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Lecture On Allamah Shibli Nuímani

Allamah Shibli Nuímani, one of the intellectual stalwarts of 19th century India and a close colleague of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, had a multidimensional personality. He left his indelible mark on the cultivation of several disciplines such as biography of the Prophet (PBUH), Islamic jurisprudence, history, theology and philosophy as well as language and literature of Arabic.

Besides being actively engaged in teaching, research and writing, he also played an important role in educational, cultural and intellectual development of Indian Muslims. His Sirat al-Nabi (Life of the Prophet) comprising several volumes is his masterpiece on biographical literature. Among his other numerous works, Al-Faruq, Al-Mamun, Al-Ghazali, Sirat al-Nu'man and Shiír al-Ajam are counted among the best books produced on these subjects by the consensus of all critical opinion. 

These views were expressed by Maulana Ziauddin Islahi, Director, Shibli Academy, Azamgarh, in his lecture delivered on the grandeur and comprehensiveness of Allama Shibli on June 22 under the extra-mural lecture programme of the Department of Islamic Studies at the AMU. He further said that the Allamah served as Professor of Arabic and Persian at MAO College for a long period of time, and that he had become so close to Sir Syed Ahamd Khan that the latter had put his personal library at his disposal. As a result, the Allamah could get access to both classical and modern and authentic historians of his time and one of the best historians of all times.

Earlier, while welcoming the learned speaker, scholars and guests, Prof. Abdul Ali, chairman, Dept. of Islamic Studies, introduced to the audience the main intellectual and academic pursuits of the Department and Institute of Islamic Studies. He also threw light on the importance and relevance of the topic and personality of Allamah Shibli.

The convenor of the extra-mural lecture programme at the Department, Dr. Zafarul Islam in his introductory speech briefly introduced the main intellectual and academic achievements of Maulana Ziauddin Islahi as well as his long association with AMU. He also threw light on the close interaction between Shibli Academy and the university. He further elaborated that while serving as Professor at MAO College from 1883 till 1898, Allamah Shibli used to give lessons on the Qur'an to the students at the instance of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan half an hour before the start of his classes which had a fruitful impact on the learners. The Allamah also founded at MAO College the Lajnat al-Adab Society with a view to training students in speaking and writing in the Arabic language.

There also took place a lively discussion on the lecture of those who participated in the discussion, Dr. Abu Sufiyan Islahi, Prof. Mohd. Salim, Prof. Mohd Umar, Prof. Mahmudul Haq, Dr. Abid Reza Bedar and Dr. Farrukh Jalali were prominent. The function was presided over by Prof. Syed Ehtisham Ahmad Nadvi, while Prof. Riyazur Rahman Khan Sherwani was the chief guest.

Lastly, it was proposed at the function that either an Academy/ Research Cell should be established at this University in the name of Allamah Shibli or at least a University Hall should be named after him in recognition of his services rendered to the University as well as contribution made by him to the achievement of knowledge in different disciplines.

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