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RSS on cleansing drive in Jharkhand
By Danish A Khan

It seems that tribal Hindus in Jharkhand, where Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has the distinction of being the first political party in power ever since the state's formation, are a divided lot and simply refuse to join in the larger Hindu mainstream. The RSS, for that matter, has not only hatched a grand conspiracy to wipe out such tribals who refuse to embrace Hinduism wholeheartedly, but also to drive away the Christian missionaries from their self-professed Hindu heartland by employing every devious and nefarious means available at their disposal.

To substantiate its strategy, the RSS has brought out pamphlets which sound more of a battle cry. The pamphlets entitled 'RSS's Latest Battle Policies to Wipe Out Christian Adivasis in Chotanagpur and Santhal Pargana' have been seized by the Special Branch of the Jharkhand Police. The reported seizure of the RSS pamphlets has unveiled the Hindutva outfit's dangerous gameplan and suggests that it is clearly on a secret "cleansing drive" in Jharkhand's Chotanagpur and Santhal Pargana divisions.

"According to the contents of the pamphlet, the drive has been termed as RSS's "last effort" at motivating youngsters to join the outfit. The pamphlet is especially tough on the Sarnas, a Santhali-speaking tribal group, and calls for the total cleansing of the tribe, state police officials revealed. The police sources also said that the pamphlet spews venom on the Munda, Oraon, Kharia and Santhali tribes since they "do not agree to join the Hindus -- the nation's mainstream. The Hindutva outfit also gives a call for "luring their youth with money and liquor." And, this can only be achieved by targeting college students.

The RSS has also devised elaborate measures to dispossess tribals of their own land. Accordingly, the pamphlet has called for the tribals to be displaced from their lands and if necessary, "resort to deceitful means....., even power." Numerous cases of encroachment of tribal land have already been reported by the State.

According to sources, the pamphlet is also understood to have incorporated "the 20-point agenda which senior RSS leader Ramaswamy had come out with while praying for an awareness among Hindus in the Madurai Temple." There are several notable points which have been incorporated in the agenda. Hindus have been called upon to become members of organisations such as the RSS, Hindu Forward Block, Hindu Mandir Suraksha Sansthan, VHP, Arya Samaj and Hindu Mahasabha. Any Christian or Muslim processions in their areas be not allowed, notes another significant point in the agenda. A seizure of all Christian literature spread in the Hindu areas and ensuring that every Hindu is a member of any of its stated organisations, is yet another important part of the agenda.

The RSS pamphlets have made the Jharkhand police jittery. The police fears outbreak of clashes between two sections of the Hindus (RSS and Sarna tribals), and hence a severe law and order problem. Alarm bells have already been sounded, and the Special Branch in the state has written to the district police chiefs asking them to take "appropriate administrative action" to check the circulation of the pamphlets. In its letter the Special Branch has said, "As per information, RSS activists have launched a secret public awareness and membership drive in Bokaro and have distributed pamphlets in this regard."

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