. The unprecedented act has matched the furious virulence of the unmatched tyranny unleashed on defenseless citizens in the name of religion. The challenge has been to the very foundations of nation's existence as a democratic and secular Republic. That challenge can only be met with farsighted and resolute steps by all in the name of law.
Justice Verma deserves gratitude of the multidue of innocent children, women, old and infirm whose fate has yet to ind any credible sign of sympathy even from the likes of the Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee himself, who holds the total responsiblity for the safety, security, honour and dignity of each and every citizen of this land, without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, caste, ethnicity, origin, religion, region and social status.
Ghulam Muhammed

A lesson in communal harmony
In a relatively unnoticed, but significantly important development where a historic mosque was handed over to the Muslims by its Sikh custodians after 55 years of occupancy in Batala town of Punjab, after restoring it to its original position, there are a few lessons for the proponents of Ramjanambhoomi movement, who are striving for gaining control of the Babri Masjid-Ramjanambhoomi complex in Ayodhya. The fact that the Sikh brethren were magnanimous enough in handing over the mosque built in the 17th century by sixth Sikh guru Hargobind Singh for use of his Muslim followers, peacefully and without shedding a drop ob blood is a miracle in itself.
I firmly believe that had the Muslims indulged in any of the above tactics, they would have failed miserably in their objective and probably it would have taken another 400 years for them to offer Namaz in the said mosque.
Mohd. Aslam, Mumbai

Shari’ah cannot be changed
Apropos the review of the book Compendium of Islamic Laws in your Feb 16-28 , 2002 issue: The writer, Mr Yoginder Sikand , it seems is hell-bent upon criticizing the ulema of the AIMPLB while the fact is that they have undertaken a very tedious exercise in coming out with such a book onn fiqh covering a voluminous aspect of Muslim personal law in accordance with the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh). 
Mr Sikand must realize that just by having a shallow understanding of Islamic principles, he has no right to criticize a work undertaken by men well-rehearsed in their field. Another gross error on his part occurs when he attributes a point made in the Prophet’s (pbuh) last sermon as being in the Qur’an, when he says: "Somewhere the Qur’an states that an Arab is not superior to a non-Arab and vice-versa...”
Furthermore, Mr Sikand also states: ‘The compilers seem to have taken no notice of contemporary debates on women’s rights in Islam...” and at other places: “hardly meets the expectation that many reformists would have hoped for...” I would like to point out to Mr Sikand that in Islam, women’s rights are more protected than in any other religion (and if he is desirous of procurring more information he can undertake a comparative study and I would be glad to assist him), moreover the tenets and rules of Islam are not there to please all and sundry. We cannot provide reformists what they hope for nor. All I am trying to say is that we should appreciate the efforts of our ulema in coming out with such a work of profound benefit instead of criticising it. Mr Sikand would be well advise to rehearse his knowledge of Islam in case he wishes to review any other book dealing with Islam. As I felt it my duty to point out such an error I have done so.
Shad Shahid

Waiting for a volcano
Even after suffering from floods, earth-quakes and also plague in a part of God’s earth called Gujarat, if the severest possible instant punishment is not meted out to those who are responsible for the continuence of a shamelss naked killing of humanity for over seven weeks, it would mean that all of us are waitng only for the eruption of a volacon in this land of hypocrites.
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh - 392150

Era militancy is over
This is in reponse to Interview of Kashmiri separatist leader, and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, date: 1-15 March 2002, interviewed by S Ubaidur Rahman your special correspondent.
Omar, blatantly denied the fact that Pakistan did not created armed struggle in the name of Islamic Jihad. History witnessed it and there are bunch of examples, which tell itself that Pakistan played very improtant and major role to established gun culture in State.
The second contraduction yielded by Omar, is to prove Hurriyat conglomerate their representative character. For God’s sake, let us know what is the fun of R.C. History repeats itself, that in the year of 1996, Hurriyat boycotted Assembly elections and appealed to people of the Sate to not participate in elections. And todya, Hurriyat claims that our motto is to prove our R.C. for the sake of people.
We are the Kashmiri people who were always exploited by so-called leader’s for their own political benefits, for their lust of power, for their collecting of money and for their veiled on their false promises, with the people of State--- Needless to say that, Kashmir struggle movements is on the cross Road, and proving of the representative character will does not find any solution...!
Majid Janagir
Anantnag, Kashmir- 192101

An Inhuman Act
War phobia between tow neighbours of the subscontinent is unfortunate, but the decision to stop rail, bus and airlines is most unfortunate, as its an anti-people decision. All the means to meet ther near and dear is blocked.
Dr S R Khan, Aliganj


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