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Terror triumphs in Gujarat

Bharat Jalao (Burn India) Party has announced that on Sep.3 it would embark on its Gujarat-wide Gaurav Yatra (March of Pride) covering 4500 villages, besides the cities, Nero Modi reciting the Gujarat Gaurav Gatha( the story of Gujarat's pride). Wow! Nothing less. Isn't that something great? It would be manufacturing history right before our eyes, like instant coffee. That is the way history should be made, will be the message of the HinduTaliban. That is the kind of carnage, assert the saffros, we should be proud of - the bonfire of minorities, destruction of properties, the fireworks that explode in a fizz everything that anciently and perennially forms the rock of a nation, all that constitutes the basis of a polity : secularism, pluralism, egalitarianism, and democracy. In the saffronazi code, the violence rained on Muslims and other minorities is not violence but Hindu unity, violation of their women is not vile but Hindu patriotism, arson and robbery is not crime but Hindu religion. Who, other than savages, will be enamored of or will have any use for, this "unity", this "patriotism", and this "religion"?

Apparently, BJP feels triumphant in the wake of the holocaust, and it believes that commemorating this state-sponsored terror will ballast its fortunes at the hustings, will honor and encourage the achievers of this brutal triumph, and herald such achievements all over India. Modi would strut as charioteer, even if in a hydraulically rigged car designated Gaurav Rath (Chariot of Pride), striking terror in the hearts of Muslims and other minorities, Congress and other political parties, the Election Commission, the Supreme Court , and the citizenry. The inspirational icon for this march of communal terror in Gujarat 2002 is the 1922 March on Rome of ruffians and riff raffs led by the arch fascist Mussolini.

With AdolfVani on the ascendance, this tableau of Hindu terror trampling Gujarat is a logical offshoot. Its trial run was his Blood Yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya in 1990, and Surat pogrom 1993. The Babri demolition in 1992, under his supervision, was the index of his demonic drive to demolish, wherever he would and could, all the mosques, idgahs, mazars, shrines ( over 300 in Gujarat Holocaust 2002 alone), and churches. Similarly, the previous burning of churches in Gujarat and the torching alive of Staines and his two teen-age sons in Orissa were experimental, but perpetrated massively in Gujarat Holocaust with deadly effect and diabolic perfection.

And, to invest this ugly enterprise with national import, and to confer on it a squalid legitimacy, Gujarat's Nero has been assigned the launch of BJP's poll campaign in Jammu, a whirlpool of conflict, thanks, in good measure, both to (Black Cap-Khaki shorts) RSS and the "militants", native and foreign. That this illicit and violent declaration of war on India by vile Hindu communalism and "majoritarian" brigandage is meant to intimidate the minorities, and forewarn the democrats and secularists, among others, is too palpable to be missed, too naked to be suffered.

Getting rid of President Narayanan was as necessary as the induction of a Kalam as President in the frenzied furtherance of Hindu Rashtra agenda, which NDA would complaisantly adopt as its own. Nero Modi plotted, gratuitously, the premature dissolution of the Assembly with sinister calculations: the Hindutva wave would polarize the voters (Muslims eliminated with violence and fraud from the voters' lists) and return the architects of the holocaust to power, who thus would escape punishment by a successor government (of another party) for their umpteen crimes and scams, and subsequently prolong BJP's hold on power in New Delhi by a similar pre-poning of the general election too. In brief, India would be a Xerox copy of Gujarat, India would be co-opted as part of Gujarat.

That is why those who appeared to be obstructing or foiling this design were targeted for special treatment. Among them, the English media, some cable channels, the investigative initiatives and relief-rehab efforts of organizations and individuals, independent groups monitoring the camps and highlighting the anomie and apathy pervading the whole exercise, and the NHRC. The Election commission's animadversion was the last straw that broke the communal camel's back (the fascists' patience). The theo-terrorists led by Maddie-AdolfVani had regarded, as in Gujarat, the civil servants to be Hindutva's servants, to be ordered about. This ham-handedness was near perfected as a strategy. But the highhandedness accompanying it spoiled the game-plan and it came a cropper in consequence.

That explains the unconcealed wrath of Lalkishenchand and the menial manners of Naraadham raining hell fire on Mr Lyngdoh in particular, and on whistleblowers and curtain-raisers in general. His prime culpability is that he bears a Christian name. Too, he was not aware that Hindutva ghouls are neo-Hindus or born-again Hindus, thus either pseudo or zero Hindus. They appeared to him all parti-colored performers of a circus of death and destruction, malevolent and immoral, moronic and mean. That such ones regard the elections as a plaything or an inconvenience is not surprising given their fascistic pursuits and totalitarian ideology. They doggedly believe that EC should just clerically run the elections which must be ordered by them, for their benefit, at their convenience. They care nothing for Article 174(1) or Article 324. They are wedded only to one Article, that of the Criminal Procedure Code, viz., 420. That is why they are savagely resisting any attempt at weaning them away from it.

AdVani (PR voice) mumbled "sorry" to the gallery quite well in London. He is adept at it. He did it in the case of Babri's demolition. Having blasted the way to it two years ago with his Rakta Yatra, he supervised the destruction of the Mosque brick by brick. I know journalists who were manhandled by saffron goons and their mercenaries in uniform. Their cameras smashed, they were manhandled most viciously. They complained to the saffron Adolf. His tripe: "You should not come here." Translation: "We are on a criminal-communal spree securing our vote bank. Ram advised us in a dream as to his exact birthplace, i.e., the site of the Mosque. Suspend your journalism, throw away your cameras, till we make Ram Mandir on the Babri Mosque. Then you can come and celebrate it with us. Not before."

Years later we found out that he was "sorry" at the demolition. That is, for the record. So was the arch-chameleon, the prime poetaster Payee. AdVani deflected ugly scenes and troubles galore awaiting him in the UK by this expediently timed "sorry". Outside India, he must appear responsible, respectable, a democrat. Inside, he would remain the angel of death. In view of the impending polls in Gujarat, and shortly in several states, he must burnish his image as a "cultural nationalist", i.e., Hindu nationalist, whatever that may mean. It is a paradoxical pairing. Nationalism cannot be partisan, pared, paltry, and sectarian. But, if Nazis could call themselves socialists, AdVanis-Maddies-Payees-Ghouls too can call themselves not only nationalists, but a tad more, "cultural" nationalists, or, in more passionate moments, "Hindu" nationalists. This infernal creature is a nightmare, an oaf, an ogre, as India has witnessed in horror during the last four years.

As to the September 3 Triumphal in Gujarat designated as Pride March. Some questions need to be answered. Whose pride? Gujarat's? BJP's? India's? In what? As to Gujarat's pride, it has been dealt a death blow by saffronazi gangsters-rapists-arsonists-murderers-thugs led by BJP-VHP-RSS-Bajrang Dal. As to BJP's pride. Yes, only inveterate criminals, incorrigible recidivists, irreclaimable reprobates, inhuman beasts can be proud of torching property worth thousands of crores, making 800 women widows, rendering 100,000 people homeless, raping hundreds of helpless women before their families and then flaying them alive, to name just a few distinguishing items of HinduTaliban's achievements? As to national pride, India is expected by BJP to applaud its achievements in Modi's Gujarat and multiply the same. India is expected henceforth to call the traitorous criminals "leaders", the barbaric killers and rapists "patriots", the arsonists and thieves "cultural nationalists."

This whole perversion of national ethos which took eons to build and which manifested itself in our diurnal living as a vibrant social praxis, anciently descended, has been the "success story" of the HinduTaliban. This bonfire of Indian citizens, this desecration of a hoary heritage, this devastation of humans and their painstakingly built material assets, this singular savagery which involved indignity, privation, cretinous unconcern for fellow humans can do only the saffronazis proud, none else.

For, once again in History, in Gujarat Holocaust 2002, these "Hindus" stood naked and ugly, fiendish and feral, in their irremediable inferiority, ineradicable impotence, insurmountable cowardice, and insatiable corruption, blessings and bravos from their wives and mothers, sisters and daughters, leaders and mentors, notwithstanding. If these are the examples the "Hindu" adults set for their youngsters, the social and familial ruin would be total, and visible, over the years in the ever swelling volume of villainy and viciousness, venality and violence. Violence and violation have been orgiastically established as values, as "Hindu" virtues, as viable modus vivendi. A crop of criminals, brutal and insensate, will henceforward fill the "Hindu" households as members of the family. They have been conditioned to commit crimes, the "leaders" having long tutored them on how to escape the consequences. They will do their leaders proud in the days ahead.

The German millionaire Hugenberg undertook in 1931 to support 800,000-strong Nazi party.Kirdorf, Thyssen, Schroder - the big moneybags - followed suit. Hitler launched the bloodbath of Jews and others in 1933. Our saffron Hugenbergs have not lagged behind. Only with their money poring incessantly and hugely the bloodbaths of minorities in India became a regular routine on the part of the saffronazis. Unless they are exposed and stymied, the bonfires of Indian humanity will not stop, the violation of women and murder of innocents, the willful destruction of their material assets like homes-shops-vehicles can never be halted.

These enemies of the nation must be forced out of their dens and grottos, scourged publicly, forced to eat crow, and purged of their vitriol. With them entrenched in power, in Gujarat and elsewhere, doomsday for India will not be too distant. Even to allow them to contest at the polls is destructive and derisory of the Constitutional principles in view of their open defiance and flagrant flouting of the same relentlessly. If India wants no reprise of Weimar, this is the moment to stand firm, to excise this cancerous growth from the body politic and the social community.

Modi is determined once more to soak Gujarat in blood and roast it in fire on Sep. 3. He has decided to pour the salt of insult in the still bleeding psychic and physical wounds of traumatized and disoriented Muslims. This rain of calculated humiliation and hurt on the victims of a conspiracy must be prevented from happening. The republic need not look on helplessly when a mad man is on the rampage, singly or in a band.

IK Shukla

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