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Ashok Mitra approaches Supreme Court
By Ghulam Muhammad, Mumbai

Supreme Court of India has been impleaded by Ashok Mitra, the veteran West Bengal Communist leader, to act as expeditiously as possible and issue directives to the Governments both at the Center and in Gujarat to stamp out the VHP menace. Writing a lead article on Calcutta Daily Telegraph's editorial page on March 28, 2002, he pleads that the luxury of posting a public interest petition with it could be dispensed with in the present instance, for even the shortest delay could mean an irretrievable calamity.Ashok Mitra reports that over the past few weeks, thousands of copies of a circular letter; purportedly from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, are being distributed in Ahmedabad and other places in Gujarat. He gives out what is supposedly a verbatim translation of the leaflet as below:

Vishwa Hindu Parishad
Satyam Shivam Sundaram!
Jai Shri Ram!
Wake up! Arise! Think! Enforce!
Save the country! Save the religion!
Economic boycott is the only solution! The anti-national elements use the money earned from the Hindus to destroy us. They buy arms! They molest our sisters and daughters! The way to break the backbone of these elements is:an economic non-cooperation movement!
Let us resolve ---
1. From now on I will not buy anything from a Muslim shopkeeper!
2. I will not sell anything from my shop to such elements!
3. Neither shall I use the hotels of these anti-nationals nor their garages!
4. I shall give my vehicles only to Hindu garages! From a needle to gold, I 
shall not buy anything made by Muslims, neither shall we sell them things made by us.
5. I shall boycott wholeheartedly films in which Muslim heroes and heroines 
act! Throw out films produced by these anti-nationals!
6. We will never work in the offices of Muslims! We'll not hire them!
7. We'll not let them buy offices in our business premises nor sell or rent out houses to them in our housing societies and colonies.
8. I shall certainly vote, but only for him who will protect the Hindu nation.
9. I shall ensure that our sisters and daughters do not fall into 'love traps' of Muslim boys at schools, colleges and workplaces.
10. I shall not receive any education or training from a Muslim teacher.
Such strict boycott will throttle these elements! It will break their back-bone! Then it will be difficult for them to live in any corner of this country. Friends, begin this economic boycott from today! Then no Muslim will raise his head before us! Did you read this leaflet? Then make ten photocopies of it and distribute it to our brothers. The curse of Hanumanji be on him who does not implement this and distribute it to others! The curse of Ramchandraji will also be on him!

Jai Shri Ram! -----A true Hindu patriot.
NB. The kites we use on kite-flying day are also made by Muslims. The fireworks also are made by them. We should boycott these too. Jai Sri Ram!
Read on what Mr. Ashok Mitra writes further; "Till now no repudiation of the circular has been forthcoming from VHP quarters, so we have to take it as both authorised and authoritative. 
The contents of leaflet would have done the Nazis proud in Germany 70 years ago. We know that holocaust took place in that country and the rest of Europe, subsequently. There has been a recrudescence of trouble, including stabbings and killings in Gujarat following the circulation of this priceless leaflet. This could be only the beginning. Much worse things might follow if the administration and the forces of law and order do not bestir themselves. And there are no signs of their bestirring themselves. --- This is why a plea needs to be posted directly to the Chief Justice of India. Given his Bharuch ancestry, he, one is sure, is reasonably well-versed in Gujarati language and is therefore in a position to read the leaflet in original.

Even if other crimes of VHP are overlooked, the text of the circular reproduced above must be more than adequate ground to declare it an unlawful organisation and suppress mercilessly all its activities."

It is for us, the Muslim community, the intended victims, to now take the matter for serious consideration and move the Supreme Court in this very urgent matter that could seriously endanger the peace and communal harmony in the country at large.

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