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Irshad suffering continues
By Syed Ubaidur Rahman

IrshadThe story that started with the brutal murder of Irshad by cops in broad daylight has not come to a logical end yet. As of now there doesn't seem to be any hope of it subsiding in the near future. Irshad, a young man in his mid-twenties, was murdered around six months back in the east Delhi area of Jaffarabad by four cops. Family members of the young businessman are still unable to come to terms with his sudden and violent death.

Newer development keep tormenting the memories of the relatives of the deceased. Raisa Begum, the widow of Irshad who was pregnant at the time of his murder has now given birth. But to an unborn child. And this has left more scarce on the 20 something lady who was married to him a couple of years ago. Danish their four years old child who witnessed the whole cruel incident of his father's murder has still not been told that his father is no more. 'He still awaits his father and we cannot collect courage to tell him the truth' says his grandmother Aisha Begum who still breaks down with every mention of Irshad.

Recollecting the memories when he left her to pick up Danish who was admitted in the schools merely a weeks ago she says that it was a cruel joke with her son and her whole family. Had he committed any crime she would not have felt any remorse for Irshad. But he was not the man of this sort' Aisha Begum repeats who has become bad ridden since his death. I cannot forgive the monsters who killed my son' she adds.

Irshad, who owned a small shoe-factory in Jafferabad area in East Delhi, was killed following a small incident. He had gone to Gautampuri in east Delhi on his scooter to bring back his four-year-old son, Danish, who studied in a school in that area. When a rickshaw hit his scooter and his child fell from it he did not know that this incident is going to end his life. Irshad was caught by four cops passing through when a scuffle broke out between him and the rickshaw-puller. Without asking anything they started beating him with their batons till he fell unconscious. Later he was announced brought dead when carried to a city hospital.

Two of the policemen accused of murdering the young businessman have been arrested and put behind bars. But the family believes that the police will not tolerate with its personnel behind bars. Aisha Begum says that they are looking towards the judiciary for justice. We do not have faith in any institution except the judiciary and we hope to get justice from it' says Achchan Khan father of Irshad.

National Human Right Organization had ordered the police to pay a compensation of RS 3 Lakh to the family of the deceased. When asked about it Achchan Khan said that he has not heard anything about this compensation money. My family doesn't want the compensation. We want justice' says he adding that he will feel peaceful and relieved when the culprits are given a taste of what they did to his son.

Now the family is very concerned about Raisa, Irshad's widow. The always cheerful lady has secluded herself and smile has left her face. When asked about her, Aisha Begum says that when Irshad was killed she was pregnant. For weeks she was in shock. She always remained thinking as to how much force they would have used to kill her husband who was a regular at gym and had an extremely healthy body. She still remains thinking as to how much he would have suffered at the hands of the cops' Aisha Begum says yet again breaking down. 'Now with the birth of an unborn child she has received another deadly shock' Aisha Begum adds.

Danish still remembers his father fondly. He still believes that he will come back and again bring chocolates for him as he used to bring whenever he came home.

The family has still to come out the after shock of the murder of the sole breadwinner of the family. Irshad ran the business and looked after not only his family but also other relatives too. They are still fearful of the police. Her mother asked this correspondent not to mention the name of his brother in this report. But they are determined to fight and there are witnesses who have not deserted them even after covert threats. They are behind them solidly.

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