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Letters: 16-31 May 2002

Keep on Mr Tirmizi
I went through the 1-15 May issue of the Milli Gazette. Through your paper I would like to offer my sincere regards to Mr. Siraj Tirmizi, editor of Gujrati Today for his brave efforts to bring the truth before the nation. Despite risking his life Mr. Siraj has done a Herculean task of publishing Gujrat Today.(Gujrati daily).Through his paper he has exposed the real face of R.S.S and similar organizations. Moreover, Muslim community is very much obliged for the work Mr. Siraj is doing. At the end I would like to quote this verse of Allama Iqbal. 
" dil se jo baat nikalti hai asar rakhti hai 
par nahin taqat-e-parwaz magar rakhti hai" 
Dr.Khalid Rashid

I like to read your online magazine very much - as it is the only English publication in India about Indian Muslims. I have two suggestions: a) please focus more on Indian Muslims, not world Muslims as it is available in regular media. In particular I would like to read more about Muslims in South India. b) Irfan Khan's Punchline cartoons are becoming boring because of too much focus on BJP, RSS, Advani, MM Joshi etc. Can he not find better topics for a change?
Rajesh R, Bangalore

Bush-Sharon-Vajpayee Doctrine
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, US victory in the Gulf War, and indictment of Serb leaders for war crimes, it was thought that the world has finally found the method for dealing with international troublemakers. The defeat of Saddam Hussain in Kuwait by world coalition acting on the authority of the UN Security Council set the precedent for dealing with invasion and occupation. Indictment of Salobodan Milosovich before an international tribunal for war crimes set the precedent for dealing with those who insisted that massacre and genocide of people living inside their territory was an internal matter in which the UN could not interfere. 
The idea of Nation State, Democracy and Secularism had come to be established as universal principles and wars over ideology or to undo wrongs of history appear to have been consigned to the bin of absurdity. But the optimism was short lived. 11 September last year is the watershed that marks the beginning of a new era defined by the BSV (Bush-Sharon-Vajpayee) Doctrine. Ideology and history are back with a vengeance in support of claims over land and lives of other peoples. Massacres and genocide are not war crimes; they are a 'democratic right' if they enjoy majority support. Secularism does not mean religious tolerance; it sanctions the massacres of those of foreign faiths - Muslims and Christians in Vajpayee's India and Sharons's Israel. 
Since Sharon has never been more popular as he is after defying the recent UNSC Resolution to vacate occupied territories and denying permission to UN Secretary General to investigate the excesses in Jenin, we must understand the democratic pressure on him to defy the UN. Narendar Modi (Chief Minister of Gujarat) has become a cult figure and hero in the eyes of the Hindu fanatics in India after the pogrom against Muslims that resulted in 2000 Muslims being killed and countless women being raped - often after being stabbed. The opposition wants Modi to be dismissed in punishment. Mr Vajpayee wants him to confirm his mandate to massacre in fresh elections. No one doubts that pogrom against Muslims has increased his popularity. 
Is the objective of the "war on terrorism" to bomb and massacre Muslims after they are or can be disarmed. The experience of Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Palestine and Gujarat indicates that. The old order notions of Nation State, Democracy and Secularism are out. They have new meaning in the New World Order which is based on BSV doctrine - disarm, demonize and destroy - Muslims. 
Usman Khalid, London

Don’t celebrate national festivals
Mr. Premier,
May this letter find you in a calmer mood. As a token of your disapproval of what happened during the whole months of March and April and still happening, you have avoided the religious celebration of Holi. Why? No religion, including Hindu religion, has ever allowed cowardly attacks on isolated unarmed men, women and children who were not even aware of what had happened on the day of a monstrous mischief at Godhra station on 27th February. In my humble opinion you can still ask those who have hijacked Hindu religion for political self-interests which Ved, Upnishad or Granth had ever allowed such cowardice (Kaayarta). Let the hatred-spreading Parivaar (Sangh) leaders explain. If they are not prepared to listen, you may, for the sake of humanity, request reliable Hindu religious saadhu-Sants to free Hindu masses from the deadly poison being spread by Sangh.
An age old famous Gujarati religious song begins with the couplet:
Hari no maarag chhe shooraa no: Nahi kaayar nu kaam (God’s Path is the path of those who are brave, not cowards.) 
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150

What about your Hindutva?
BJP leader Atal Behari Vajpayee has taken pains to correct the misconception about his ranting against Islam. He said again and again and even during the censure motion debate in Parliament, that there are two versions of Islam; one is for peace and another for jihad in the name of Islam. One wonders, why he cannot figure out the same duality in his own religion of Hinduism that stands for peace and the other version of militant Hindutva, to which unfortunately he and all his sanghis belong. If the Godhra is a blot on Islam, then Gujarat mass murders and rapes too are a blot on Hinduism ----- though apparently not on Hindutva of the RSS version. By appearing to be fighting a survival battle with political opponents, he is never-the-less reiterating his militant Hindutva that has so much in common with militant Islam, as far as inhuman brutality is concerned. So he has no right to condemn militant Islam, as long as he himself is a devotee of the militant Hindutva. He may be appearing to win a political battle to save Narendra Mody, but he is losing the war for the soul of the nation. RSS is now fully exposed of its fascist ideology and the whole world has now witnessed its full bloom in blood red. 
Ghulam Muhammed,

Worst than Taliban
Over the period of time Taliban and other Muslims were allegedly blamed for hard-line behaviour.... in fact their slightest mistakes were magnified out of proportion, criticized, advertised to condemn them and they were forced to back track....
Now with the latest ethnic cleansing, mass killing and burning alive carried out by VHP, Bajrang Dal, RSS under the patronage of BJP Government in Gujarat and attack on Orisa Assembly by VHP/ Bajrang Dal is not enough for us to even raise voice to ban these terrorist outfits. I feel ashamed by these acts of real terrorism by so called torch bearers of Hindutva. I think they are thousand times worse than Taliban. Minorities in India are loyal to India only because of Constitutional assurances that everybody has the freedom and security in our democratic and secular country. The present targeted killings of human beings in the remotest places of Gujarat are sending wrong signals to the world. This is high time for all those who want peace to stop RSS and its team of terrorists from forcing others to become terrorists by unjust killings. The children whose houses were burnt, men killed, property destroyed, women raped will naturally try to take revenge.... why should we allow to spread terror tactics of these cruel and fanatic RSS team. Will it be possible for us to have a peaceful and safe future with those who will try to take revenge without giving them justice?
KK Jhony, Mumbai.

Are Sanghis on ISI pay rolls
I feel, the government should investigate if the VHP and Bajrang Dal are on the pay rolls of ISI? Even Mr. Julio Ribeiro, former Inspector general of Police has observed in the interview in The Times of India that 'if people who have seen their mothers and sisters raped and burnt before their eyes have no hope of getting justice, they will all turn into terrorist. Why are we talking about ISI and Pakistan when we are doing their job for them by creating terrorists' (TOI, April 11).
The VHP shouts a lot about Pakistan and its intelligence agency, the ISI. They say that anti-nationals are conspiring to spread unrest in our country. They repeatedly point out how such forces are causing unrest in India. And what is the Hindutva forces doing? By pitting the Hindus against the Muslims and Christians is it making the country strong? Are they not doing the very thing that ISI wants to do? They are playing such a game in India that will divide every city, every village. The reality is that with the Hindutva forces and its assistants around, the ISI does not need any other agents for spreading unrest and disturbing peace. They have taken this responsibility upon themselves. History will stand witness that the result of the seed which they are sowing, will only be useful for those who want to weaken and break the country. The immediate task before us is to rehabilitate and do relief work among the victims of the riots. There are more than 70 thousand people who have been uprooted and made homeless besides hundreds of raped Muslim women. 
Ruby Nishat, Bangalore

Muslims as terrorists?
The central government has declared that the 21st of May will be anti terrorist day. Government ordered all citizens to take pledge to fight against terrorism. On the same time the 'RSS' leader Sudarshan also made a similar statement. RSS is to make the whole of India another Gujarat. So I fear that the day and the pledge will become against a community (Muslims). I am humbly requesting you, if needed to make a day as anti terrorism day , we can make it the day of Mahathm Gandhi’s martyrdom day (Jan.30th). On this fateful day our India lost our beloved Father of the Nation by a' RSS' terrorist named' Nathuram Godse'. 
Metha Patkar.

Brothers in the Past
During the recent communal riots in Gujarat, a photograph of a Muslim youth Qutbuddin was published in many leading newspapers, showing him desperately asking for sparing his life with folded hands. It was very touching and painful. It must have deeply pinched the core of the heart of every sensible human being. Renowned journalist Rajdeep Sardesai was reporting from the frantic situation in the torn cities for the Star News Television Channel. People around the globe were watching the devils dancing nakedly, thanks to the various channels of the electronic media. The self-styled patriots should take note of the fact that their acts and misdeeds can no longer remain hidden. 
The similarity of the faces of the beleaguered man and Mr. Sardesai struck me with a question that, are both of them the sons of a family of which a brother had converted his faith a hundred or two hundred years back? It may be a certainty. 
For what reason are we killing the weaker people, for changing their faith in the past? Only a wolf will behave with a lamb in this barbaric manner. Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee has adopted Mr. Shahnawaz Husain and made him the youngest Minister in the Cabinet. If both of them change the faith, would they turn enemies? 
M. I. Ansari, Bhiwandi.

Power Corrupts
Apropos of the nature of comments by Mr AA Engineer ‘Minorities cannot live at the mercy of majority’ MG 16-30 April 02. Certainly power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, it is very much true with BJP that is under pressure of RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc, the most communal forces with one point programme to crush the so-called minorities in the guise of cultural renovations.
Mercy and power is the absolute quality of God, that Almighty, can cause destruction of majority at the hands of small minority. India bears instances where the minority with mercy and power feared God and loved development, and protected, defended Indian culture, civilization and nation too. It is said that leaders like Vajpayee speak in the language of RSS, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal because BJP has tested the pleasures of corrupt power game.
S Shafiq Ahmad, Advocate

Condemn all the criminals
I, of course, feel ashamed of uttering a word with regard to Godhra. But I cannot help appealing for sanity. Abduction of a girl is a heinous crime. But torching the bogey which left behind 58 men, women and children dead is not, in anyway less heinous crime and is unpardonable. Extremists of both the communities are playing their role in their own style. Alas! Our government has been a mere spectator of a tragedy. I appeal all the sane Hindu brethren to come forward for God’s sake and for the sake of our nation to stop brutality which is going on in different parts of Gujarat. It is ordeal for patriots. I am after all optimistic. There is not any kind of scarcity of liberal Hindus who understand that present time is not the time of artful sobbing but to do something on the ground. A combined effort of Human Rights Commission, Minority Commission, Women Commission (NCW), Judiciary, secular forces, Red Cross and so on… is the utmost need of the hour to bridle the communal forces.
M.U. Sharif
Sujarma, Morena-476224 (M.P.)

Ambedkar and Golwalkar
Bharat Ratn, Law Minister and Chairman of Drafting Committee of Constituent Assembly was chief architect of Indian Constitution which is based on pluralism, secularism and democracy. Dr Ambedkar had given lofty ideal of secular nationhood and rights and safeguards to Dalits, Adivasis, minorities and weaker sections of society.
Mr MS Golwalker was main ideologue of Sangh Parivar who shaped its destiny. His devotees are ruling at the centre and in two states. Golwalkar was the greatest opponent and critic of secular and democratic Indian Constitution. His books ‘Why Hindu Rashtra’, ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ etc bear testimony to it. ‘Golwalkarism’ is anti-thesis of ‘Gandhism’ and ‘Ambedkarism’and so against the secular ethos of the country.
In fact the entire Sangh Parivar, including its political wing BJP, do not believe in the secular and democratic Constitution of India, whose chief architect was Dr BR Ambedkar. Journalist Arun Shorie who has written a derogatory and dirty book about Dr Ambedkar titled ‘Worshiping False Gods’ is awarded a central ministry berth by Prime Minister Vajpayee. When Mr KS Sudarshan was nominated RSS Chief he declared in a press conference in Nagpur that the Indian Constitution be scrapped and replaced by a new one based on Hindu ethos i.e. RSS brand ‘Hindutva’.
G Hasnain Kaif
Azad Ward, Bhandara

An Inhuman Act
War phobia between two neighbours in the subcontinent is unfortunate, but the decision to stop rail, bus and airlines is most unfortunate, as it is an anti-people decision. All the means to meet their near and dear are blocked. It is really shocking and a cruel act.
We can divide the boundaries of nations but not the people of same blood, may they be of any community. So we would request our government to kindly think on humanitarian grounds and review the decision.
Dr S R Khan
Aliganj, Lucknow

Appeal from Godhra
This is an appeal for the doctors and NGOs who are working primarily with children. There is a need for doctors, especially gynaecologists and pediatricians to work in the relief camps -- especially in Panchmahal, Dahod and other rural camps. Do let us know if any body would like to go and spend 5 -6 days in the camps. I am also attaching the list of medicines required. 
The second request is to mobilize people who are working with children to spend some time in the relief camps and perhaps organize some workshops, activities, etc., with the children there.
Contact Sejal/Jahnavi at Anandi for details: SAMA, J-59, Saket, 2nd Floor, New Delhi 110017. Ph: +91 11 6968972

Muslims in BSP is a hypocrites 
The way BSP has aligned with BJP after Gujarat massacre, any Muslim continuing with BSP is not better than George Fernandes or any other hidden RSS member. Feeling pain of Muslim massacre and working as killer's ally can not go together. It is purely a symptom of being hypocrite who can roll towards any worldly lustre by accepting smallest offer worth even a penny. 
It is really pitiable that 21 percent Muslims of UP are divided into 14 Muslim parties besides other parties including BSP,SP, Congress etc. 

Peace without justice impossible
There is no question of caste, creed, land or language. No use of hollow words. One wonders who is trying to fool whom? Is he not the biggest fool of all time who hypercritically hopes that peace can prevail unless and until those who instigated oppression of every kind against totally unconcerned and innocent men, women and children are dealt with sternly and instantly. It is simply unnatural and against human dignity to let the two-legged beasts, the wolves in human form, go scot-free any longer.
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150


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