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Selfless defender of Babri
By Syed Ubaidur Rahman

If there is any person in the Indian Muslim community who seems to care about the cause over which scores of Muslim leaders, over the years, have earned fame and fortune, it is Aslam Bhura. The man has not only devoted his life for the cause of Babri Masjid issue but has also devoted whatever precious little wealth he had from selling his shop and a portion of his house to fight scores of Babri cases in different courts.

His tryst with the Babri issue began in 1991 when 2.77 acre land around the Babri was acquired by the UP government. The man who deals in rags told MG that when this acquisition was done, he waited that some Muslim organization will come forward and act. But his long wait disheartened him as no Muslim leader, lawyer or anyone else came forward. So finally he acted and has never looked back. He is the lone Muslim petitioner before the Liberhan Commission as well as Lucknow High Court and Supreme Court.

The man who is fighting more than two dozen cases on the Babri Masjid issue says that the case would have been solved long ago had Muslim leaders shown slightest interest in the proceedings of the case. He says that no Muslim leader comes forward for the Babri cause. What about those whose names are well-known in the controversy? Bhura says that he has seen how some so-called Muslim leaders have earned fortunes over the years.

Bhure is involved in numerous cases of the Babri issue including acquisition of 2.77 acre of land, petition for the safety and security of Babri Masjid, pursuing a petition wherein several prayers were made to protect the Babri Masjid and save the situation with the specific prayer to appoint the central government as receiver so the responsibility of the safety of Babri Masjid can be entrusted to the Central government, petition to rebuild the mosque on the same site, petition to initiate contempt proceedings against Kalyan Singh, MM Joshi, LK Advani, Uma Bharati and several other Sangh leaders, petition to disqualify those who were involved in Babri demolition, prosecution cases of 49 accused persons investigated and filed by the CBI in the special court of session judge at Lucknow who had passed order prima facie holding them responsible for committing the crime. These are just a few of what he is pursuing in courts.

In February this year, when Justice Bhalla of UP High Court, Lucknow Bench passed an order dropping charges against eight accused persons namely Advani, Joshi, Ashok Singhal, Giriraj Kishore, VH Dalmia, Vinay Katiyar, Uma Bharati and Sadhavi Rithambara on minor technical errors, Bhure says he waited that leaders like Shahabuddin and others will come forward in the court against this order. But he claims that no one came forward and so he filed a case against the judgment in the Supreme Court just a day before the date of filing writ in the case was to expire. His petition was accepted by the apex court for hearing. He says that the cases against the eight accused cannot be dropped because there are sufficient evidence against these people and their involvement in the demolition.

He is pained over the careless behavior of the Muslim leadership on as important an issue as Babri Masjid. He says that instead of doing anything on getting the issue solved these people have been claiming different things in front of the community. He says that he has been accused of being an agent of Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Congress and even the BJP. He says that once an important leader of the community like Syed Shahabuddin claimed that this man was Congress’ agent. He says that no person, be it Shahbuddin or Jeelani or anyone else has done anything for the Babri issue. He adds that though Jeelani was once a co-petitioner in a case, but Shahabuddin has not done even that. He narrates an incident when Ahmad Ali Qasimi asked a person for Rs 50000 to pay for a Babri lawyer. The man came to me and asked me to accompany him to Qasimi’s house to know as to which lawyer he has to pay. Qasimi, during the conversation said that there was a person Aslam Bhure who was misleading the people and was collecting large amounts from them. When that man asked Qasimi as to whether he recognizes Bhure, Qasimi said, yes, he has a long beard.

He says that though he was appalled to listen to these allegations, but his faith in Almighty Allah helped him continue his fight for the Babri. He says that those people who do not tire of claiming of everything on the Babri issue have not done anything. When asked as to whether he has ever requested for any financial or any other assistance from the Muslim Personal Law Board or any other organization, he says that it would have dampened his spirit and he would have lost high moral ground to fight such an important case. He adds that had he asked for anything he would have become a beggar like so many people who claim vehemently to be working for the cause.

He says that if there is any organization that has tried to do anything on the issue it is Jamaat-e-Islami. He says that now it seems that these people too have been tired and are more or less disinterested.

When asked as to what has prompted him to chase the Babri cases in the courts despite having no financial or otherwise gains and losing out a shop and part of his house he says that it is only for the sake of Allah. He says it is only for Allah. Agar Allah Pak masjid ki taamir-e-nau ki koi surat paida karden to duniya aur aakhrat dono sanwar jayegi, (If Allah (SWT) create atmosphere and the mosque is reconstructed, my life and life hereafter will be saved).

When asked as to whether his family members ever objected to his involvement in the cases and losses of property and business, he says that they believe that these sacrifices are for Allah and if he accepts these sacrifices their purpose of life will be achieved.

It is not only the Babri case, he is also involved in two other important cases of mosques in Kashi and Mathura that are also claimed by the Sangh outfits. He told this correspondent that the court ruled in his favour and asked to maintain the status quo. VHP filed a case against the judgment in Supreme Court but it was rejected. Though he won the case but the verdict was blacked out by the media.

It is not the only thing. He also went to the court when the Supreme Court chief Justice JS Verma ruled that the use of Hindutva in seeking votes was justified. He says that he went to the court despite being told by people that if the case was ruled against him, he might have to undergo rigorous imprisonment for several years. He says that he went to the court and Justice JS Verma himself delivered a judgment totally against his previous ruling.

It is impossible to find a person in bones and flesh like Bhure in this world where everyone fights for pettiest of interest. Muslims of the country have rarely given any attention to the cause of Babri or people like Bhure. They have time to applaud people who claim stars and do nothing and no time to find out people who are doing wonders and do not go out claiming anything. it is time that we give drubbing to those who just claim and claim and do not tire from just claiming.

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