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View from Lucknow
Sirswan God another black chapter for BJP
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

One more black chapter was added in the already black history of the present dispensation headed by the BJP. Immediately after Siddharth Nagar tragedy where a state minister led the mob to attack Muslim locality and Madrasa, in Sirsawan God village of Moradabad district seven innocent Muslims including a two-year-old girl were brutally killed by unknown assailants.

The tragedy occurred in the night of 23 July. The villagers all Muslims were enjoying sound sleep when the assailants barged into the house of Anwar and broke his skull with a blunt object. They also killed his two years old daughter Shabeena and wife Shahjahan. According to unconfirmed report she was pregnant. From Anwar’s house the assailants moved towards the house of Bhoore and killed him in the same manner with the only difference that Anwar and his family couldn’t even cry whereas Bhoore uttered loudly "Hai Maar Dala".This compelled the assailants to flee from the spot but not to stop their devilish act of murder and rape.

From Bhoore’s residence the assailants moved towards the residence of Nabi Bux situated about 200 meters away from the house of Bhoore. They killed Nabi Bux’s two sons Idrees (20) Jameel(21) wife Lateefan (50). His daughter Shabana woke up in the meantime and cried for help. Three assailants caught hold of her and allegedly outraged her modesty by snatching her to a secluded place at the outskirts of the village. They forgot to collect police cap and belt from this spot before escaping. The injured were rushed to Meerut Medical College but due to strike of junior doctors they were admitted to a private nursing home.

The Home secretary of the state headquarters tried to play down the incident and termed it to be the handiwork of nomads popularly known as Kachcha Banyan gang in UP. This correspondent contacted the Distt Magistrate and Superintendent of Police Moradabad but could not get any convincing reply. Then DIG Rajni Kant Misra was also contacted from where it was told that almost all the senior officers have rushed to Sirsawan and can be contacted at the concerned police station i.e., Bhojpur. At Bhojpur Police station it was told that all the officers were on the spot. But the constable attending the phone narrated the story and toed the official line that the dastardly act had been committed by nomads and loot was the intention. When asked about value of the item that had been looted the constable could not give any convincing reply and with further cross examination told that seven thousand rupees kept in a trunk at the house of Anwar were not even touched, though the trunk was unlocked. Not only this Shahjahan was wearing a golden clove in her neck and some other golden or silver ornaments that too were not touched. Thus the police theory of nomads killing their victim holds no water.

This correspondent also contacted Humayun Qadeer, former mayor of Moradabad and a senior leader of Samajvadi Party. He provided some important information. SP’s senior leader Mr. Shiv Pal Singh Yadav and All India Muslim Forum’s President Mr. Nehaluddin were also contacted by MG and both were prompt to collect the information from their respective units and confirmed that it was not a case of loot or simple murder. The assailants raised communal slogans ,and unclothed their male victims to ensure that they were Muslims despite the well known fact that the entire village is inhabited by Muslims.
The recovery of a police cap and belt suggests that the assailants had used police dress to hide their identity if they were not really the policemen. The general opinion is that its is the handiwork of militant communal organizations who had earlier clearly warned to avenge the killings of Amarnath yatris.

This correspondent phoned Azam Khan,Amar Singh,Khan Ghufran Zahidi, Shri Prakash Jaiswal (all MPs) in Delhi but was surprised to note that except Azam Khan no one was aware of this tragedy. However all of them assured that they will raise the issue in the parliament the very next day and they did it but the sudden murder of Ms. Phoolan Devi overshadowed the tragedy. Azam Khan also rushed to the spot followed by Congress delegation headed by Ms. Noor Bano MP from Delhi and Samajvadi delegation headed by Mr. Shiv Pal Singh Yadav from Lucknow. Both the delegations confirmed that the crime was not committed by nomads but by some other people. They all took the government and the local police to task for their utter failure. The Bhojpur police station SHO has been transferred and administration claims that the criminals are being searched thoroughly but till date no clue could be found, not to say of arrests.

The callous attitude of the government can be understood from the fact that not a single paisa as relief or medical aid has so far been announced. Where is your Insaf aur Insaniyat Mr chief minister?

However, another Congress delegation headed by senior leaders Mrs. Mohsina Kidwai and Ghulam Nabi Azad again visited Sirsawan God village met the victims family and gave an ex gratia of Rs. 25000 each on behalf of party president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Samajvadi Party’s general secretary Shiv Pal Singh Yadav and Muslim Forum’s president Mr. Nehaluddin have demanded judicial enquiry to ascertain the real motive behind this massacre. Mr. Yadav has warned that the matter will be raised in state assembly in a big way.

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