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Expectations from MG
I am regular reader of Milli Gazette. There has been enough coverage of Gujarat tragedy. Still a number of articles find place in each issue. It causes too much pain and depression. If possible please reduce it.
Muslims are financially, educationally and socially backward. Articles covering these topics should find place in Milli Gazette. Coverage of education and career counseling will be beneficial for the community.
Also information about minority institutions offering various courses and facilities will be useful. Besides, information and activities of various organisation, societies, trusts and foundations should be published. From where the poor can get stipend, loan, scholarship etc. for education should find place in Milli Gazette. The information should be provided how and where assistance can be obtained for the establishment of schools and colleges. Please launch movement for upliftment of the community.
Irfanullah (Alig.)

Personal Law Board
With reference to your editorial dated 1-15 July, you have rightly summed the Board's achievements over the years and challenges facing it in the present circumstances.
After what happened in Gujarat, Muslim community including many of its leaders and intellectuals have pinned their hopes on the Board.
At a time when Muslims' lives and properties are at stake, threatening calls from Sangh to repeat Gujarat all over the country, campaign against Madrasas and a host of other issues, the Board's responsibilities increases manifold. This is because there is no united platform for Muslims to tackle all these issues.
The so-called secular parties are using the community only as their vote bank, a step further they are strengthening the Govt's hand by supporting it.
At this juncture, All India Muslim Personal Law Board can play a significant role by guiding the community in the right direction, it can prevent intervention in the personal law (Sharia) and protect Muslims' lives and properties. Let's hope so!
Obaid Ahmad, New Delhi

Attention Apex Court
We are proud of our judiciary but it moves at snailís pace. Our slow judicial system, after a long wait of five years, had acted in the Babri Masjid Demolition case in Sept. 1997, when the CBI Special Court Judge, JP Shrivastav had ordered that charges be framed against 49 accused of the saffron brigade including LK Advani, MM Joshi, Uma Bharti, all Central Ministers, under sections 20 (B), 147, 153 (A) and (B), 295 (B) and 505 for criminal conspiracy, rioting, promoting enmity between two communities and creating ill will, hatred etc.
LK Advaniís daughter-in-law had submitted a written statement before Justice Liberhan Commission blaming him for hatching a conspiracy with Bajrang Dal Leader Vinay Katiyar for demolishing Babri Masjid. She had written that in her presence the conspiracy was hatched.
The above case is in the cold storage due to minor technical hurdle, as also the accused are Central Ministers who have shamelessly removed their masks of morality. The main accused, the second tallest leader in the communal combine, LK Advani, the home minister, has now become Deputy Prime Minister. Justice demands that the law breakers must not be allowed to become law-makers and rulers. To keep peopleís faith in judiciary and rule of law the Supreme Court must remove the minor technical hurdle in the Babri Masjid demolition case for awarding punishments to the culprits. The Apex Court, in the interest of Justice, should order the removal of three Central ministers till the court verdict in their favour.
G. Hasnain Kaif.
Azad Ward, Bhandara.

Muslims and Divorce
This refers to Syed Shahabuddinís views on "Qur'anic Modality for Divorce" MG 1-15 July, 2002.
It is most unfortunate for Muslims particularly Indians that any correct and honest verdict of Qur'an, if pressed for admittance by Muslims, is also disapproved by Muslims themselves on various grounds by Muftis, Ulemas and others who are well versed in Islamic jurisprudence. The reason being differences among Masaliks, Fiqhi, and after all some political reasons too. We Muslims are not morally sound. If these are enforced in true spirit then it would be morally binding on us which we do not want. 
The Nikah/Talaqnamas proposed to MPLB during Qazi Mujahidul Islam tenure was not approved by the Board, for reasons not well known and as such not made public. This only saddens the community further.
S Shafiq Ahmad, Meerut

Navayaths of India
Commendations to Milli Gazette on the article on Navayaths. Perhaps lack of information results in absence of highlighting the achievements of the branch of Navayaths, which colonised Tamil Nadu, in particular Madras (presently Chennai). This branch has produced the most prolific, professional Navayaths in the country, notwithstanding the achievements of the Konkan branch. 
To name a few: late Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed and his brother, and late Rasheed Ahmed Sayeed. Both together founded the Muslim educational trust which runs the New College even today. Both created the Southern India Education Trust, which is responsible for administering several educational institutions. Justice Sayeed besides being a politician was also hailed as "Sir Syed " of south India. 
Hasunuddeen Ahmed, IAS of Andhra Pradesh Cadre, wrote extensively on Navayaths and his last work was published in the Illustrated Weekly of India. Mrs Bader Sayeed was the Chairperson of the Tamil Nadu Minorities Commission in 1991-95. She is now Chairperson of Tamil Nadu Waqf Board.
Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Sayeed who was only Muslim to have branched out into the specialties of Neurology and Neurophysiology as early as 1965. He is now HoD of Clinical Neurophysiology at the Apollo Hospital. 
MZ Chida was a prominent industrialist of Madras and now serves the Muslim community by his service on the Internet and appropriate comments in the print media inclusive of your journal. 
Moosa Raza was adviser to the Govt of J&K in the past and retired as secretary-Steel Govt of India. 
Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Sayeed, Chennai 

Gender discrimination
Whether it is the abominable case of gang rape of a young girl on the orders of village panchayat in Pakistanís Multan district, or the inhuman resurrection of age-old vedic ritual of Ďagni parikshaí in Indore, women are the most helpless victims of the patriarchal system that seems to run side by side with the most modern and liberal system of justice that both India and Pakistan boast of.
It can hardly be denied that this continued barbarism unleashed on womenfolk in our society is directly connected to the virtual breakdown of our criminal system of justice. Though more glaring has been the appalling loss of the credibility of the standards of moral and ethical basis of our legal system of justice that is continuously corroding the impact of its grip on the society and promotes the anarchy that is raising its head in remote areas which are defying the very suzerainty of the state that is supposed to guarantee highest standards of human justice in community affairs.
Sane elements which form the vast silent majority should not lose time in asserting the supremacy of the laws that exist and call for stop to various ingenious forms of subversion of our constitution, be that overt as in Pakistan or covert as in India.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

A Secular President !
Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is to be elected President of India on July12. 
After Fifty-four long years of Independence, common Indians are still starving; thousands of villages have no drinking water, no shelters on the heads of the millions. So, what? Have not we become a Nuclear Power and acquired the position of the super-cop of the whole region? We are tuned in to the music of Israel and America. 
Attorney General Soli Sorabjee was deputed to white-wash the State crime. Prime Minister declared in Ahmedabad that he has no face to show to the Muslim countries. Vajpayee later turned against the Muslims in Goa, and accused Muslims of being the culprit in Gujarat. 
At this very crucial juncture the BJP has brought a candidate to head the country with a Muslim name. It is a sheer game of fooling the whole world. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had visited Gujarat when the genocide was at its peak. But he did not care to utter a single word of condemnation for the BJP, or a word of sympathy for his own victimised community. The world throughout has condemned the carnage. It is therefore quite clear the he has been picked up because of his thoughts which match perfectly with the Sangh Parivarís thinking. Regretfully we doubt that he would be able to remain above the influence of the BJP politics.
VHP leader Ashok Singhal has warned the Muslims that they will have to live like the refugees in Ahmedabad camps. Is there not a law in India applicable to curb such inflammatory statements? We are eager to know the reason of their hatred against Islam. Dr. Kalam also needs the study of Islam, at least for his nameís sake. He is a firm believer in Krishna and knows little about the Prophet of Islam. 
M. I. Ansari

Letter to Chandrababu Naidu
I really appreciate your stand on Gujarat issue. I have great confidence in your government.
The fact bothers me, if the people responsible for Gujarat tragedy are not brought to justice, they may repeat the same in any part of the country.
I have confidence in your government, but hope you are taking all precautions to prevent such disaster in Andhra Pradesh.
Mohammed, Hyderabad

Books on Indian Muslims
Our Azad House of publications is a voluntary house of publications. It is a non-profit organization devoted for the publications on Indian Muslims. In our first leg it was decided to take up the work of publications on the role of Muslims in the Indian Freedom Struggle. Till date the following books or booklets were brought by us. Hence we need your valuable cooperation. I will be grateful it you can publish the following matter in your magazine:
The Role of Muslims in Freedom Struggle (in Telugu) 
Indian Freedom Movement : Muslim Women, Pages 36, Rs. 5
Indian Freedom Movement : Muslims, Pages 32, Rs. 5
Indian Freedom Movement : Andhra Pradesh Muslims, Pages 80, Rs. 30, 
Mysore puli : Tipu Sultan , Pages 28, Rs. 5
Shaheed-E-Azam Ashfhaqulla Khan, Pages 36, Rs. 10
For Copies Write to: Azad House of Publications, # 3-506, Apna Ghar, Undavalli Centre ≠ 522 501, Tadepally Mandal, Guntur Dist. Andhra Pradesh

Welcome volcano
Can tempers ever cool?
Where rascals continue to rule?
Role of the chief minister
Is unfathomably sinister
From where did they sneak?
Who donít know even how to speak 
Rulersí acts are mischievous 
And role of police is dubious 
Arenít they worse than rabies? 
The coward killers of babies
The biggest cowards of all time 
Broke record of every crime 
If the demons arenít dethroned in Gujarat
Then volcanoes should erupt in Gujarat
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150

On destruction of temples 
I read your article about destruction of temples in India.
Although I am against destruction of any temples, I could not but say that you have written this article with an idea behind that you are somewhat justifying the Moslem acts of destroying Buddha in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.
Dilip Kapasi

Tehelka treatment disgusting
That is all one can say about the way Tehelka is being treated by the government. Bloody Disgusting.
Bharatram Gaba, Bombay 

Indian Muslim Association (IMAN) in Dubai is giving the scholarship for higher education like Medical, Engineering, IAS exam aspirants, Journalism and technical education. Those candidates who got high marks are eligible. The Dubai-based Tamil Muslim organisation is concentrating the candidates from Tamil Nadu state only. 
Application can be downloaded from 
Filled application must be sent to the below address on or before 15th August 2002 
IMAN Scholarship Unit, P.O. Box 832, Tiruchirapalli - 620 020, Tamil Nadu.

Plea to CJI, Supreme Court
Supreme Courtís decision regulating fuel of vehicular traffic has come as a whiff of fresh air. As a result Delhi is much cleaner and does not pose a serious health problem to the tourists. No doubt Supreme Courtís ruling has emphasized the concern for the well being of citizens of Delhi. One wishes that the apex court is also considerate towards the problem of citizens of small cities like Azamgarh. The dubious quality of the fuel used in autorikshaws and other public transports is a health hazard. While scrubbers to filter exhaust fumes are in use in Lucknow, the same has not been made mandatory in Azamgarh. In a democracy it is presumed that all citizens have equal rights. Therefore, honorable Supreme Court is requested to issue a directive in this regard in order to nullify this discrimination. 
Salman Sultan and 45 concerned citizens of Azamgarh

BJP: Communal, extremist
The BJP. has shown by appointing Vinay Katiyar as its UP chief and by retaining Modi that it still is a Hindu communal, extremist party, which aims to provide a political platform to Sangh Parivar so as to deceive the Indian public and intellectuals and pave the way for fascist takeover of India. At least now let all the true Indians wake up and save India from the impending doom by freeing India from the clutches of the Sangh. 
Dr Haris, Hyderabad

Gujarat Polls 
Chief minister Narendra Modi's plan to hold election in Gujarat earlier than scheduled has received a big jolt. The question is what is the need for advancing the date of elections by a few months. After all, the government in Gandhinagar has a solid majority and is not destined to fall soon. 
In the last few weeks there had been talk of holding the assembly elections in October; just after the poll in Jammu and Kashmir. Speculation had also been rife that after the presidential election in the middle of July, Modi would recommend dissolution of the Assembly and ask for a mandate from the people. The Gujarat 'Gaurav Yatra', that has now been put off, was conceived as a programme to kick-start the election campaign. I understand that Modi is now convinced that he has to give up plans for early elections and therefore his strategy will now be to hold on to his job till the last that he can. Obviously, the prime minister does not want elections to be held in Gujarat till rehabilitation work gets under way seriously, although there is pressure from the RSS to go to the polls this monsoon. 
Abdul Hafiz Lakhani, Ahmedabad 

O Duniya Ke Logo!
O Duniya Ke Logo, Tum
Na to zulm karo: na hi zulm saho
Ladnaa pade to lado
Marnaa pade to maro
Matra khudaa se daro
Nirbal ko maarnaa kaayartaa
Mrutyoo se darnaa moorakhtaa
Zulm karnaa to hai hi paap
Zulm ko sahnaa hai mahapap
What an oppressed minority should do (if not suicidal defence) if people are being burnt in their houses thousands assisted by law enforcement men assisting the attackers, whenever knives and stones found with the oppressed ones are considered as 'offensive' weapons, when women are molested and children are cut, when only the oppressed are arrested and imprisoned and tortured and helpless are also considered as 'dangerous' by the coward 'heroes!
S Akhtar, 
Khanpur Deh-392150

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