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If pigs could fly ...
Destroy Ka’bah! 
Stinging butterfly

Washington bureau chief for WorldNetDaily Paul Sperry (27 Sept) wrote that most Americans love pigs, but to Muslims ‘they are just stinky, snorty critters, the quintessence of uncleanliness. Indeed, Muslims are forbidden to eat pork by the Koran, their holy book. To knowingly eat pork is to commit an act of sin which could jeopardize their ascension to Paradise. The Koran forbids the consumption of animal blood (which makes pig's blood virtually radioactive, an observation our military might find useful...Few in Washington want to admit it, but these Islamic fanatics have baited us into a holy war. And like it or not, we'll have to use their religion against them to win...U.S. forces should start by dropping leaflets over Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, warning residents, in their native Persian tongue, that we've enlisted Afghani moles to contaminate their water supplies with pig's blood...The propaganda would also warn that American soldiers have greased their bullets with pork fat...In the meantime, airlines could reupholster plane seats with pigskin, and cover cockpit yokes with the "unclean" hide to repel future Islamic hijackers...Hit them where it hurts. They hit us where it hurts – and they're already planning to do it again...They're not afraid of death. However, they are afraid of pigs. Send in the porkers, lock them out of Paradise, and watch them surrender.’

Destroy Ka’bah!
Cairo: An Israeli-American writer invited the Western world to destroy the Ka`ba, the house of Allah, built by the Prophet Ibrahim and his son Isma`il, and to which Muslims turn to in times of prayer fives times a day.
In an article entitled "Time to face Mecca," published in the Israeli Insider Online Magazine, Reuven Koret said, "Should the jihadists (Muslim strugglers) ever again dare to execute a genocidal assault on the people and symbols of Western civilization - let them know beyond any possible doubt that they will have no direction in which to turn when they bow and worship their deity of destruction."
Commenting on the article, the Egyptian independent weekly Al-Usboo said, "Those who think that the upcoming war is not a crusade, or who claim that the comments expressed by U.S. President George W. Bush was just a slip of the tongue must think twice and be prepared for what's to come. This article is one of the mad calls that prove that we need to be prepared for the worst scenario."
"But the Western World must first protect its own people, and that means creating a deterrent policy that will make the next suicide bombers and their masters think twice. Whether it is publicly announced or merely communicated through quiet channels, the Jihadists must know with absolute certainty that the next outrage against a Western target will prompt an immediate and massive military strike against a prominent symbol of Islam,’ said Koret.

Stinging butterfly
Former heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali visited the ruins of the World Trade Centre on 27 September. When reporters asked how he felt about the suspects sharing his Islamic faith, Ali responded pleasantly, "How do you feel about Hitler sharing yours?"

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