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Call for social boycott of BSP-BJP supporters

All India Muslim Forum took the lead in calling for social boycott of these Muslim MLAs. Forum's President, Professor MK Sherwani was the first to call for social boycott of these MLAs through a press conference the same day but before the clerics' press meet, reports Obaid Nasir

Lucknow: How the Gujarat tragedy has traumatized the Muslim community of the country can be understood from the fact that for the first time Muslim clerics who usually keep a distance from politics, have come out openly against not only BJP but also any party hobnobbing with it. In an unprecedented move two renowned clerics, Maulana Mufti Abul Irfan Firangi Mahli, Qazi-e-Shahr (Islamic judge of the city) Lucknow, and Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, the young and influential Shia cleric, asked their community to have no relation with the Muslim members of UP assembly supporting BJP-BSP coalition government.

Addressing a joint press conference at UP Press Club with two other clerics Maulana Khalid Rasheed Firangi Mahali and Maulana Saif Abbas the clerics said that the BJP is responsible for continued violence in Gujarat in which more than two thousand Muslims have been butchered and even infants were not spared. Many sisters and daughters of Muslim community were gang raped and property worth billion of rupees destroyed. This, according to these clerics, was not the communal riot but ethnic cleansing at the behest of Sangh Parivar and was committed under the leadership of Narendra Modi. "It is for the first time that the violence against any particular community has been justified by the rulers and the ruling party. Under such circumstances hobnobbing with BJP is like justifying its actions in Gujarat which is nothing but adding insult to the injury "they asserted. It is very unfortunate and shameful that these Muslim MLAs are making common cause with saffron brigade for their petty political benefits and thus they have become the "traitors of the community" and deserve social boycott, said the Maulanas. They asked Muslims to ostracize them completely and not to allow them to the mosques and not to offer namaz with them.

The clerics have given expression to the common Muslim sentiments as this time Mayavati is hobnobbing with BJP. Not only her silence on Gujarat tragedy but her party's voting with the BJP on censure motion on Gujarat issue and POTA has greatly shocked Muslims. The Muslims who not only voted for BSP but had also contributed to the victory of BSP candidates in their locality are feeling cheated and are desperate to take the revenge for this treachery. Now with cleric's approval and appeal which as usual is being termed as fatwa by ignorant English and Hindi press, the common Muslim can go to any extent and these self-seeking Muslim MLAs may face peoples ire when they will visit their respective constituencies.

All India Muslim Forum took the lead in calling for social boycott of these Muslim MLAs. Forum's President, Professor MK Sherwani was the first to call for social boycott of these MLAs through a press conference the same day but before the clerics' press meet. Mr. Shervani urged the Muslims to sever their social ties with these Muslim MLAs .He also requested the Muslim clergies to issue fatwa ex-communicating them from the community and ask Muslims not to offer namaz with them. 

Maulana Abu Tayyab Ahmad Miyan Firangi Mahli, Imam of Eidgah, is of the opinion that "nobody has the right to stop anyone from offering namaz in a mosque. This is purely a religious and personal act". It will be interesting to note that his son Maulana Khalid Rasheed who like Maulana Bukhari has been appointed Naib Imam Eidgah, was a party to the above decision. Mr. Zafaryab Jilani the convenor of Babri Masjid Action Committee and member of Muslim Personal Law Board justifies the boycott appeal on the ground of opportunism and double standard of these MLAs who while asking for votes made huge claim of secularism and changed side later on. He however says that there was some misinterpretation about not offering namaz with these Muslim MLAs.

Khawaja Mohd. Raiq of the Jamiatul-Ulema UP informed the local press that he took the "fatwa" to a high authority of Darul Ifta of Nadwatul Ulema and Firangi Mahal to confirm its status which said that there is nothing wrong in offering namaz with the persons mentioned in the fatwa.

Whether these MLAs are ex-communicated from the community or not Muslims will offer namaz with them is also beyond doubt but one thing is clear that they have lost the faith and trust of the community and their political future also. They got power at the cost of genocide,mass rape ,loot arson and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Gujarat.true: "Iman farokhtand wa che arzaan farokhtand” (They sold their faith and how cheap they sold it). 

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