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The Milli Gazette is ma-sha'Allah making steady progress all round. I must compliment you for it. 
Dr Tahir Mahmood

We use MG as a study material for Da'wah students in our Islamic Shari'ah College. Congratulating you on your activities. 
Ma'dinussaqafathil Islamiyya 
Swalath Nagar, Malappuram Dist (Kerala)

The Indian Milosevics!
Please let me add to your editorial of Aug. 1, 2002, and to mention that it should be understood by all right-thinking and honest human beings who fear none but ONLY ONE GOD. It is not only foolish but also sinful to imagine that peace would prevail on earth so long as monsters who have crossed all limits of cowardice continue to move unpunished on Godís earth.
Akhtar bin Umar
Khanpur Deh, (Gujarat)

Dilip Kumar, politics and yesteryears
The front page of MG (Aug.1-15) reminded me of my good old days during 50ís and 60ís when we used to hear songs of Dilip Kumarís films. Thereafter, I was told by my friend Dr A Karim, ex-PA to the Municipal Commissioner of Bíbay that Yusuf Khan was his class fellow in the Anjuman-e-Islam High School. Not only this, I remember that my late father had also told me that, perhaps, Dilip Kumar used to attend the Rangari Mohalla (A Rehman St.) Urdu School where my father used to teach Gujarati language. If this was correct then Yusuf Khan must have also studied the city geography book Uroosul Bilaad Bambai meaning "Bride of the Cities Bombay," which was subsequently turned into the "City of Bombs" by poison-spreading misleaders! Yusuf Khanís wish for clean politicians is important.
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150 (Gujarat)

Thespian Dilip Kumarís (Yusuf Khan) thought-provoking assertion that only good, honest and sincere people must be made leaders (in legislatures) (MG Aug.1-15) is very important and warrants serious consideration. Why not make it compulsory that the citizens know the people for whom they vote? The candidate contesting the elections should be a resident of that particular parliamentary constituency just in the same way as it is compulsory for a village panchayat member to be a resident of that particular area. For this, suitable amendments be brought in the electoral laws such that if the person is not a resident of the parliamentary/legislative constituency s/he should not be allowed to contest the elections at all. If wrong, corrupt and selfish world-worshipping two-legged monsters go to parliament/state legislatures then the masses should be only blamed and not the elected politicians for their misfortune!!!
Sultan A. Patel
Khanpur Deh-392150 (Gujarat)

Helpless, oppressed Kashmiris
Probably for the first time in the past twenty years a representative delegation of Indian Muslims under the leadership of Syed Shahabuddin, President of All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat toured Jammu and Kashmir. Maulana Shafi Munis, vice-president, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and Zafarul Islam Khan, Editor, Milli Gazette, and other dignitaries of the community were also with him.
The delegation met the governor, chief minister, NC president Omar Abdullah, leaders of Hurriyat Conference, Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir, representatives of Human Rights Commission, journalists, lawyers, representatives of different parties and organisations and intellectuals, and exchanged views with them. Local newspapers had given the impression that this delegation had come at the instance of Indian government with a view to impress upon the people of Kashmir to take part in forthcoming elections. Mr Shahbuddin denied this and rather told that because of the present attitude of BJP, people will vote it out of power.
Majlise Mushawarat comprises representatives of different organizations of Muslims. By taking the initiative, Mr Shahabuddin has taken a very important and extraordinary step which, in fact, was needed since long.
The condition in Kashmir is serious, painful and tragic. There is an iron curtain in Kashmir because of which truth and reality is not coming out.
BJP government wants to win by holding elections under such polluted atmosphere in both the states of Kashmir and Gujarat.
Mohd. Ibrahim Ansari
Bhiwandi (Maharashtra)

Thank you for raising the views of the people of Kashmir before your readers. Kashmir American Mission fully shares the sentiment of the hapless Kashmiris. 
The election in Kashmir is being simply orchestrated and conducted to dupe and deceive the world. Sadly, it is meant to deprive the oppressed people of Kashmir of their long-felt desire for freedom. 
The planners of this futile, fictitious, and farce election exercise have little or no concern about the over one billion people of Indo-Kashmir-Pak region. 
Kashmiris should not become a party to this sinister and disastrous exercise, if this is simply meant to hoodwink the world. It may not be a bad idea to handle it as one more dark day in the history of Kashmir. 
Historically, we have known and witnessed that there is massive rigging and counting will not even occur, still the designated persons will be declared winners. 
Long live people of Kashmir, India, Pakistan, and rest of the world. 
The solution is tripartite dialogue with the help of impartial and committed world powers and leaders. The Line of Control which is the Line of Conflict has to go, and sooner the better.
Col. Ali M. Khajawall 
First Secretary: 
Kashmir American Mission [KAM] 
& Founder: 
Kashmiri American Council [KAC], California (USA) 

Fake encounters and cover-up
It is startling to know that five innocent citizens instead of hardcore militants were killed by our security forces in supposedly a fake encounter in the aftermath of Chattisinghpura massacre and the DNA tests fudged to cover-up the killings (MG 1-15 August). The trampling of DNA evidence by officers only exposes the extent of involvement of higher authorities in maneuvering situations to suit their needs. The allegations regarding the atrocities perpetrated by security forces were not without substance as has been proved.
Truthful reporting should have been the prime responsibility of the media but in our observation such is not the case in general.
We, therefore, request the media to please cross-check the statements prior to reporting. In order to restore our faith in the fourth pillar of democracy, truth must prevail. In no case it should be made a casualty.
Dr. Salman Sultan et al.
Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

Dawoodi Bohra Muslims
I am to draw your kind attention towards the baseless news report of Indian Express and the same republished in your esteem fortnightly (MG 1-15 July) about the Dawoodi Bohra community. The contribution of Dawoodi Bohra community and their hardship towards the cause of Islam and Muslims world over had already been written by me and published in Saz-e-Deccan daily (Hyderabad). It was greatly appreciated.
The Milli Gazette is well known and has a good reputation both in India and abroad. If reliable newspaper like yours would belittle the said community then what will the opposite media do.
M Baquer Hussain Shaz
Convenor, International Ghareeb Nawaz Mission,
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

I would like to inform you that in your news article "When Muslims are targeted in Gujarat, to claim that Dawoodis are not Muslims is sheer betrayal" (MG 1-15 July)
The articles mentions, "They believe in five pillars of Islam: Wahdat, Salat, Zakat, Haj and Jihad. So it is wrong to say that they are not Muslims." But the Muslims donít have jihad as one of the pillars of Islam. 
Instead the five pillars are: Kalma-e-Tayyeba, Fasting during the month of Ramadhan, Salat, Haj and Zakat. Please correct the above mistake as soon as possible.
Iqbal Shaikh

Shankaracharyaís warning
Jagatguru Shankarayacharya of Puri Swami Adhok Shahjanada, head of one of the four religious seats of Hindus, in a spirited and candid address to the symposium held in Washington on July 19 (MG 1-15 August), lashed out at the Sangh Parivar for tarnishing the fair name of Hindu religion for political ends. The Shankaracharya attacked their role in shielding the culprits who had indulged in violence in Gujarat.
The fact is that the "Hindutva" of Sangh Parivar is quite different from the real Sanatan Dharma which was pursued by Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi etc. Overwhelming majority of Hindus hate and reject Sangh Parivarís "Hindutva" which murdered father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. 
Sangh Parivarís "Hindutva" is based on hatred, intolerance, falsehood, violence etc. It is the greatest threat to communal harmony, democracy, secularism, peace, progress, unity and integrity of our motherland.
G Hasnain Kaif
Bhandara (Maharashtra)

Gujarat election
Gujarat continues to haunt our mind, this time it is the announcement of early election in the state which is the subject of discussion in the media. Everyone is questioning the timing of the election in the state.
The situation is far from normal, and orphans, widows and maimed in the riots are still languishing in hundreds of refugee camps. A climate of fear and suspicion prevails among the minorities. The dissolution of the assembly shows that Modi is capitalising on the communal violence and clearly believes that violence could consolidate the Hindu vote in BJPís favour. It is the "carnage-advantage" which prompted him for early election and which may lose its edge with the passage of time.
If the BJP wins, this formula tried out by Modi, will in due course become a standard for the saffron camps in all the states. But this formula is not going to work as Gujarat carnage has exposed the BJPís real face as a party of riots. It will have to face disastrous consequences in assembly election whenever it is conducted.
Obiad Ahmad 
New Delhi

Language of Fundamentalists
Here is the latest example of the brand of Islam these fundamentalists want to impose on Muslims. A fundamentalistís website, called CDLR-ENR (some internet Jihadis) have criticised Pakistan's former Prime Minister, Ms. Benazir Bhutto and the present President Gen. Pervez Musharraf for their anti-fundamentalist approach. 
The title of this so-called analysis is reflective of their filthy mentality, which reads as: 
Mohammad Khalid

Sati, child marriage are abominable acts
When some people abetted the condemnable act of Sati committed in Deorala, the nation and the media joined together to get the legal machinery to act against them. The movie Bawander was about the courage displayed by Bhanwari Devi in opposing the illegal act of Hindu obscurantists who practised child marriage. The liberals of the nation rallied to laud her and condemn those who professed to defend their inalienable right to continue with this practice. Those who wish to continue practices which a modern state considers retrograde usually hold up custom, culture and religion as their fig leafs. 
However, we are now witnessing a legal battle in the Supreme Court for declaring child marriage as legally valid! A High Court judgement in this matter is being challenged by some very eminent and educated people on the plea that it violates the tenets of Islam. A member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board contends that "This is not a retrograde step, but a positive response. Hindus should also be permitted to perform such marriages." Yes, we can see that the obscurantist Hindus and Muslims have a lot more in common than they would admit. However it is necessary that liberals oppose this move. We must apply the same standards of action and rationality, without bothering about the religion of the proponents of the idea that their religious interpretations must be paramount in social conduct. 
Shailesh Gandhi 
Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Centre culpable for Godhra massacre
Reaction of Deputy PM LK Advani to the findings of Ahmedabadís forensic lab is not surprising given the reluctance of both the Centre and state governments to solve the Godhra massacre mystery in which 58 people including women and children lost their lives is a most inhuman manner. The situation acquired even more enormity as it was used as a pretext for the bloody riots that followed, but the government has done precious little to speed up the investigations and the way in which Mr Advani has now rubbished the findings raises a question mark on his will to nab the actual perpetrators of this heinous crime. Also, Mr Gillís statement that only early elections can bring peace to the troubled state, while logical reasoning suggests just the opposite, seems suspicious as this has been the BJPís ardent wish ever since the communal strife started in the state. The obvious inference drawn from this whole chain of events is that all this was done just to turn the tide in BJPís favour, which is most condemnable. 
Sudhakar Sharma 
Katra, Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

Salutations for Justice JS Verma
It is heartening to know that Justice JS Verma, Chairman, National Human Rights Commission, has taken cognizance of the petition filed by parents of school children regarding hardships faced by their wards. In the prevailing educational system, children are introduced to formal education at a very tender age. It is ironical that even mushrooming nurseries have failed to provide KG (Kinder Garten) facilities and are only charging exorbitant fee for run of the mill education which consists of lot of class work and homework. Obviously, children are dreadful of school in contrast to their counterparts in developed countries. From the very beginning, toddlers are made to carry heavy burden of books and copies which really is a pathetic sight. Daily forced exercise of carrying this educational burden can only help turning them into good "coolies" instead of well ≠ educated persons. In order to change the system, the syllabus as well as methodology needs overhauling. Students should be encouraged to minutely observe natural phenomenon and try for a scientific explanation. All this will require a lot of effort on part of teachers, parents etc besides, a strong will on part of the government. Should we be hopeful for a positive change knowing the fact that successive governments have failed to provide budgetary allocation for education as per Kothari Commissionsí recommendation? 
Dr Salman Sultan 
Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)


Trapped under the feet of....

Editor: Dear Mr Sameer,
Writing is craftsmanship of words. Please look at your first message and decide for yourself if we should consider your writings.
With best wishes

Sameer Khatlani:
dear sir 
it was an arrogant reply if u know anything about computers u should know that these sort of mistakes can occur in hurry. anyways we r far better in every aspect than u people otherewise you would not had been trapped under the feet of hindus.


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