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Bid to throw out ‘Bangladeshi Muslims’ out of UP
By Obaid Nasir, Lucknow

The forthcoming UP assembly elections have unnerved the saffron brigade and it becomes jittery when it thinks of its consequences. It knows very well that a defeat in UP will cost its central government. also. Even Prime Minister Vajpayee during a recent conference of BJP Parliamentary party has said that the UP election results will have a shadow over the central government. Keeping in mind the dangerous consequences of the defeat in this election, it is using all the tricks to somehow save its skin .

On the one hand it is using all possible gimmicks to lure the people so much so that Chief Minister Rajnath Singh has announced that the burden of revised electricity tariff amounting to about 5420 million rupees as recommended by Electricity Regulatory Authority will not be put on the shoulders of the consumers. A state which is going through its worst financial crisis could not be expected to resort to such type of populist measure but for the saffron brigade accruing political benefit is much more important than the financial health of the state.

The main problem of the saffron brigade is the Muslim voters, particularly their strategy of selective voting meaning to vote for that secular party’s candidate who is in a position to defeat the saffron soldier. It was due to this strategy that brought down the number of BJP members of Parliament in the last parliamentary elections and a hung assembly was formed last time.

The ink of that mischievous circular had not dried yet that the UP government took another equally mischievous decision to deport lakhs of Muslims living in UP . These unfortunate Muslims belong to Asam and Bengal but are generally termed as Bangladeshis. They are living here since decades and have all the necessary documents like ration cards, names in voter list, driving licences, etc. They are mostly rag pickers and are doing a yeomen job as in their absence the polythene bags will pose an insurmountable problem for civic authorities whose inefficiency in providing civic amenities to the citizens and keeping the cities clean need not be described. Now these citizens are posing a danger to BJP which in turn is becoming the national threat and so these hapless citizens are being thrown out of the state.

The state government at the instruction from union home ministry has instructed all the district officials to recognize and bundle out all such Bangladeshis who have migrated here after 25th June 1971. Principal Home Secretary Mr. Naresh Dayal briefing the media persons said that these unlawful settlers are posing a great danger to national security so their deportation is a necessity.

He said that the state government has definite information that these Bangla Deshis are involved in anti national activities as they have been lured by ISI. . He however accepted that the survey of such illegal migrants has not been conducted but their number runs into lakhs, He however could not clarify that how the cut off date will be determined particularly in such a situation when government. is not ready to accept any of its own document issued too these persons including ration card,voter list, driving licence or even passport.Mr. Dayal said that it will also be probed that how these Bangladeshis got all these documents and persons /officials who helped them in getting these documents will be identified and punished . The government order has given unlimited authority to police and district. Officers and these officials may make life hell for even authorized settlers .

Mr. Naresh Dayal said the identification and deportation of Bangla Deshis would be carried out by the official machinery on the basis of process of elimination. As they are living in the form of floating population their identification was very difficult . Some of these migrants have acquired landed properties.

Samajvadi Party and Congress have taken strong exception of this decision and have termed it yet another political step to boost its sagging fortune. Senior leader and former Communication Minister Mr. Beni Prasad Verma came down heavily on the government and announced that this dangerous step will be opposed at all level. He said that those living in this country for the last thirty years and those who are born here are the “natural citizen” of the country and the BJP will not be allowed to snatch their citizenship simply because they are not going to vote for a communal Party like BJP. Another senior leader of the party Mr. Shiv Pal Singh summarised “BJP is unnerved and can go to any extent to save its government at the state and center.” However ,they could not succeed in their nefarious design he assured .

The chairman of the media cell of UP Congress Committee Mr. DP Bora faxed a memorandum to the Governor requesting him to interfere in the matter. Mr. Bora said that the BJP is loosing its senses as it has dawned upon it that the forthcoming elections are going to prove Waterloo for it. And so it is adopting all the illegal and unconstitutional methods to minimize the number of its opponents and the deportation of Bangladeshis should be seen in this context. But BJP will not be allowed to resort to such inhuman and anti constitutional steps and will be opposed tooth and nail he assured.

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