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Putting crocodiles to shame: 
An Open letter to the Mask

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
The nation watching your shedding the crocodile tears, sorry your performance was far superior to the proverbial crocodiles' shedding tears, has become a matter of routine by now. One wonders if as a measure of complimenting you in your skills, crocodiles themselves may adopt the term Vajpayee tears. Surely the faculty of your alma mater, the RSS, are overwhelmed with joy at the performance of one who can call the Gujarat anti-Muslim pogrom as a shame, a kalank, one who can pretend so convincingly that he is disturbed by the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat and is in grief, while celebrations are on in his patriarchal Parivar house. Incidentally your alma mater is also complimenting itself for the ease and efficiency with which Hitler's gas chambers have been given more innovative adaptations in their Laboratory of Hindu Rashtra, Gujarat.

How else does one explain the utter silence, apathy and just a mild reprimand, if at all, to the Chief Minister of Gujarat, another fellow swayamsevak, who is brusquely claiming his efficiency in controlling the riots in 72 hours, when even after three weeks, Gujarat is continuing to burn? How else can one explain your not being able to find time to wipe the tears of the haggard community whose back is being broken by destroying their source of livelihood? How else can one explain utter and total disregard in providing any relief to a community battered and butchered in the most heinous crimes ever committed in India? 

One keeps being reminded of your frame of mind in these situations. You must be constantly memorizing your Shakha Bible "We or our nationhood defined", where your Guruji gives instructions about dealing with the 'internal threats to the Nation' a la Germany which preserved it 'Nationalism' by wiping out the minorities in a physical way. You are not a good product of Shakha for nothing, you do remember the instructions given to you very well.

Except for those who have been gullible enough to be impressed by your 'shows ' of being a 'good man', most of us have seen your mask slipping too often and seeing your brutal face as a 'swayamsevak', willing to pay any price to uproot the democratic values, wanting to pursue the agenda of Hindu Rashtra. One remembers the times of Babri demolition when you were supposed to be uncomfortable etc. and later the ease with which you asserted that this is what happens if the sentiments of majority are ignored for long. We also recall your call for national debate on conversions in the wake of anti-Christian attacks. We also recall your joy of being amongst your clan in Staten island in the dollar land and declaring your privilege of being a swayamsevak. We know where your real loyalties lie. We come to know at such occasions that it is not Indian 'Tan Man' (body and soul), which you are proud of but it is 'Hindu Tan man Hindu Jeevan', (Hindu soul and body; Hindu Life), which keeps you ticking. It is at those times that your true credentials are reemphasized to your own ideological kith and kin, and your worth and importance to the 'peddlers of hate', the Sangh Parivar, becomes more obvious.

Your gentleness is projected to trap the power hungry allies like Fernandes, Mamata or Paswans into the net of NDA, which is a ruse to keep strangulating the plural culture and democratic ethos of the country. We remember that you fed Khichdi to the greatest Kar sevak turned Ram sevak of the present epoch, the one who 'used' Lord Ram to collect votes and bring your party to power, Mr. Advani. And later he duly complemented not only your ability to cook the Khichdi but also realized your indispensability to lead the Maha-khichdi coalition. He realized your capability and potential of creating secular illusions by genuine sounding expressions while hiding the iron claws of Hindutva in the maze of brilliant oratory. And correctly he proposed your name for the Prime Minister-ship, while he was in a position to nominate himself for this top slot. But he knew better and you were anointed to lead the Mahakhichdi.

Many a components of this Mahakhichdi, which you are using to spread the Secular aroma, had to use your name, 'good man in a bad party' etc. so that they could shamelessly plunge to enjoy the spoils of power while dumping their old principles and values.

You in your majestic style have since been making most of the 'correct' noises to ensure that they are kept in good humor while your Parivar members can keep digging at the democratic, plural and composite roots of our Nation, can keep harassing the minorities one after the other to implement the hidden agenda, which any way is not so hidden by now, of Sangh Parivar in a subtle and manifest way. 

If at all there is some RSS-sponsored 'Hindutva Ratna' award you do deserve it many times over. Nothing has proved it more than the present Gujarat carnage being done right under your nose when you are busy touching the feet of mahants and acharyas and making the show of weeping into your handkerchief for the 'kalank' of Gujarat. The 'beauty' of your 'kalank strategy' is to kill many birds with one or two 'touching words', literally so. While your Parivar member, Modi is getting kudos from all the Khaki knickerwallahs, whole nation is watching helplessly the crimes against the humanity, crimes of commission and proactive omissions. Your coining of terms of sorrow, one after the other is enough to keep your 'conscience' clear of the failure in doing your constitutional duties of providing security to the people of this country. But any way, deep in your heart you know you are doing no wrong, as swearing by this constitution is another play acting, as you know that this constitution is based on 'western values' so should be scrapped, (as your boss Sarasanghchalak Sudarshan enunciated so clearly), and the one based on Hindu Dharma Granthas has to be brought in. What better Hindu values we need with one of your alma mater killing father of the Nation for his sin of pampering the minorities and another one supervising the Anti-Muslim pogroms in such a 'competent' fashion. Fortunately for you, the swayamsevak colleague doing his 'patriotic' duty in Gujarat is doing such a 'brilliant' job in your Laboratory of Hindu Rashtra that you just have to silently clap while shedding the crocodile, nay Vajpayee tears, for the horrific violence, which is shaking most of the nation barring you and your Parivar. 

May Lord Ram bless you for providing oratorical velvet cloak to the Trishul-shaped dagger of your own Sangh Parivar.


Ram Puniyani
An enraged Indian, Mumbai


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