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Khaki terror continues
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

The special task force of UP police gunned down three ‘Pakistani’ terrorists, Saleem Sajjad and Rashid in posh Gomtinagar colony of the state capital while on their way ‘to capture the makeshift Ram Temple in Ayodhya and hoist the Pakistani flag over it.’ This was revealed by state Police Chief MC Dwivedi.

Not only this, they had also planned to ‘kidnap’ Priyanka Gandhi, the daughter of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Congress president and leader of opposition. They had also planned either to ‘kill or kidnap’ fire brand saffron leader and international president of the VHP Ashok Singhal and Vishnu Hari Dalmia and ‘rescue the terrorists from Indian jails.’ These terrorists belonged to ‘Jaish-e Mohammad' group headed by Maulana Azhar Masood who was released from an Indian jail in 'Kandhar deal' of the hijacked Indian plane, he said.

The said terrorists were secretly living in the state capital and were to move to Ayodhya when they confronted the STF and met their fate. Earlier, they stayed in Jamiatul Salehat a Madrasa in Kareli of Allahabad District. The police has arrested three brothers (Obaidullah, Wasiullah and Waliullah) for harbouring these terrorists, inviting strong protest from local Muslims who claim that all the three brothers are law abiding citizens and their alleged links with these terrorists is nothing but figment of imagination of UP Police simply because they are Muslims and are running a madrasa.

The Samajwadi Mahila Sabha, the women auxiliary of Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party, also joined the protest and thousands of Burqa-clad women braving the scorching heat thronged the roads to protest against these arrests and for police raid on the girls hostel of this Madrasa. They were demanding immediate release of all the three brothers and action against the guilty police officers. They also sent a memorandum to the President of India through the district Magistrate of Allahabd. The procession was led by Ms Umme Habiba, the Principal of Jamiatul Salehat, district president of Mahila Sabha Ms. Santosh Saxena and others. They alleged that the police has taken these steps to appease their political bosses in Lucknow and Delhi .It has been alleged in the memorandum that Maulana Waliullah one of the three brothers arrested by the police is being tortured in police custody as the police wants him to make the statement according to their need. Not only this, his family members including womenfolk are also being harassed by the police.

In spite of such ‘good work’ by the UP Police the whole story has left many questions unanswered. The police claims to have recovered sophisticated weapons and ammunition from the killed terrorists. These include AK56 and AK47 rifles with three magazines and 242 cartridges, an ultra modern grenade launcher, 10 grenades, one 9mm-pistol etc. The imprint established that these were supplied to Pakistani army by Austria. The terrorist were well trained but in spite of this they couldn't throw the grenades on the police team. They could not open fire with their AK-56 and AK-47 rifles and were killed like sitting ducks.

Inspector General of STF Vikram Singh revealed that the killed terrorists had earlier visited Ayodhya and surveyed all the temples, exit and entry points and had collected all the necessary information from their Allahabad contact. The director general of state police claimed that the terrorists had planned to attack during Kumbh Mela in Allahabad but the alert police foiled their nefarious designs and so they planned this ‘operation’ to create communal tension in the country. They entered the country ten months ago via Bangladesh and contacted various Madrasas especially in Mumbai, Allahabad, Deoband, Muzaffarnagar, Kolkata and New Delhi, he said.

Notwithstanding the loopholes in the police theory the Ayodhya colour given to it is dangerous from many angles. Main among them is saffronization of coming assembly election. Given the decreasing popularity of BJP the only option before the saffron brigade is to keep Ayodhya at the centre stage of the election. Advani’s statement before the Liberhan Commission must be read along with this story and the position will be crystal clear.

Loose Nuts and bolts (in box) The police should clarify whether such terrorists were moving without any vehicle or they were leaving for Ayodhya on foot or by public transport, that too with roughly a quintal load of arms and ammunition kept in ordinary bags. In the said encounter why not even a single grenade was thrown on police party when the terrorist were having many of them, as claimed by police? Why there was not even an ordinary wound on police personnel? It is alleged that the encounter took place somewhere else perhaps in Phoolpur itself, as there are no symptoms of encounter in Gomtinagar locality.

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