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Obituaries: 16-31 July 2001

Leading freedom fighter and the first chief executive of Delhi Metropolitan Council, MIR MUSHTAQ AHMAD, died on 29 June at the age of 85. He was not keeping well for sometime.
Born in Shimla, Mir Sahib came to Delhi to pursue his studies and also to take part in freedom movement which he had joined like his father, Mir Abdus Sattar. Incidentally he was lodged in the same cell in Ambala Jail in which his father had been imprisoned earlier.
In 1937 he invited Mohammad Ali Jinnah to speak at Delhi College, but the meeting ended with the Mir taking the distinguished guest to task for making remarks of communal nature. When the Viceroy visited a cinema house in Connaught Place, the Mir hoisted the Congress flag atop the bandstand, as an act of defiance. For this he was jailed. He deiced to live in India even though his whole family migrated to Pakistan after Partition.
After the country's independence he left the Congress to join the Praja Socialist Party. He also founded the Janata Co-Operative Bank, that is still flourishing. Subsequently, he rejoined the Congress and became the first chief executive Councilor of Delhi. he was also first chairman of Delhi Waqf Board.
After independence when Urdu was orphaned it was the Mir who with some of his friends took the cause of Urdu and formed Anjuman Tameer-e-Urdu. He was its founding president. Its office was also in one part of his house in Urdu Bazar near Jama Masjid in Old Delhi. He also launched an Urdu weekly, Asia. It has ceased publication now.
The Mir will be remembered for his social services and his involvement in co-operative societies. With his death Delhi has lost one of the rare old faces of the traditional Dilli. His death has been condoled by a large number of his admirers.

HAFIZ MUHAMMAD MOHSIN died recently in Mumbai. He was around 45. Hafiz, a well known columnist whose writings adored a number of Urdu newspapers and magazines, was also a known Muslim activist who worked relentlessly for the welfare of the community. Based in Mumbai he was attached to several social, welfare and religious organizations including Jamaat-e-Islami, Milli Council and Institute of Objective Studies (IOS).
A known figure in the community in Mumbai and New Delhi, Mohsin had an open mind and used to represent the community in different forums. He was also attached to several Marathi organizations through which he struggled, alongwith some other social activists in Mumbai, to co-ordinate with Dalit and Christian activists in order to bring different minority communities and downtrodden segments of the society together.
Hafiz was introduced to Jamaat-e-Islami at an early age. He initially joined the Students Islamic Movement of India and later graduated to Jamaat. He also coordinated with other religious and social organizations despite being in the Jamaat.
Hafiz Muhammad Mohsin was a brilliant writer and used to write regularly for Afkar-e-Milli, Inquilab-e-Jadeed, besides Urdu Times, Hindustan, Dawat and several other Urdu newspapers. His untimely death has created a vacuum that will be felt in Mumbai’s socio-literary forums for a long time to come (SUR).

BABU DOST MUHAMMAD QURAISHI died recently in Delhi. He died of a major cardiac arrest in his house. He was 81.A local leader of the old Delhi and a municipal councilor in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, he was a known figure in local politics and social service organizations. He was also the vice-president of Jamiatul Quraish. He is survived by his wife, five sons and a daughter.

MIRZA MUNAWWAR Ali Beg, a social leader of the Hyderabad city died recently in his home town. He was not keeping well for quite sometimes. He was a member of the state waqf board and was attached to several other social and religious organizations.

Hakeem Fayyaz Islahi

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