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Padma Vibhushan for Modi, and bank of depravity

It was essentially a Kristallnacht in Gujarat, with Modi presiding over the pogrom against Muslims, being patted on the back by RSS Home Minister Advani and twice com, writes IK Shukla

After having rewarded Attorney General Soli Sorabjee with instant Padma Vibhushan for his meritorious services in the cause of Hindutva, Vajpayee government, before its demise, should award the same to the other Karsewaks of well earned ignominy. This outrageously noble deed must not remain singular. Before these busybodies, or their minions, resort to a fast unto death for this coveted honor, it would be logically imperative for them to claim it in view of their long and lethal services for the Hindu Rashtra of their dreams. With Vajpayye and Advani at the helm, pledged to save Hindutva and sacrifice India, it would be natural for them to expect 
so to be honored.

A seventy-two hour long Kristallnacht in Gujarat, with Modi presiding over the pogrom against Muslims, being patted on the back by RSS Home Minister Advani and twice commended by Vajpayee, the PM of Sangh Parivar, is quite a record in rape and rapine, barbarism and depravity, terror and tyranny that would embarrass any Hitler or Mussolini, their achievements paling in spectacle and savagery. The disciples have far outdone their fascist mentors many times over in just 72 hours. 

That these centrally sanctioned and blessed 72 hours continue to stretch on and on is due to the stentorian ability of the liars constituting the Hindutva leadership at both the state and Union levels.

The terrorists and outlaws of a violent cult (Hindutva) have excelled themselves in Gujarat beyond their wildest dreams. But all this needed long preparation, massive mobilization of louts and lumpens, vast storage of lethal weapons, and relentless training in brutality to the scum and dregs of Hindu society who were drugged and brainwashed to restore glory to Bharat with rape and robbery, arson and assassination, by metamorphosing themselves into the agents of Satan. That is how they were inoculated against human attributes, against personal and social morality, against national and international legality.

The state withered away in Gujarat, but not in the Marxist sense. It was in animated suspension to facilitate the orgy of violence and viciousness that swept the state most bloodily for the infamous 72 hours, and then in driblets. Gandhinagar and New Delhi are congratulating themselves for only six stabbings of Muslims and a dozen torchings of property a day now. Isn't that a record to be happy about? And, yes, the VHP-Bajarangis-RSS knickers are happy that their workload has tapered off awhile so they could recuperate for major massacres of Muslims-Christians-Dalits later.

Once Brecht, the German poet, wrote (I am paraphrasing): "If people don't vote you into power, abolish them". The saffronazis took this sarcasm as a dictum and took it to heart.

They have been busy abolishing the people when and wherever they suspect them not to have been their vote bank. Wounds of the multiple defeats in the panchayat (local) elections in Gujarat by the Hindunazis were raw, and the subsequent rout in the four assembly polls poured tons of salt into these festering and fetid wounds a little too soon. Thus, Muslims "had it coming". Vajpayee had said in February in Varanasi that he wondered why Muslims should not vote for BJP. If they do not, the famous Hindutva "goodwill" could not take it lying down any more. It was just tit for tat. Subjected incessantly to humiliating defeat after defeat, would it not be ignominiously parading their impotence if the Hindu Taliban did not "retaliate"?

In order for the nation and the newspapers to get busy with the March 15 threat of VHP and forget the Holocaust in Gujarat, the VHP regurgitated the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

It was furious that the entire media did not fall for this ruse, and reported the carnage and orgy of violence in Gujarat, however skimpily or tardily. That the print and the electronic media did not fully help cover up the crimes of the saffronazis became their branding mark, a slur. Not only Modi but Vajpayee too held this view. 

Only because the Parliament is in session there is uproar over the pogrom in Gujarat. So says Modi, the warlord of Gujarat.

Recall what Hitler had said about thousands of Armenians massacred in Turkey: Who will remember it after a few years? True. Did Hitler dream of such sturdy disciples to carry on his noble mission? Vajpayee, on a visit to a destroyed church in the Dangs, in Gujarat, had not admonished the Hindunazis for their vandalism but the nuns. 

Why? Because they had not removed the debris; shards and splinters lying around were too conspicuous as proof, and, for that reason, too offensive to his Hindutva sensibilities. Being found out is bad, not the crime.

Snap election to the Gujarat assembly is being now touted by Modi, with a nod from New Delhi. Only a successor BJP government will exonerate the criminals of BJP. And, New Delhi will be thus spared the embarrassment of having to pretend that it will not suffer any more damage to the Constitutin and its guarantees to the minorities. This is banking on depravity, this is a green signal for further carnages and pogroms. This vote of depravity bank would ensure BJP returning to power in Gujarat to further its agenda of total annihilation of Muslims, and conclude its fiery and bloody project of genocide that it launched on Feb.28.

Advani, whom I like calling AdolfVani, did not visit Gujarat for days on end, nor did any of the other ministers. For fear that they would be Fernandes-ized? For fear that they would be deemed soft on Muslims? It was a green signal to Modis of Gujarat that they are irreproachable, and must carry on the ethnic cleansing launched by them in the "laboratory of Hindutva", patterned on Hitler's labs in Nazi Germany. AdolfVani inaugurated the Delhi elections amidst these blood-splattered days without a word of remorse or condolence. A criminal's consistency.

Does Hindutva bandwagon know that it is not 1930s, that Mussolini and Hitler are now denizens of oblivion, that HinduTaliban would be charged and held accountable for every crime that they perpetrate and promote, and that history and time would not be so indulgent and considerate to them as their camp-followers are.

A reckoning will come, and criminals would not be allowed escape to any sanctuary. They have desecrated temples (in Ayodhya too) no less than mosques and churches. There is no place they would be able to hide in. They will be hunted down for their crimes against humanity. And, justice will be meted out to them. There will be no Z category of security available to them in perpetuity for sheltering them against reprisals. Even as pseudo-Hindus they must be aware of the law of the karma.

India has been hacked and torched in Gujarat. Let not Gujarat envelop India. The state did not fade out or wilt away. It aggressively became evil. State as Evil is what fascism and all extremist ideologies based on brute force exemplify. State as Terror is what Hindutva signifies. State as Tyranny and ethnic cleansing, with planned genocide as its pathological project, is what the saffronites demonstrated. State as Outlaw became the paradigm of Hindutva.

This paradigm deserts people, militarily suppresses popular resistance, subserviently aligns with neo-colonial powers, puts the nation in hock for the benefit of masters domestic and foreign, empties the national treasury stealing and squandering it, prolongs the imperialist reign of terror, and shills for corporatist tyranny of the West. It is this nexus that gives it legitimacy and longevity. 

This nexus must be broken. Liberty, fraternity and equality must be reclaimed for the millions of the deprived and oppressed of the Indian earth. And, that just as a starting point.
Let India be purged of this scourge, let India redeem itself by cremating this ugly and violent sickness of mind and soul. Let India reclaim itself from the criminals and outlaws, reprobates and renegades. Let India cleanse itself of its degenerates, its traitors, its thugs. Only such an India, free from its terrorists and morally corrupt sub-humans would deserve a place in the comity of modern nations. Only such an India deserves to exist.
27 March 2002

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