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Every MG issue is full of good information to Muslims throughout India. I heartily and warmly congratulate you and your colleagues for taking care, interest with sacrifices in order to produce this fortnightly. Otherwise this is not possible without interest and sacrifices. I know how difficult it is for Muslims to run a paper and that too in English.
The articles by Babu Khan and Dr. Taher Mahmood and other writers are worth reading and preserving. Your Milli Gazette carries the news, especially about Muslims and Islam, which does not appear in other national papers. May Allah help you and guide you.
Dr. Abdul-Karim M. Naik
42 Jail Road (E), Dongri, Mumbai-9

Got the latest MG - read about your website being attacked. Such things should not bring your spirits down as it is a bunch of sadists who want to ruin the well-built reputation of MG. Inshallah Allah will protect you.
Nigar Ataullah, Bangalore

I wish your efforts bear fruit for the Muslims all over the world.
Ajaz Khan

I happen to see your paper Milli Gazette, recently. I was happy to see the coverage of AMU crisis in your paper. ‘News makers’ is very good column. It shows that the Muslims are very actively participating in nation building but their contribution is not being highlighted. I am happy that MG is doing this job. We Muslims love our country India like any other citizen. Form 1857 till date Muslims have scarified a lot for this country and still ready to do so. I wish all success for MG.
Nafisul Hasan
131, 1st Lane, Street 4, Rajender Nagar,
Dehradun 248195

I am 72 and find difficulty in reading small letters. This is with all the senior citizens. Please make your editorial and important articles in semi-big letters as is adopted by Business World (Kolkata/Delhi).
Mehdi Hasan
A 20/63, Zere Gular, Varanasi-221001

Gandhian technique for Palestine
Apropos your editorial ‘The Ruthless, the Blind, and the Bleeding Victims’, (1-15 June 2001) I agree with your conclusion that nothing short of total boycott of the USA will effect a change in its pro-Israel policy. But I see no country – not even a Muslim state, member of the OIC – is prepared to cut its links with the hegemony of our time. But, short of boycott, states supporting the Palestinian cause, can exert low-intensity but steady pressure on the USA, which, coupled with growing cost-consciousness in the USA, may one day tilt the balance in favour of the Palestinians. But to win and keep world sympathy the Palestinians have to abjure acts of terrorism whose victims are civilians and, to the extent possible, adopt the Gandhian technique of resistance – non-violent non-cooperation.
Syed Shahabuddin
N-44, Abul Fazal Enclave,
Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110025

Musharraf: a visit in vain?
I do not know how Musharaf visit is going to solve the problem. They say plebiscite which we will not accept. We say it is part of India which they will not accept.. So where is the meeting point? Musharraf will have the satisfaction of visiting his birth place and may call on his old uncle who I understand lives in Delhi. If the old gentleman does not report to the police about his nephew's visit, he will be in trouble as per the latest Home Ministry notification.
MZ Chida, Chennai

India’s invitation to Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf to visit India for talks has taken the world by surprise. Time Magazine’s Senior Editor Joshua Cooper Ramo speaking on CNN has added to his surprise, another element of skepticism: if this is not a cover to do a Kargil on Pakistan, as Joshua could not reconcile the invitation with simultaneous lifting of India’s unilateral cease-fire in Kashmir. He goes on to say that next 10-days are very crucial, if India has plans of any such surprise attack.
By publicly broadcasting such an outlandish view on US’s premier world TV programme, strong but hard to believe doubts emerge if the US or some vested interests in the US itself, are themselves poised to sabotage any rapprochement between India and Pakistan.
Ghulam Muhammad, Mumbai-50.

Name changing patriotism
Those who are making a show of ‘patriotism’ by demanding change in names of several cities should also ask whether the forefathers of so many of their co-religionists having surnames like Haji, Qazi, Hazrat and even Al Maula etc. were all unpatriots or utterly cowards having no self-respect.
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh Bharuch

Is he sincere?
If Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay believes that the Birth of prophet Muhammad SAW was predicted in the Vedas then he should Embrace Islam.If he has not embraced Islam until now then his teachings have no meaning.You are requested not to publish such articles.If a person does not practice what he is preaching then there is something fundamentally wrong with his teachings.I've read about many people who after discovering the truth(Islam) accepted the truth(Islam) and I have full praise for them.I've no respect for people like Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay who after having scholarly knowledge continue to deny the truth(Islam).May Allah guide them.
Naved Husain

Imam Musa Sadr is alive
We would like to thank you very much for the interest you are taking in the Imam's case. Hopefully, your article about Imam's disappearance [MG22, p. 18] will draw more attention and interest in Imam's case and helps in revealing the truth about his disappearance.
However, there is no evidence whatsoever - material or otherwise- that would support the idea of Imam's death as mentioned in the article. On the contrary, a remarkable sum of information from different sources indicate that the Imam is still a prisoner of Qaddafi in Libya.
Unfortunately, most of our publications are in Arabic, especially those related to Imam's disappearance. We will try to provide you with information in English about the Center, Imam Sadr and his disappearance soon. Wishing you a continuous success.
Imam Moussa Al Sadr Center for Research & Studies,
P O Box: 11-139, Riad El Solh,
Beirut,1107-2020 Lebanon

Not Muslim!
It is indeed nice to read the Net News by AN Shibli about the Muslim Cricketers played for India (MG, 16-31 May). I would like to correct you on one such cricketer Mr.Farrukh Engineer, wicket-keeper. This gentleman is a Parsi and not a Muslim. He lives in Manchester, England and been known to me. Besides, you have missed two Muslim cricketers viz. Mr. Gulam Guard, opening fast bowler, I suppose played against West Indies in Mumbai and also Mr. Gulam Parkar, opening batsman, played under Sunil Gavasker's leadership and also toured England.
Abdul Kadir Malek, London

Milli disunity
Apropos of your apt editorial (May 16-31) it is high time in high level conference to decided whether their claim of love for the holy Prophet (s.a.w.) demands from them any thing for Milli unity in the light of a famous hadith which says that creating a rift in the ummah burns down all of our Namaz, Roza, Hajj and Zakaat and that making peace between believers surpasses all these worships!
Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh 392 150

Reform thru Shari’ah
At the end of a very crucial meeting with women’s groups from all India, held recently at Jamia Millia venue, All India Muslim Personal Law Board had correctly taken a consensus decision to focus on implementation of the Sharia rather than resorting to divisive legislation. The Muslim society in India is torn in groups and any attempt to force reforms through legislation, whether internal or external, will be counter productive. All the ills of community life have to be addressed by collective community efforts through grass-root interactions between social organizations and community members at large. There are no easy short cuts. To brand the pragmatic AIMPLB as obscurantists, is a motivated exercise by elements working under extra community influences and have been widely recognized as such.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai 400050.


Celebration of the Prophet's Birthday
Did companions of Prophet Muhammed(pbuh)ever celebrate Eid-Milad?Are we blindly following rituals of other communities?
Abdul Haque Shaikh, Solapur

Editor: It is true that the Prophet's companions did not celebrate his Eid Milad, upon him be peace. Likewise, they did not do, use, eat, wear, own, live a lot of what we Muslims, as individuals and community and states, do today.
In fact, earliest generations of Muslims did not need an Eid Milad celebration in order to know the facts of the life and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Today's Muslim is mostly ignorant about the basics of the life of the Prophet and hence such gatherings are an important means to bring home unknown and forgotten facts about our faith and the Prophet's life and history.
As Shaikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi has said in a fatwa, such gatherings also provide us an opportunity to meet each other and have a feeling of a brotherhood and community life which is very much poor and lacking when it comes to Muslims. But the innovations which have crept into such celebrations, especially the qiyam, i.e., standing in the wrong belief that the Prophet, pbuh, graces such gatherings in person, are wrong and must be shunned. As regards offerings of food and sweets at such gatherings, there is no harm if we stay within limits as Allah has ordered us to 'eat of the good things that We have provided for you' (2:172). Syrian 'alim, Shaikh Sa'id Hawwa, has also expressed a similar opinion in a fatwa.
The Eid Milad (Al-Mawlid al-Nabawi) was first started by the Fatimids in Egypt. Some Ulama objected to it precisely because of the innovations and not because of the concept itself. Such great ‘ulama as Al-Suyuti, Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani and Ibn Hajar al-Haithami have approved it on the basis of Allah's injunction: 'and remind them of the Days of Allah' (14:5).
Al-Suyuti has written a treatise about the Mawlid titled Husn al-maqsad fi 'amal al-mawlid which is found in his collection of fatwas, Al-Hawi l'l-fatawa. It contains the following: 'In my view the basics of Mawlid are that people assemble, some part of the Qur'an is read to them as convenient, and the reports about the beginning of the life of the Prophet, upon whom be peace, and the miracles about his birth are related to them. Afterwards some food is served which they eat and disperse without adding anything new. This is a good innovation for which a person will be rewarded, for it entails the glorification of the Prophet, upon whom be peace, and a show of joy and means that we take his birth as good omen.'
Even such a great and unwavering 'alim as Ibn Taimiyah has not rejected the Mawlid, though he disapproves the innovations that go with it. In his treatise, Iqtida' al-sirat al-mustaqim, he says that people taking part in such gatherings will be rewarded by Allah for the love they show to the Prophet. He adds that some acts may be acceptable from ordinary people and they will be rewarded for such acts, but these same acts may not be acceptable from the learned faithfuls. He quotes Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal as observing, when he was informed that some prince or wealthy person has spent a thousand dinars to buy a copy of the Qur'an written with gold: 'let him do it; that is the best way gold may be spent.'

More about Ahle Hadith
The recent issue of the MG was a marvellous one. The editorial was very nice. I like to learn more about the Ahle-Hadith movement and in this regard I request you to please let me know How can I get authenticated material (books etc) on the subject.

Ajaz Khan

Editor: I have studied the emergence and early development of Ahl-e Hadith in my paper 'Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed (d.1246/1831) and the Mujahidin Movement in Modern India' which is published in issue # 1:1 (July - Sept 1995, pp. 139-152) of Majallah Al-Tarikh al-Islami (Journal of Islamic History) which is brought out by our research organization, the Institute of Islamic & Arab Studies. The sources cited in that paper about Ahl-e Hadith are as follows:
- Ahmad, Qiyamuddin, The Wahabi Movement in India (Calcutta 1966); Amrisari, Thana' Allah, Ahl-e Hadith ka madhhab (Lahore 1970); But, Abdullah, Shah Ismail Shaheed (Lahore 1974); Siyalkuti, Muhammad Ibrahim, Tarikh-e Ahl-e Hadith (Lahore 1952).
I am sure if you search in any good library you will find much more material.

Urdu in India
You've every right, and reason, to feel concerned about the future of Urdu in India. Yes, it's a victim of official neglect and lack of patronage on both sides of the S.Asian divide. However, in Pakistan the situation is slightly better in the sense that because of the paucity of their own language as a medium of literary expression, the dominant Punjabis are, per force, taking to Urdu in droves. And overseas too, especially in N. America Urdu is alive and kicking. It's simply amazing to see even those with a fleeting feel of Urdu converging on to the 'mushairas' like bees to the hive. So, don't be so depressed; Urdu will, Inshaallah, find more salubrious climes to proliferate and prosper.
Karamatullah Ghori, Toronto


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