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Tedious argument of a hideous intent 

A recent piece in Organiser illustrates TS Eliot’s words better than anything else.

The Americans call it bullshit. In common parlance it is called rant. But the bullshit under review here is that only in appearance. In its intent, it is lethal. The language it uses, the insinuations it makes, and the canard it seeks to spread against Islam and Muslims is nothing short of libel. 

The piece we analyse here "Madrasas: the terror factories, their anatomy, spread, funds" by S Gurumurthy, an old RSS hand, appeared in that organisation’s mouthpiece Organiser, a publication notorious for its antipathy for Islam and Muslims. However, even from Organiser’s standards, Gurumurthy’s piece is a terrible specimen of viciousness.

The full-page rant is based on some supposed secret intelligence report only Gurumurthy seems to be privy to. But how come Gurumurthy, a private citizen and a chartered accountant, could lay his hands on this sensitive document which puts the entire Muslim community in the dock? Where is the Official Secrets Act? How could Gurumurthy purloin it? Can’t he be brought to book for the heist? Let the law keepers mull over that.

Without citing a single case, he just blabbers away merrily that madrasas are being used to train terrorists and mosques to shelter them. Where he ventures to substantiate his canard (if canards can at all be substantiated), he falls flat on his face. Now, see this gem from this CA-turned sleuth: "‘In the Indian context’, says the report, ‘where the role of madrasas is already the subject of intense scrutiny, the recent attack on the American Information Centre, Kolkata, on January 22, 2002, and the subsequent developments have heightened the controversy’".

Ahem! Sir Gurumurthy, you are a little behind time on developments. America’s FBI (which is as competent as your imaginary sleuths) has categorically rejected the favourite RSS-BJP line that the Kolkata American Centre attack had anything to do with al-Qaeda or anti-American terrorists as you love to describe them. They were not madrasa-trained fanatics, Sir. They were the normal run of thugs—criminals who were out to settle old scores with Bengal policemen. Harming America or Americans was not on their mind. If you still want to glorify general criminals with an Islamic label, nobody can stop you from doing that. After all, it is a free country.

Another gem from Gurumurthy would have been a great joke, had it not been so outrageous and defamatory. Now, see this, ‘For example’, says the report, "Islamia Karimia Society, Indore, which runs the Darul Uloom Noori Madrasa, is reported to have links with Karim Lala (the notorious Mumbai-based don).’" If it is really the handiwork of some putative intelligence agency, we have reason to grieve on falling standards of general knowledge among our sleuths. 

We suspect that Gurumurthy has partaken of too much of PN Oak’s "historiography" in which Russians are the children of Kashyap Rishi because the word Caspian (as in Caspian Sea) allegedly comes from Kashyap, and in Mecca Muslims worship Makeshwar Nath’s idol because Makeshwar is supposedly from the same philological root as Mecca!

If it is not the case, then it is simple ignorance on the part of Gurumurthy, who does not seem to know that the "Karimia" he is trying to associate with some Karim Lala gangster of Mumbai (is that man alive?) has nothing to do with Karim Lala, but Karim (the Benevolent), one of the names of the Almighty in Islam. 

In his obsession, he goes on to declare that madrasas and mosques are not only ISI dens, but the watering holes of mafia dons as well. Now, read this (if you have not already thrown the MG away in disgust), "‘Similarly, the famous D company of Dawood Ibrahim is reported to have infiltrated into the Malwa region and is reported to be financing some madrasas in this area.’" Lo, and behold! The "famous" (we think he is infamous) Dawood Ibrahim has become a philanthrope now. Interestingly, this "intelligence" report is talking only about lies manufactured assiduously by the Sangh over the years. And hence, the resort to "reported" this, reported that. Nothing substantial. Gurumurthy goes on to tar every major seat of Islamic learning with his despicable brush of defamation. 

A word of advice to Mr Gurumurthy. Stop the libelous bullshit, please. Kindly remember that what you are doing amounts to use of hate speech against an entire community. Neither your imaginary intelligence agency, nor you are above law. It is this hate that produced karsevaks and the shame of Godhra and Gujarat. Now is the time to stop the game. 

¯ Md Zeyaul Haque

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