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Muslims cheated by Mayawati

Mayawati’s dream of once again becoming the chief minister of UP has been materialised with her coronation. It is however difficult to say what will be the impact of materialisation of her dream on Muslims. Till now we have been hearing that those who offer milk to snakes also know the antidote to snakes’ bites. It is also difficult to say whether it is only an idiom or there is some truth also in it. Muslims, however, have once again been cheated. The communal forces, in order to remove whom they voted for other parties opposed to BJP, have once again got the opportunity of coming to power because of Mayawati’s tactics. 

Muslim voters were ensnared by throwing fodder in the form of Muslim candidates and they were actually trapped. What they should do now? Should they sing dirge on their being trapped and cheated or they should pick up courage to come out in the open and seek redressal of their being cheated through democratic means? The doors of courts are open. It is a clear case of cheating and betrayal of faith.

Consumer courts have been set up for redressal of grievances of consumers against their sellers or producers. If a consumer purchases a commodity trusting its qualities and attributes as mentioned by a company or producer on its packings but later on finds the commodity of sub-standard quality or with wide variations, he can knock at the consumer courts and not only get the money back or the commodity of better quality but he can also claim extra compensation for the trouble and mental agony faced by him on this cheating or breach of trust. If there is such a law for compensation against an article costing a few rupees, why there is no such law against a government formed on priceless votes. All the people cheated thus should knock at the door of courts because it is a clear case of cheating and breach of trust, not only by the party and its leaders but also by the successful candidates and organizations, including Muslim Personal Law Board, which appealed to Muslims to cast their votes in favour of her party. She has done this cheating on earlier occasions also when she allied to BJP. Hence these tactics of hers were not completely unexpected.

Deaths and destruction in Gujarat riots were mourned in different ways. A huge meeting was held in Delhi’s Ram Lila grounds where lakhs of sympathisers had gathered. This bodes well and is a good sign. But now the heat of this fire has reached nearer to their homes. Those who burnt Gujarat have entered UP through back doors and occupied power.

Gujarat incident was the result of their programme for 15 March. 2nd June is yet to come and no one knows what will be its result. Lakhs of people who gathered at Ram Lila grounds and crores more who could not reach there should now raise their voice of protest and voice of truth and continue their struggle till they get justice. Instead of shedding tears tomorrow, it is better not to allow any occasion when tears should have to be shed and some concrete steps be taken to avoid its recurrence. At the same time Muslims, individuals as well as organizations which helped in bringing about such state of affairs should be called for explanations. At least this much can be done to rouse their conscience. Those who consider this cheating as really a cheating and breach of trust should socially boycott them as well as their circle of friends and supporters so that they should know that people have not approved their behaviour and that they are angry with them otherwise they will go on cheating you for their own selfish interests. You will continue to be cheated, shed your tears and there will be no end to this chain of events. (Translated from Urdu)
- Aziz Burney (editor, Rashtriya Sahara, New Delhi)


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