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Muslim Indians, wake up
Your editorial "Lest We Forget" (1-15 September) is a timely warning to the Muslim Indians to appreciate the real meaning and long-term significance of the genocidal carnage in the Hindu Rashtravad's first laboratory, Gujarat. However you are less than fair to their maturity and wisdom in consciously adopting an attitude of forgiveness and forbearance and not impulsively taking to retaliation or revenge or counter-violence in any form. This does not amount to a denial of the reality or to rationalization of the suffering or to forgetfulness.
Indeed not only the Muslim Indians in Gujarat but throughout the country, not only the Muslims alone but all Indians, should remember the Gujarat carnage as the possible shape of things to come. But you will agree that what is needed is to seek ways and means, in cooperation with the secular majority in the country, of averting that horrible possibility, of promoting peaceful coexistence, of containing the Hindutva fascism, of upholding the secular order and the dignity of the Constitution. It is not just a matter of seeking due rehabilitation of those who have suffered and securing due compensation for them.
But one wishes the Muslim community had an organization to 'record and document' the atrocities and to chase the culprits down the corridor of time. Today, we do not even have any idea of the actual loss of life, limb, honour and property (in various forms) nor do we have any definite information on the quantum of official relief and rehabilitation measures or the progress of investigation of the criminal cases and prosecution of the identified culprits. We have Muslim organizations, many of them, at district, local and national levels, which can readily inform us of what they themselves have done. We should value what they have done and what many other NGOs have done but we lack a reliable mechanism to document the losses and the unfulfilled assurances of the Government. Without such documentation, how can the democratic system be effectively addressed and forced into action?
Syed Shahabuddin
President, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, New Delhi

Ruling on Purdah
Apropos the ruling on purdah (1-15 September). It is very ambiguous concept of purdah in Islam, and therefore invites a thorough discussion specifically in non-Muslim states. In Arab/Gulf region purdah is observed in its strict sense but in the city side only. However in villages it is not so, in Arab/Gulf countries too. The Muslim nations too are liberal in its adoption.
Islam is a dynamic religion. It accords priority to gaining higher education and for mastering science and technology. Muslim girls are sadly lagging behind in the race. Educational centres for Muslim girls are insufficient in order that they gain access to higher education, particularly in the field of science and technology while complying with the mandatory observance of purdah. 
Miss S Saba 
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) 

Pioneer’s lies nailed
The expose on Pioneer story about North-East madrasahs in MG (1-15 August) was indeed excellent. I added it to "Minority" and "Press" columns of our website (www.humanrightskerala. com). Also added to the "Press" column were three Media stories from latest MG.
Mukundan C Menon
Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)

Battle for Article 30
This refers to "The Battle for Art. 30" (16-31 August). The framers of the Indian Constitution were forthright and had a remarkable sense of fair play when its protection in the shape of "Fundamental Right" was discussed thoroughly and each delicate aspect of the minorities and their safeguard were the chief aim as such.
If more appropriate points need to be included by the government, it should be done without any further delay. But it seems that neither the Centre nor any political party is serious for any further better safeguard concerning the minorities. The Apex Court must be complimented for considering and deliberating on Article 30 with special reference to the spirit of the constitution and honest promise of the framers.
S Shafiq Ahmad 
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)

Well penned, my friend
I read the article by my friend, Mr M N Buch. I wish to congratulate him.
S Ausaf Ali 
Chancellor's Lodge, Jamia Hamdard

Hindutva Patriotic Depredations
Apropos "Hindutva Patriotic Depredations" (1-15 September) by IK Shukla. It is quite natural to adhere to ones faith and nation. According to Austalle, a Greek scholar, owing allegiance to ones faith is a "necessary evil." But the present NDA government is not properly functioning as per the Constitution, Hence it has become an "unnecessary evil" and should go as early as possible. 
Whether it is Hinduism, Islam, Jews or Christians, all pay regard to Humanism. The followers too are required to be loyal to their faith and respect other religions. The anti-Muslim, anti-Christian activities being religiously pursued by the VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. would serve no purpose for the Indian nation or Hinduism.
S Shafiq Ahmad
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)

Mr PM, pls pay heed
I have to draw the kind attention of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee towards a recent statement of the VHP international working president Ashok Singhal at Amritsar on September 3. He lauded the "successful experiment" carried out in Gujarat as a reaction to Godhra carnage. He said that this happened because of their efforts towards raising the Hindu consciousness, and warned that the same would be repeated countrywide. He also spoke approvingly of how whole villages were emptied of Islam, and Muslims forced to take refuge in camps. 
This statement is highly communal, objectionable and condemnable. This is against the spirit of the Indian Constitution and law and principles of civil society and detrimental to the unity and integrity of the country which is the permanent need of our country.
I hope you would take a serious notice of the said slanderous and anti-national statement. Immediate detention and criminal proceedings as per law against Mr. Singhal is the urgent need of the hour.
I hope the government would not shirk its responsibility and discharge its moral and legal duty by taking stringent action against such venomous statement.
Syed Jalaluddin Omeri
Offg. President, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
New Delhi

Foreigner — Jayalalithaa or Sonia?
Jayalalithaa is involved in many criminal cases including most serious TANSI case. She needs BJP’s help in this regard. Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin issue is a conspiracy hatched by Jayalalithaa and the Sangh Parivar. She forgot that in her letter of April, 4, 1999, she had written to the President of India supporting a Congress government headed by Sonia Gandhi.
Sonia Gandhi is being punished for having been born in Italy. Sonia’s foreign issue smacks of apartheid. LK Advani, IK Gujral etc. were born in Pakistan. What about them? If Mahendra Choudhary of Indian origin can become Prime Minister of Fiji, if Devan Nair, who is of Indian origin can become President of Singapore, if Rajarathanam of Indian origin can become foreign Minister of Malaysia, why Italian origin Sonia Gandhi cannot become Prime Minister of India?
Sonia Gandhi is an Indian citizen living in India since decades. The Supreme Court has decided in her favour to be an Indian National. She is daughter-in-law of Nehru-Gandhi family. Widow of Rajiv Gandhi and mother of his children. Sonia Gandhi was elected to parliament from north and south with huge majority. She is the most popular leader of India. She is more patriotic and loyal than the so-called swadeshi leaders who are corrupt to the core, scam-tainted, communalists, fascists, murders, arsonists, blood thirsty, casteist, opportunists and power-hungry. Gujarat bears testimony to it.
G Hasnain Kaif
Bhandara (Maharashtra)

Arabic medium in madrasahs
Arabic as the language of the Quran — Sunnah and Ibadah, has occupied a unique position in Islam. According to Hadith Arabic is the language of conversation in the next world. Besides its religious importance in Islam, Arabic is one among the six official languages in the UNO. Hence, Muslims should essentially be aware of its education, preservation and expansion throughout the world.
Unfortunately, most madrasahs and the Arabic department of some universities in India have so far not been able to introduce Arabic as the medium of instruction and examination in their institutions. Instead of Arabic, the students in madrasahs are imparted education in Urdu while the students in Arabic department in universities are imparted education in English and regional languages, and hence they are required to answer in the examination in the said languages. Consequently the students coming out of these institutions seem not to be well-versed in Arabic in comparison to their counterparts coming out of those institutions where medium of instruction and exam is Arabic.
The basic objective behind the learning of Arabic literature is to earn efficiency, mastery and command over Arabic. And it is possible only when Arabic literature and theology are taught in Arabic. Why can not Arabic be adopted as the medium of instruction and exam in Arabic literature in madrasahs and the Arabic department of universities?
Mohd. Abdus Samad
Gauripur (Assam)

Kudos for Mr Lyngdoh
If we have to choose a devoted national — one who really loves the country and cares for its overall development, Mr Lyngdoh’s name can not be ignored. We don’t need an enquiry commission to find out an officer of impeccable integrity and character. It has already been declared by the "Party with a difference" and that too in clear terms. As a Hindu, I do tender my sincere apology to you, Mr Lyngdoh, for the mean and uncouth manner in which your religion was told to us. We are happy to find a man who would not waver in upholding the constitution, come what may. It’s not that you need our felicitations Mr Lyngdoh, but it is we the law abiding citizens of this country who need you. 
Katra, Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

Hate-minorities’ campaign
This is with reference to "Fresh onslaught on minorities religious identity" (1-15 August). The spirit behind these allegations against minority institutions, madrasahs and even mosques, is to harass Muslims and to place them under constant mental, physical, economic, cultural and educational stress so that they do not emerge as good citizens, good enough to become effective political leaders, educationists, scientists in order to serve the nation faithfully and be a part of the mainstream.
Already the BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc. are strengthening their own institutions including religious places, where they are framing, planning and creating communally trained force against minorities in India, in the name of Indian religio-cultural civilization and nationalistic spirits. These have been filled up with communal hatred.
Miss S Saba
Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)

A Setback to BJP
The country’s highest judicial forum Supreme Court’s decision not to interfere with Election Commission’s orders to defer early assembly election in the pogrom-hit state of Gujarat is yet another embarrassing blow to the BJP and its sister organisations which are hell bent upon using the communally-charged environment to reap a rich electoral harvest. The judiciary must be appreciated for being impartial and standing firm. BJP’s real purpose of presidential reference was based on the expectation that the court would overrule the EC’s decision and advance the date for the poll in the state, but only to its dismay. 
Obaid Ahmad 
New Delhi

Muslims going astray
What happened a few days ago in a running train in Mumbai (Borivli) by a drunkard Salim Ahmad, who raped a dumb innocent girl, is highly shameful and condemnable.
Few days ago I came across a pamphlet which announced that two Muslims, Sohail Khan and Mahmood Sheikh, had opened a Bar & Restaurant in front of a mosque at 273, Reay Road, Near Star Talkies, Dockyard Road, Mumbai. This Bar & Restaurant is named "Dock Master." This news is not only alarming but highly deplorable too.
Ansari Asrar
Bhiwandi (Maharashtra)

AMU Old Boys Association
I seek Milli Gazette’s support in highlighting the gross mismanagement of the affairs of the AMU Old Boys Association by the coterie led by Kaukab Hameed, Noorul Karim and Mushtaq Ahmad, who have spent and are planning to incur expenditures in lakhs of rupees without the approval of the Association and the General Body, and that too in spite of want of provision in the budget.
The term of office of the present Central Executive Committee (CEC) expired on September 6, and it can remain in office for the next three months or so to hold the elections. After the expiry of the tenure, the CEC is not legally and morally competent to take any policy-decision and incur heavy expenditures.
In flagrant violation of the rules, at an emergent meeting on September 11, convened for this purpose alone (without properly serving notices to members), the CEC decided to construct a two-room suite in the premises of the Association at a whooping cost of Rs. Nine lakh. The estimate shown during the meeting was only a rough one and was deliberately not sent with the agenda, in advance. They have not even agreed to invite the mandatory tenders and to constitute a supervisory committee for supervising the work.
No meeting of the Association (the GB) was held in the last three years’ tenure of the present CEC. Therefore, neither the budget was passed nor any sanction for expenditure of large sum of money obtained. Moreover, no interim budget was passed by the CEC.
Therefore, it is abundantly clear that their actions are unauthorised and illegal, which needs to be checked.
Furqan Ahmad
Member, CEC, AMU Old Boys Association, Dodhpur, Aligarh

The Cursed Creature Called Modi
Taking satan’s side 
and Gujarat for a ride
Modi arranges a procession of pride 
How many homes has he not turned into rubble
Who is the one whom he has not put into trouble? 
Verily the mad dog called Modi is bound to dwell 
eternally in the biggest jail called Hell.
S Akhtar
Khanpur Deh-392150 (Gujarat)

Giriraj Kishore, reform Hinduism
Adding to the already overflowing reports and statements full of suggestions to reform Islam and Holy Quran, VHP’s senior leader Giriraj Kishore has joined the bandwagon advising that some verses of Holy Quran should be reformed.
Giving advice regarding Islam and the Quran is quite easy, specially when the intention is to hurt the feelings of Muslims. By giving such advice, Giriraj wants to prove that Hinduism is the best religion on earth for mankind. Will Giriraj think over innumerable superstitions and inhuman practices of Hinduism? Hinduism has lots of evils like Idolatry, Bhut-Bhutwa, Dora-Dhagh, Sati, Devdasi, child marriage, foeticide, dowry and the most inhuman practice of varnvad (casteism). How can any fair and just religion believe in super-race and slave-race by birth? Hinduism practices this varnvad through sacred rituals.
Will Mr Kishore initiate reforms to completely do away with such evil practices of Hinduism? Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule, EVR Periyar — all reformists have found that Hinduism is not a religion, but a kind of imperialism. It preaches only violence, hate, intolerance and discrimination.So, Mr Kishore shun your idea of reforming the Quran and repair your own house.
Ilyas Patel.
Khanpur Deh (Gujarat)

Futile US efforts
When Americans bombed Afghanistan and landed their troops, the Taliban and Al Qaeda disappeared in a hurry, leaving lot of tell-tale signs of their designs on America. The easy victory surprised, even the best of US planners. Last week bombings in Kabul and the shooting that threatened Karzai's life proves that the uneasy calm is not the real peace and Afghanistan can and possibly will revert to its unruly past.
A similar situation may be faced by the US in Iraq. While American and British planes carried out over 100 sorties to attack an airfield near Baghdad, the people went about their ways in stoical calm.Even Saddam may vanish the same way as Mulla Omar and Osama. US may put in a protégé and feel it has conquered Iraq in a relatively short time, without much effort or cost. But that victory will be deceptive. Saddam may resurface. Thus, the US will not have much respite in days to come.
Ghulam Muhammed


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