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Hurriyat asks UN to probe killings

I told you so: 
APHC chairman 
Abdul Ghani Bhatt 
makes a point

Hurriyat Conference has addressed a memorandum to the UN secretary general Kofi Anan and other world powers demanding an impartial probe by an international agency into all the mass killings involving Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs that shook the state in the last 13 years of militancy.

All Party Hurriyat Conference is a conglomerate of 23 secessionist organisations based in the Valley of Kashmir. The memorandum was submitted on 21 July with a plea for an early resolution of the Kashmir issue.. 

Besides the UN, the memorandum was also sent to the US, UK, Russia, China, Japan, Amnesty International and the European Union. It came as a result of the brutal dispersal of the Hurriyat demonstration in Srinagar on July 20 against the recent killings in Jammu. 

The demonstrators were not only attacked by batons, some prominent leaders were taken into custody as well. The arrested people were later released same night. But an important Hurriyat leader, Yasin Malik, who was released from prison same day on court orders was almost immediately booked under other charges.

Commenting on the re-arrest, a Hurriyat spokesman said in Srinagar that "The arrest of Yasin Malik has exposed the state government's claims that it is guided by democratic principles."

The spokesman urged the world community to take note of the "brazen violation" and reprimand New Delhi over this act. "World community should now wake up and take note of the human rights violations," he said. 

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has also strongly condemned the arrest of its chairman Mohammed Yasin Malik under the draconian Public Safety Act. A JKLF spokesman warned the government against any "misadventure". He said Malik was suffering from kidney ailment and he needs an immediate surgery. 

The JKLF spokesman advised the government not to feel good about the arrest. He said if government thinks that they can break the will of the separatists then "it is living in fool's paradise."

Hurriyat chairman Prof Abdul Ghani Bhat said there is a need to unmask the ugly criminals involved in various carnages across the state. He said the Hurriyat Conference decision to hold a protest rally two days ago was an attempt to emphasize the need at the global level to expose the killers. 

Hurriyat has been claiming that such mass killings are the handiwork of the security forces themselves directly or through the renegade militants under control of official agencies.

"The people of J&K are engaged in a just and legitimate struggle for freedom in accordance with the international law, UN Security Council resolutions as well as more importantly the pledges given to us by the Indian leadership. We have been frantically demanding that an impartial enquiry by an international agency be conducted into all mass killings by what government calls unidentified gunmen," Prof Bhat said. 

Hurriyat chairman said that the innocent blood is shed in Jammu and Kashmir at the state level with a view to apportioning blame on freedom-lovers, obviously to bring infamy and disrepute to the whole movement. 

"It is time sensible people rise above political considerations and address the issue, which is the cause of violence and bloodshed in the interest of the principles of justices and the values of civilized life and above everything else a brighter future for the entire people of the region", he said. 

Prof. Abdul Ghani Bhat added that "Consequent upon the mass killings of innocent men, women and children yet again at Qasim Nagar in Jammu, it decided in an extraordinary meeting a couple of days back to organize a protest march with a view to emphasizing the need at the global level to unmask the ugly criminals involved in the carnage". Rashid Raheen, editor of Srinagar's Current News Service told MG over the phone that the memorandum is a reaction to the brutal behaviour of the authorities on Saturday. He added that this is the not the first time that the secessionist conglomerate has written to the UN and other world powers demanding self-determination.

The Hurriyat Conference is still refusing to participate in the coming state legsilative assembly elections next October. Reportedly the Hurriyat chairman Abdul Ghani Bhat was told by US diplomats during a recent visit to Delhi to participate in the assembly elections in order to prove his organisation’s representation in the state. He was told categorically that the US would not support Hurriyat’s policy if it shied away from elections.

After returning to Srinagar, Bhat called an emergency meeting of the Hurriyat executive to discuss the latest US stand. But despite the US pressure, the parties could not reach an agreement on taking part in the polls because Pakistan and the militant outfits were against it, Times of India reported today. In another development, Hurriyat Conference Sunday refuted the government claim that 'Z' category (highest class) security has been provided to its leaders in Jammu and Kashmir.

"The government's claim is far from truth and the only objective of the false claim is to malign the Hurriyat leadership," a spokesman of the amalgam told reporters in Srinagar. 

A J&K minister had told the state legislative assembly that seven Hurriyat leaders, including two sons of its slain leader Abdul Ghani Lone, were being provided 'Z' category security by the government. The Hurriyat spokesman said that the government was duty-bound to protect the people and the National Conference government has "failed" in it.

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