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COMMUNITY NEWS: 16-30 April 2002

Refugees at Dargah Camp at Vatva, Gujarat

SC fines petitioner opposing ‘Namaz’ 
New Delhi, April 8 :Rejecting as "mischievous" a petition seeking to restrain Muslims from offering 'Namaz' at places other than specified, the Supreme Court on 8 April imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on the petitioner saying persons like him were causing bloodshed in the country. "You are the kind of people causing bloodshed in the country," a three-judge Bench comprising Justice BN Kripal, Justice P Venkatarama Reddy and Justice Arijit Passayat said, while dismissing the petition filed by Varanasi-based businessman Arun Kumar Jaiswal. "It is a mischievous petition," the Court said and directed Jaiswal's counsel Sunil Kumar Singh to deposit the fine within four weeks in the Court Registry. The Court further said the fine would go to the Prime Minister's relief fund. 
As the counsel tried to argue the matter further even after he was given an opportunity to withdraw the petition, the Bench warned if he continued with the arguments, the fine would be doubled. The petitioner had contended that offering of "pious Namaz" at public places other than specified for this purpose caused "inconvenience" to people from other communities. 

New Delhi: The Qur’an is the greatest literary miracle of the Creator of the universe on the surface of the earth. It’s the masterpiece of eloquence, rhetoric, unique in vocal beauty and depth of meaning and a touchstone of linguistic and literary standard. These views were expressed by Abdul Fattah Jamal Muhammad, Cultural Counsellor of Arab Democracy of Yemen in Jamia Millia Islamia on the occasion of 4th Extension Lecture at the Department of Arabic on Literary Miracle of the Qur’an.
Head of the Department of Arabic Prof Shafiq Ahmad Khan Nadwi said with reference of Ibn Khaldoon that Muslims discovered the science of eloquence to express literary miracles of the Qur’an which later took shape of modern literary criticism and principle of criticism. Professors, teachers and Arabic research scholars participated in the lectures.

New Delhi: As Jamia Hamdard is marching ahead with success, new buildings too are being constructed. The foundation stone of the Faculty of Health Science’s building was laid in the presence of the Vice Chancellor of the Jamia, Siraj Hussain and other prominent members. A grand meeting was held later in Jamia Hamdard Convention Centre presided over by Syed Hamid, chancellor of the Jamia. He threw light on the importance of the Faculty of Health Science in which physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other courses would be introduced. PK Hota and Dr Hari Gautam expressed happiness and satisfaction over Jamia’s educational standard and timely introduction of new courses.

New Delhi: Central minister for social justice and empowerment Satya Narayan Jatya has said during a general body meeting of Maulana Azad Education Foundation that the Foundation will start a scheme of setting up Maulana Azad chairs in various universities during 2002-2003. He said that two chairs would be set up in the beginning. He further said that the main purpose of the scheme is to provide all kinds of facilities to intellectuals, educationists and students for research on socio-economic and cultural life and on creations and philosophies of Maulana Azad. The minister also announced to set up Maulana Azad Centre for Communal Harmony and said that ten such centres would be set up in the country. 

Hyderabad: Renowned researcher Dr Daud Ashraf was highly lauded for his educational and research work on different aspects of the history of Hyderabad and on his newly published book Harfe-e-I’tibar during a welcome meeting.
Former station director of All India Radio, Kabir Ahmad said that Daud Ashraf has been penning down well-researched essays from the recorded archives and that he has also included the interviews of important personalities of Hyderabad on Hyderabadi culture. In this way his book is the first attempt on Hyderabad’s new and old history in Urdu, he added. Dr Bedar said that Daud Ashraf’s research was the result of hard work and that university students should emulate him as a model for research work. Dr Nasimuddin Farid said that Daud’s first book Makhdoom: Ek Mutala’a, published about 34 years ago even now serves as a reference book and that he has deep interest in Hyderabad’s history. Prof Rahmat Yusuf Zai, head of the Department of Urdu, Central University of Hyderabd said that Daud’s book Harfe-e-I’tibar is an authentic work by every aspect and that he has all the required qualities of a good researcher. He further said that a lot of misunderstandings about the rulers of Hyderabad have been removed through his book and various positive aspects have been revealed.

Ahmedabad: In Gujarat where hundreds of people were roasted alive and properties worth billions of rupees were set afire, looted, damaged and thousands of people are forced to live in temporary tents with no hope of getting their houses re-built, some beastly people, most of whom belonged to well-to-do families, have a happy advantage to loot the victims of their remaining goods and belongings to sell them in black markets and fill their lustful tummies. The police have recovered such stolen goods worth lakhs of rupees after they eyed the close circuit TV cameras planted at some riot-torn places to bring these criminals to books.

New Delhi: In the list of 40 products of eight branded and generic manufacturers that meet the World Health Organization’s norms, products of Indian company Cipla have been included in the WHO’s list of HIV-related products. Cipla was short-listed under WHO’s access to quality HIV/AIDS drugs and diagnostics project as part of a United Nations wide strategy to improve access to HIV treatment.

Muscat: The annual international poetic symposium was held in Muscat’s Sherina Hotel with its traditional pomp and show. Prominent poet of India Prof Shahryar chaired the symposium and well known Bollywood actor Farooq Shaikh was the chief guest. Poets form all over the world were invited in the symposium started by “Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association.” This time too several poets attended the symposium.

Hyderabad: President of Arts and Cultural Foundation, Chicago, Shahid Ishaqui said that Urdu’s popularity is increasing in many cities of USA through Urdu poetry and literary symposia. He said that Urdu Conference could not be held last year owing to the unfortunate 11/09 terrorist attacks in New York but Urdu lovers residing in the USA are willing to hold the seminar in Chicago in mid-July this year. He further said that the programmes of Rangeen Mahal Radio in Chicago are specific to Urdu language, literature and culture in which several prominent personalities of the Indian subcontinent have taken part.
Syed Shah Noorul Haque Qadri, president of Andhra Pradesh Urdu Academy said that Urdu Academy wants that universal brotherhood and principles of global cooperation be strengthened through Urdu. Just as Urdu has played a vital role in national unity of India, there is possibility of formation of a federation of Urdu lovers in many countries. These relationships of language and literature can go beyond geographical boundaries, he added.

Allahabad: A meeting was organized by Hindustani Academy, set up for promotion of Hindi and Urdu, on the completion of 75 years. The meeting was chaired by Dr Ram Suroop Chaturvedi. 
Speaking on the occasion Prof Aquil Rizvi, former head of the Department of Urdu of Allahabad University demanded to earmark a reasonable amount to re-publish the Urdu books of the Academy. While mentioning that the prime objective of the Academy, set up in 1972 was to promote the development of both Urdu and Hindi languages but he regretted that the Academy which had published dozens of Urdu books before Independence, has published only three books in Urdu after Independence. He also demanded that the editorials of the magazine Hindustani, which was first published in Urdu, should be compiled and published in the form of a book. It should be noted that these editorials were written by Asghar Gondawi, Syed Sulaiman Nadwi, Prem Chand, Sir Tej Bahadur Supru and Maulana Abdul Bari Asi etc.

New Delhi: Members of the BJP-led government and opposition parties had a strong verbal duel during a Lok Sabha session on 19 March regarding Pakistan’s alleged ISI activities and foreign assistance to madrasas. Priya Ranjan Das Munshi of Congress demanded the government as to what special information it had about misuse of foreign money in madrasas and the involvement of madrasa students in militant activities. He said that any religious organization can get monetary assistance as per the foreign assistance law. He further said that the government should point out as to how many and which madrasas are involved in ISI activities.
Yerren Naidu of Telugu Desham demanded a-half-an-hour-discussion in the House on this subject, but former PM Chander Shekhar opposed it in view of the gravity of the problem.

Saharanpur: 8-year-old Mahak, niece of journalist Khalid Qureshi, after being kidnapped was not only murdered but the beastly people cut her throat and chopped off her both hands and legs.
Mahak was a promising student of 1st standard of Blossom Public School. One night she went out to buy potato chips but did not return home. Someone reported to nearby Qutub Police Station that a corpse of an innocent child is lying near Ambala Road Railway Lines whose throat has been cut. Police informed Mahak’s father Shahnawaz Qureshi. When he reached the spot he found that it was his innocent daughter. The naked body was an indication that the human beast had raped the innocent girl before chopping it into several pieces. But the postmortem report did not verify it. It is speculated that someone might have done it at the instance of some exorciser. The furious mob protested against the murder and demanded early arrest of the murderer. People are angry over the district officials’ indifference and failure to trace the killers so far and they are also angry as police did not reach the spot. 
It should be noted that within a month there has been more than two dozen incidents of robbery, murder and rape in the town, but police so far have failed to arrest the guilty.

Madrasas a boon, for the country
Saharanpur: Former Prime Minster, HD Devgoda, while addressing a National Unity Sammelan in a madrasa sponsored by Indian Muslims ‘Rabta’ Council near Saharanpur said that whereas BJP governments are bent upon defaming madrasas by dubbing them as centres of terrorism, the fact is that these madrasas provide free religious and temporal education to the poor and needy chsildren and prepare them to be responsible persons for the security and prosperity of the country.
Describing Gujarat events as a black spot on India’s face, he said that these riots have greatly harmed India’s image as a secular and democratic country throughout the world. He said that Hindus and Muslims shall have to work unitedly in order to preserve and promote our civilization and identity. Regarding ‘Hindutva’ he said that this is not the name of a religion. Rather, it is a message whereby every one is enjoined to lead his life with love and cooperation with every other person; but some people are bent upon misusing and defaming it for their selfish interests. Devegoda’s speech was translated by the former minister, C M Ibrahim.

Minors arrested in Godhra case
Godhra: Government Railway Police (GRP) had arrested at least seven minor children, all below 16 years of age on 27 February under POTO in connection with the Godhra train incident. Later on, however, 62 of all the persons arrested in this connection, including these children, were exempted from POTO and are being held under ordinary laws for various crimes like murder, attempted murder, criminal conspiracy, rioting, arson and damaging government property etc. all of them are Muslims and are in GRP custody ever since.
According to the Supreme Court order, parents or relatives of arrested persons should be informed within 24 hours but in violation of this order, parents of arrested children were not informed. The police inspector of Godhra town police station, however, said that at the time of their arrest it was difficult to find out their ages so they were arrested because they were found near the spot.
According to the provisions of law relating to minor children, such children if arrested should be kept in minor children’s home but they were kept in GRP custody along with other accused persons. (Qaumi Awaz, 27 March 2002)


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