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COMMUNITY NEWS: 16-31 October 2001

Calicut: A two day Islamic arts fest was held here under the aegis of Samasta Kerala Jam'iyyatul Mu'allimeen, a forum of Madrasa teachers. Madrasa students from all over the state participated in the fest. The event was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Kerala, Mr. AK Antony. While speaking on the occasion the Chief Minister lauded the efforts of the Jam'iyyatul Mu'allimeen in inculcating ethical values among the youth in the community, and how this has aided in building up a society of mutual tolerance in the state. Kerala was a role model of how a heterogenous society can exist in harmony, free from communal tensions, he added.
Mr. Antony was of the view that side by side with the spiritual instruction, the organisation could set up IT institutions. He promised Government assistance for such initiatives.
Syed Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal presided over the meeting. The Industries and IT minister MR. PK Kunj Ali Kutty, K Ali Kutty Musliar, K Manu Musliar, C Zainuddin Musliar CKM Sadiq Musliar among others were present
In a district wise literary competition for Madrasa children, Malappuram district stood first.
Rank holders in the examinations conducted for classes V, VII and X were presented prizes on the occasion. Teachers who had completed 25 years of service were also honoured on the occasion.

Pension to poets dropped
Haldwani: Quite a few renowned poets of UP and Uttaranchal are not getting their monthly pensions for the last one year which was granted by UP Urdu Academy. The State government was giving pension from 1994 to 57 poets of undivided UP through UP Urdu Academy. Nazish Muradabadi, a well known octogenarian poet was getting Rs 400 a month from UP government. His pension has been stopped since August 2000. Moonis Barelvi, another famous poet of Uttaranchal was given Rs 350 by Urdu Academy which has also been discontinued since August 2000.

Illegal possession of Waqf properties
Jodhpur: Ghulam Mahmood Banatwala, convenor of the Joint Parliamentary Committee (Waqf) said that state government along with general public is involved in holding illegal possession of waqf properties. According to information available to Waqf Board, the state government has unlawfully occupied 66 waqf properties. GM Banatwala said that different committees of the Board were surveying all waqf properties and examining their illegal occupancy. Compensations for many other lands which have been acquired, have not been paid. He said that the state government should set an example by vacating all illegal occupancies, so that other people should also withdraw their occupation of waqf properties.
Banatwala said that waqf properties are allotted in the name of Allah, whose income is spent on the poor, the weak and the needy. These occupants are usurping their rights. He further said that there is need for removal of possessions from waqf properties.

Corruption in Waqf properties
A convention was recently held by Waqf Board at Meer Vihar Colony, New Delhi. Ulama, leaders and concerned people from various states took part in the meeting.
It was felt that the waqf properties cannot be saved unless the state governments implement Public Premises Act. No Waqf Board has the authority to evacuate illegal encroachers on waqf lands as panchayat or municipality has except Karnataka. 10 states have not been exempted even from Rent Control Act. In many states no waqf tribunal has been set up which causes delay in generation of income and in settling disputes.
A participant said that the administrative structure of UP and Delhi Waqf Boards was not proper. No concrete steps have been taken for the acquisition of land and revenues. The management is either not aware of misappropriation of billions of rupees or they are deliberately ignoring it. Hakim Tasnim Arif Kailwi said that politicians and corrupt people are trying to encroach upon Punjab Waqf Board properties. He said that the Department has taken disciplinary action against 17 employees and has also issued a ‘show cause’ notice to an imam who has got Board’s electricity meter of the mosque registered in his own name. An employee who sent three MOs each of Rs 20,000 to his home within one month has also been caught. An employee has been sacked for creating disturbances.
The convention also passed a resolution which demanded the Joint Parliamentary Committee to protect the Board from being a political battle ground. Similar appeals have been made to Muslim Personal Board, Jami’at Ulama and Majlis-e-Mushawarat.

AMU students set record
Aligarh: Muhammad Idris, Fasih Ahmad, Ankur Singh, Muhammad Talha and SM Akbar of Aligarh Muslim University’s Hiking and Mountaineering Club set new records after reaching 19,400 feet Naharnej peak of Himalaya. The students established records in the 254th elementary course of mountaineering held by Eastern Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. The five students reached the top which is so far known as the highest peak of the four Indian mountaineering centers.
The students thanked coach Muhammad Shihab Khan for their success.

Seminar on Ghalib
New Delhi: Ghalib rose to every sphere of life. A person of his calibre is rarely born. While his poetry has illuminated Urdu literature, at the same time his prose has also deeply affected Urdu prose. He was an innovator in letter writing. It seems as if the writer and the addressee have been in juxtaposition.
These views were expressed by Siraj Hussain, VC of Jamia Hamdard, on the occasion of inauguration of Research Scholars Ghalib Seminar, organized by Diwan-e-Ghalib on ‘Ghalib and his contemporary prose.’
He further said that his era was of self-deceit and selfishness. His pension was stopped. He faced a lot of difficulties. These circumstances made Ghalib write masterpieces of prose which are till date considered to be the solid bases of our prose. But it is a great tragedy that the new generation is not only unaware of Ghalib, but is also unfamiliar with Urdu script. The present research scholars have kindled a light of hope, he added.
Six thesis were read and scholars from Mumbai University, Delhi University, Allahabad University, JNU, Patna University, J&K University, AMU, Jamia Millia and Osmani University participated in the seminar.

SC refuses intervention in
Muslim Personal Law
New Delhi: Supreme court has discharged the petition concerning change in Muslim Personal Law regarding the present method of divorce and the demand for making polygamy unlawful. The court has told the applicant to approach Parliament for necessary steps.
The bench comprising justice KT Thomas and justice SN Waryawa, had earlier issued notice to center and to the applicant’s husband, but later the bench rejected the application. The applicant Zulaikha Bi’s advocate Lili Thomas said that most of Hindus followed ‘Hindu Law’, which forbade polygamy. Likewise there should be some arrangement for safety of Muslim women, or else, equality, personal freedom and human rights would be violated which have been granted under section 14, 15 and 21 of the Constitution. The court has rejected their plea.
It should be noted that Zulaikha was married to Fazal in 1987. She was 20 then. In 1991, when Fazal married another woman, Zulaikha refused to stay with him and filed a petition for maintenance allowance which is sub-judice since 1999. The applicant had also requested the court to nullify the law of divorce and khula (separation at the request of wife). She has also demanded ban on polygamy under section 32 of the constitution.

Kareem to go to SC
Mysore: Having barely managed to win the first time round, Abdul Kareem, the father of sub inspector Shakeel Ahmad, who was killed by Veerappan, is not going to sit back and see the TADA detainees arrested for helping the brigand. He has threatened to file an appeal before the Supreme Court against the recent verdict of the TADA court to set free 98 associates of Veerappan. Only 14 of them were convicted.
Kareem had earlier too moved the Supreme Court after the designated court decided to release all the TADA detainees in the wake of Karnataka filmstar Rajkumar’s abduction last year. The recent SC judgement was sympathetic towards them. Nothing less than capital punishment would have served justice, he asserts.
‘Veerappan has killed hundreds and his associates do not deserve a favourable judgement,’ he says. All those who have been released would again join the brigand and play havoc with people’s lives Kareem feels. He also says that it is actually the duty of the Karnataka government to go for an appeal before the supreme court. ‘I will fulfill my duty by filing an appeal if the government fails to do so,’ he adds.

Priest attacked
Ahmedabad: A priest and three other persons were allegedly attacked in Bharthari village of district Kheda.
Sources said that during a film show a group of 50 people armed with lathis, iron bars and swords attacked Pal L Christian, a priest of Methodist Church and also damaged a projector. Four persons have been arrested for creating violence.
Samson Christian, joint secretary of All India Christian Council, in his memorandum to the president, has requested that the Gujarat government should be asked to issue orders for safety of Christians and that the issue should be forwarded to CBI.

Ibn-e-Safi Novels to be screened
New Delhi: In order to satisfy the interest of Urdu knowing people, two mega-serials are being made. One of them is based on the letters of Ghalib, while the other is based on the detective novels of Ibn-e-Safi. Aslam Farshori, assistant producer of E TV (Urdu) told the UNI.
Dr Khaliq Anjum, who is penning the serial said that it was a great news for the fans of Ibn-e-Safi. The selected novels are those in which the character of Faridi has been depicted. Actors have been selected for most of the characters, but search is still going on to find a suitable actor for the unique personality of Faridi. Aslam Farshori further said that several important names of Hindi film screen are under consideration for the role ‘Father Hard Stone.’ He said that Saira Bano is also making an important serial. E TV (Urdu) in fact is the renaissance of Urdu culture. We are trying to promote the real Urdu culture and civilization through this channel, not the negative aspects of Urdu culture which have generally been presented. He also said that the reactions which have so far reached them via letters, phone calls, personal meetings and the articles published in newspapers indicate that Urdu people for the first time have the feeling that a lot can be done by the medium of Urdu. He also said that Urdu was not a language of a particular group or sect. ‘It is the language of masses and it took no time to attract them.’
He further said that cable operators also have widely accepted Urdu channel and it is relayed from many centers.

Bajrang Dal activists arrested
Jaipur: The body of Muhammad Iqbal has been discovered from a river after communal riots in Chittorgarh town of Rajasthan. According to the daily Hindu, 11 members of Bajrang Dal have been arrested and charged with Muhammad Iqbal’s murder. Bajrang Dal observed a day’s strike in protest against the arrests of its activists.
A procession was taken out in the town in protest against the murder of Muhammad Iqbal. The police dispersed the mob resorting to lathi charge. A pan shop was damaged in the stampede. The shopkeepers closed their shops immediately.

Persian, language of love
In order to keep Persian teachers and scholars of different universities of India in touch with the latest changes and developments in modern Persian language and literature as well as its colloquial and spoken form, the Culture House of Iran, New Delhi, organized its 17th annual All India Persian Refreshers Course in which teachers and scholars from different universities of India participated. Prominent Iranian scholars also attended the programme.
Issa Rezazadeh, the Cultural Counsellor in his speech said that the Persian language is the mutual and common heritage of the Indian and Iranian people. He read out the message of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance of IR Iran.
Mir Mahmood Moosavi, ambassador of IR Iran also addressed the audience. MH Mozafari, Director and Cultural Attache, mentioned about the necessities of human rights in the present situation and ways and means to stop the atrocities against humanity.
Prof Harbans Mukhia, Rector JNU, spoke about the sweetness of Persian language and the significance of the concept of dialogue among civilizations initiated by the President of IR Iran.
Prof M Barani and Dr Maryam Khalili from Iran also spoke on this occasion. This Refresher Course is dedicated to the memory of late Dr Razia Akbar.

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