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Dateline Gujarat: 
A glimpse of the Sangh’s lab

The violence still continues and the authorities are fanning it so that it may spread to the remaining areas. Honest officers who did not allow the miscreants to function in their areas are being punished now and fresh appointments are being made in these areas for reasons best known to them. We expect your reporters to visit rural Gujarat where I hope they will find more stories and investigative reports. Here I am sharing my opinions and request you to gather some more reports from Gujarat.

As reports are coming out from all over the state it is quite obvious that these riots are not a spontaneous reaction of the mob as is claimed by the chief minister of the state Mr. Narendra Modi, but it is a well-planned strategy to systematically annihilate and weaken the Muslim minority economically and mentally. It was planned much earlier than the Godhra incident. The allegations made by the opposition parties and various secular organizations seem correct that Gujarat has been chosen as a laboratory for these organizations to fulfill their long-term goals of disrupting the country for their biased ideology. Though reports now emerging question not only the government version of the Godhra incident but also hint at the possibility of a more sinister design with ulterior political motives behind it.

While visiting the destroyed sites in my vicinity observations are as follows:
» The modus operandi used for killing, looting, arson and breaking of doors, locks, and shutters had a copyright to it right from Deesa to Surat and all over Gujarat and it seems that the people responsible for it are well-trained and were trained in various camps organized by RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal.
» The killing, looting and burning started much earlier than the news of Godhra even reached extreme corners of the rural belt where there are no facilities of TV and newspapers. The concerned drought-affected Adivasis were kept well-prepared for the job by offering them liquor and money.
» A systematic list of the minorities’ homes and business establishments had been prepared by using Government records and the targets were hit with clinical precision without wasting time. Even the remotest establishment where even neighbours did not know to whom the property belonged to were targeted in a similar heinous manner.
» Persons who led the crowds in most of the cases were from the nearby villages with proper communication channels. They carried out their specified jobs in a well-trained manner in a specific time-frame.
» Leaders of the crowds kept ready the required ammunition of latest technology and liquid oxygen bottles and inflammable chemicals, well in advance, without which they might not have been able to finish such a vast destruction in such a short period.
» At places where municipal corporations are from the ruling party fire fighters were kept ready to take care that the nearby properties belonging to the majority community did not get damaged and this may be observed everywhere at a glance.
» A familiar pattern of spreading rumors was used to instigate the Hindu crowds like claiming:
- Abducting of Hindu girls by Muslims.
- Attacks on temples.
- distribution of pamphlets containing false information.
» Peace-lovers from the majority community were threatened and beaten for their insistence on saving their neighbour’s lives and properties.
» The mobs alongwith their leaders were kept ready at various district hospitals and police stations so that the injured could not be taken there for treatment or the affected could not lodge their complains out of fear.
» At all the police stations same excuses were repeated for not registering complains. 
» Minority leaders were threatened not to come forward to help the affected persons or else they will be convicted under anti-terrorist law, which allows the authority to jail anyone without judicial process. 
» The announcement of double aid for majority sufferers and implementing the anti-terrorist law (POTO) only against one community and retracting it after criticism, exposes the Government’s double standards and involvement of the official machinery in the present carnage. 

For the support of the above comments I would like to refer some of the cases which had taken place in the vicinity of my place and the stories coming out of other parts of the state are no different.
» At Khanpur village of Panchmahal district 74 people, comprising mainly of women and children, were burnt alive in a tempo. All these innocents were from a village called Kidiad of Malpur Taluka in Sabarkantha district who were migrating to a safer place after their homes were looted and burnt. As per police records only 11 people were killed in this incident. Moreover, the police have not taken up any investigations to find the guilty. Even the complaint has been registered only for 11 persons when they could not find any excuse to ignore the incident.
» At the same police station, 29 (Twenty nine) human beings comprising of mainly women and children were burnt alive while migrating in a tractor after the destruction of all their properties. The sufferers were from a village called Pandarwada near Malpur and Lunawada. The police report speaks of only 9 (Nine) persons and they have found no one guilty for this heinous crime.
» At the village Atursumba of Vijaynagar Taluka of Sabarkantha district a father and his 35-year old son were slain and burnt together with their shop. They were the only male members and bread earners for the family of 15 survivors. Till date the police has taken no action and the criminals are roaming around for fresh preys. 
» At village Hajipur near Himmatnagar an innocent truck driver was burnt alive with his truck in the private premises of a local factory called Ambuja Proteins. No action has been initiated to arrest the culprit. 
» At the village Vadvasa of Prantij Taluka on National Highway No. 8, five men including British citizens were burnt alive in their vehicle and nobody has been arrested or even summoned till date. 
» At Hajipura area of Himmatnagar, a young man named Kamlesh Patel from Bavsar village was missing. Local BJP leaders along with two ministers made it an issue. Four innocent people were immediately put behind bars. After two days the dead body of the missing man was found at village Hirpur of Vijapur Taluka, 30 kms away from Himmatnagar. The Vijapur police and all the concerned knew that Kamlesh was murdered due to some love affairs in a nearby village but the leaders who gathered such a big crowd and went far away instigating the nearby villagers could not climb down. so they restricted the local police investigation, transferred the Mehsana DSP who was interested in bringing out the facts and the innocent sufferers are still in jail since the last eight days without being produced to courts, and hundreds of houses and shops have been burnt afterwards making thousands homeless and jobless. Curfew still continues in two towns for the same reason, exams have been postponed and an uneasy situation still prevails. 

These are only some of the stories from the vicinity. If proper judicial investigations are carried out by an independent agency more and more tragic stories will come out from every nook and corner of the rural Gujarat. This is not a case of rioting but slaughtering of one community by another. We want you to include all these facts in your reports, which may help to give justice to the sufferers. 

Ishaq G.Seth, 
Press Reporter
Reg No.37707D (Govt. of Gujarat), 
Himatnagar, Gujarat

30 March 2002

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