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COMMUNITY NEWS: 16-31 July 2002

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New Delhi: Addressing a meeting organized by All India Muslim Federation (AIMF) Syed Izharul Hasan, president of AIMF said that youths and intellectuals should come forward to save secularism in the country. He said that we had to crush communal forces. He further said that responsible members of VHP were making irresponsible statements which were alien to country’s peace and secularism. Youths have to come forward to face these challenges “for which we are soon going to set up an All India University Co-ordination Committee”, he added. 
Vice president of the Federation, Yunus Khan, objected to VHP’s international general secretary Praveen Togadia’s statement in which he has linked Babri Masjid issue with Calcutta High Court’s decision of 1933. Youths and intellectuals from all the universities of Delhi participated in the meeting.

Kolkata: The burial ground at Gobra, near Park Circus, Kolkata is soon likely to be closed down due to lack of space. Sources say that over 35 burials take place daily at Gobra. Covering a wide area of 140 bighas, there are three grounds at Gobra. About a million Muslims living near the burial ground stretch will be facing problems with the closure of the ground. The second unit of the ground which was scheduled to function form April this year, could not be opened due to lack of infrastructure, which will cost Rs 2,00,000 to develop.
Mumtaz Alam, vice-chairman of the Muslim Burial Board says that they have submitted reminders to the civic authorities but the Kolkata Municipal Corporation did not disburse the fund required for setting up the infrastructure of the second unit. The mayor and the municipal commissioner are reported to have differences over the idea of releasing the fund soon.
Jamal Ahmad Khan, a member, mayor-in-council, said that the budget for maintaining the seven burial grounds in the city had also been reduced from Rs 94,00,000 to Rs 20,00,000. Alam adds that until the second unit is opened for public, the board will be forced to refuse burials.

New Delhi: In an excavation undertaken by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) remains of the Tughlak period have been unearthed. The survey traces the visible signs of Tughlak period’s bathrooms, store rooms, water reservoirs and the drainage system of the era while removing the soil covering there structures for centuries. The ASI workers have found silver and copper coins, broken and unbroken pottery, iron wares and muddy toys of the period.
Tughlakabad remained unoccupied after Ghiyasuddin Tughlak’s successor Muhammad bin Tughlak left it and moved to Daulatabal in Maharashtra in the mid-14th century. Tughlakabad is the first example of a fort city surrounding the citadel, palaces and a city for commoners in one complex, built by Ghiyasuddin Tughlak between 1321 and 1325. 

New Delhi: A stone’s throw from the historical Humayun Tomb at Nizamuddin East of Delhi stands the neglected monument what is called Nila Gumbad (Blue dome) constructed around the same period as the Humayun Tomb i.e. 1550s. Humayun’s Tomb has received much attention after it was declared one of the World Heritage sites by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). But the Nila Gumbad stands still unattended. Only the blue board of ASI proclaims that it is to be protected and not to be encroached upon. A lock at the entrance stops people from making an entry to the tomb. The walls have developed cracks and the beautiful blue tile work is falling off due to neglect. Though no construction is allowed within 100 meters of the boundary walls of any monument, several huts have been constructed around the dome. According to a resident living near the dome for eight years, “nothing has been done till now and nothing will really be done” to protect the historical structure. 

Hyderabad: Addressing a large gathering at Khairatabad, Hyderabad Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani, Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board said that Muslim Personal Law is the greatest asset of Muslims and to act upon it is a part of our faith and belief. We should strive for its safety and foil all those efforts which stigmatise it. He further said that Muslims have to face two kinds of challenges - internal and external. The external challenge is that anti-Muslim forces want to defame and change Muslim Personal Law. While the internal challenge is that we have to act upon it so that others do not dare to point accusing fingers at us and interfere in it. While addressing the women he said that they are being provoked against shari'ah law in the name of women’s rights and freedom. He further said that they are neither sympathisers of women nor they like to act upon Islamic teachings. He left it to women to decide which one they would prefer. Islam has given dignity, trust, true respect, a solid position and financial rights to women, he added.

Bansi, Sidharthnagar: A meeting of All India Malik, Samani, Usmani, Ghauri Bahlimi Society was held at Bansi Primary School. Addressing the meeting, national president of the organization Ehsanul Haque appealed to the Indian Muslims that instead of safety, they should now vote on the basis of issues. Then only can they progress. He further said that for the last 50 years, Muslims are leading worst life. They are still backward in all areas, because the governments do talk about their progress but in fact they do not lay down any concrete plan. Presiding over the meeting Sait Ali Hussain said that it is necessary for the progress of Muslims that they acquire modern education, besides religious education.

Saharanpur: Sir Syed Montessori School has been upgraded up to 10th standard. Muhammad Afzal Khan, manager of the school told newspersons that they have been striving for long that the school is upgraded to a high school. Now they have got permission to arrange 9th and 10th classes. He said that the school now will start taking admission in 9th and 10th standards which will be known as Sir Syed Memorial High School.

Khandwa: Professor Halim Khan, President of Madhya Pradesh Madrasa Board is going to start a literary campaign from 15 to 31 July. The campaign is an attempt to admit the children, aged between 6 to 14, who are not studying anywhere in madrasas and schools. Prof Khan appealed to madrasa teachers that they should make an appropriate use of the government grants for madrasas. He further said that strict action would be taken against madrasas which are misusing the funds. Prof Khan emphasised that modern subjects should also be taught in madrasas along with religious subjects. He said that like BTI a 2-year correspondence course would be started for madrasa teachers from July next year.

Jammu: " Urdu has suffered a major draw back after partition. The language has faced a criminal neglect on wrong notion that it is the language of Muslims." These views were expressed by Ved Bhasin, chairman of Kashmir Times Group of Publications. He was speaking on the occasion of a book release Tawajja; a compilation of short stories and poetry by Jaswant Manhas. Bhasin observed that being the official language of Jammu and Kashmir Urdu had faced official apathy at the hands of successive governments. He lauded the services of Rasa Javedani Memorial Literary Society (RJML) which published the book. Khaliq Hussain, a noted Punjabi and Urdu writer analysed the book critically and called it a progressive one. The preface of the collection, comprising 17 short stories has been written by Prof Zahur and Dr Malik. The programme was organized by Aseer Kishtwari, General Secretary of RJML.

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