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The World after 11 Sept

New Delhi: Terrorism is an evil, but we have to think why it is created. When oppression, atrocities and injustices are perpetrated and people are denied their due rights, these evils come into being. Instead of just rubbing ointment on the wounds, we should purify our blood to get a permanent relief.

Expressing his views at a symposium The World after 11 September, organized by the Institute of Objective Studies at the Indian Law Institute, Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi, President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board said that the oppressed had got a right to raise their voice and no body could object to it. He also said that terrorism should not be an answer to terrorism. Similarly, to kill innocent people in response to the killing of innocent people was also not correct. The internationally renowned jurisprudent averred that it was not a time to be happy in any way over what happened at New York and Washington on 11 September.

The speakers were unanimous on the point that we should not selectively tackle the cases of terrorism. Rajya Sabha member Mani Shankar Aiyar said before supporting America we should decide what is terrorism, who are the persons spreading terrorism and would it be logical to destroy entire Afghanistan just for a person. He opined that Palestinians were fighting for their rights and Israel was a terrorist state.

Former chairman of National Commission for Minorities, Prof Tahir Mahmood was of the opinion that there should be a selective approach while dealing with terrorism because some vested interests wanted to use the opportunity. He ridiculed the approach take this or that side in the present crisis. Former member of Parliament and Gandhian Nirmala Deshpande asserted that violence begets violence and terrorism had no religion. She was of the view that the world today needed the principles of Gandhiji and Vinobhaji to tackle terrorism. Columnist Santosh Bharati said people held responsible media for everything but the problem was that they did not know media. PUCL leader RM Pal criticized America for its hegemonistic approach. According to him, this was the time for self-introspection for America. Senior journalist Syed Ameenul Hasan Rizvi said the 11 September incidents were, in fact, not a terror act, but a state war declared by some groups.

Former Union Agriculture Minister and CPI leader Chaturanan Mishra wondered as to how the President of a country declared to capture Osama Bin Laden alive or dead. Was it itself not terrorism, he asked. He blamed the religious leaders for not criticizing any terrorist activity. According to him, Hindu religious leaders did not condemn the demolition of Babri Masjid and the burning of the Christian priest Graham Steins along with two sons to death. Parwaaz Rahmani, editor of the biweekly Dawat, asserted that the entire issue appears to be converted into Islamophobia. He wondered as to why the investigators were not going beyond Islam and Muslims while investigating the case.

Former Rajya Sabha member Kishor Lal asked whether conversion of Negroes to Islam taking place in the USA was not a responsible factor for the 11 September attacks by some vested interests. He said the role of Jews in the attacks could not be ruled out. Besides, Prof VK Tripathi of IIT, Delhi, Prof MH Quraishi of Jawaharlal Nehru University and Dr Arshi Khan of Jamia Hamdard also spoke on the occasion. A seven-point resolution was also adopted. It was resolved to constitute a peoples council to consider, evaluate and analyze terrorism and take effective measures to combat it in all forms.

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