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Yogi preaching hate
Attempts to repeat Gujarat in eastern UP

Self-appointed custodian of Hindu interests and member of Parliament from Gorakhpur from the Hindu Mahasabha, Yogi Adityanath, is hell-bent upon repeating “Gujarat” in eastern UP. He along with his militia of lumpen elements has let loose a reign of terror in Gorakhpur, Deoria, Siddharthanagar and neighbouring districts of eastern UP.

The head priest of world famous Gorakhnanth temple, is not a sadhu in real sense of the term. Instead of preaching love and compassion among his followers, he is a trader of hate preaching violence and communal bias among hotheads and lumpens who happen to be Hindu but never bother to read and practice the real message and teachings of this great and ancient religion.

This young saint belonging to Sangh Parivar rushes to every place where even a minor altercation takes place between two peoples belonging to different communities. In Siddharth Nagar district just two months back he let loose a reign of terror when a Muslim youth allegedly raped and killed a Hindu girl or in Padrauna where two youth belonging to Hindu and Muslim communities quarreled over a petty issue. At both these places this socalled young “Yogi” (saint) gave communal colour to the events and his army of lumpen elements burnt dozens of houses belonging to Muslims and subjected them to mental agony. 

Unfortunately the administration is always lukewarm in reacting against such activities perhaps because of this man's association with the ruling Parrivar. The latest feather in his cap belongs to a Gorakhpur incident. A petty quarrel between two youths, one belonging to Yogi's party, took a communal turn thanks to this “saint”. It all started when a youth, badly beaten by a Hindu Vahini worker, lodged an FIR with Ghasikatra police station. 

The Yogi could not tolerate this courage of a Muslim youth to lodge an FIR and the courage of policemen to register the case against a Hindu Vahini worker. Hindu Vahini and BJP workers staged a Dharna near a mosque at Ghasikatra locality just at the time of Juma prayers. 

All type of vulgar and provocative slogans were raised resulting in counter slogans by Muslim youths who were somehow persuaded by the saner elements of the community and brought back inside the mosque otherwise something more violent could have taken place. But the lumpens belonging to Hindu Vahini did not stop their provocative slogans and passed all sorts of indecent remarks on every passerby Namazi. This led to a scuffle and soon it was free for all resulting in Police lathi charge and tear gassing. 

But the Yogi did not stop here and announced Gorakhpur bandh which was marred by violence. Police arrested fourteen persons including former mayor Rajendra Sharma of BJP, Jafar Amin of Samajvadi Party, and Devendra Pratap Singh, member of Legislative Council belonging to Samajwadi Party. But the main culprit, Yogi Adityanath, was not touched. Even his name was not included in the FIR lodged against different political workers for “fanning communal trouble” in the city. Not only this, Chief Minister Mayawati, in order to please her ally the BJP, transferred the Dy. Inspector general of Police and District Magistrate at Yogi's behest. This gave him further encouragement to carry on his hate campaign.

The issue was raised in both houses (Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council) of Uttar Pradesh. In the state assembly Congress, Samajvadi Party and others raised the issue. Pramod Tewari of Congress and Naresh Agarwal of Samajvaddi Party asked the government to clarify why action is not being taken against the so-called “Yogi” who is hell-bent upon repeating Gujarat in eastern UP. 

Naresh Agarwal warned that all the legislators belonging to his party will storm Gorakhpur and stage indefinite dharna and undertake other forms of democratic protest if the government failed to initiate action against Adityanath who has become a terror in the entire eastern UP region. Interestingly, minister for parliamentary affairs Sukhdeo Rajbhar agreed that the man behind the trouble is none other than Yogi Adityananth but political expediency compelled the state government to initiate action against the officers concerend and the member of parliament was not even named in the FIR.

The whole episode clearly shows that Mayawati has changed her colours for political expediency. Her own survival is more important than the rule of law. In the upper house the matter was raised by Ahmad Hasan, leader of the opposition (Samajwadi Party), Bhagawti Singh and others who protested against the arrest of their colleague and a member of the upper house whose arrest in Gorakhpur was not even notified to the house and the presiding officer was in dark till the news was broken to him by agitated members. Leader of the house Swami Prasad Maurya assured members that he will collect all the information regarding members' arrest and will inform the house after lunch-break, which he did, but the opposition was not satisfied with his reply and staged a walk out. 

An uneasy calm prevails in eastern UP in general and in Gorakhpur in particular and if the state government continues with its lukewarm approach this “Yogi” will burn the social fabric of eastern UP.

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