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Terrorist attack on Akshardam

“Enemies of Progress”
Apropos of "Enemies of Progress" (M.G. 16-30 Sept. P-21), MZ Haque has made the sensitive analysis of present set-up of those who talk of the dignified historical episode of their association and claim for their faith and creed a supreme status of values, morals, humanity, peaceful co-existence, tolerance, knowledge and learning and the divine inspiration through the Holy Quran, guidance for great Sahabas who honestly led their life and followed Prophet (PBUH). But, alas! These can only be in books. We talk and talk. Big institutions have been raised but all in vain. Muslims are Muslim with no devotion to their deen, in life, and thought and thinking at global level.Their conduct and behaviour is against the spirit of Islam. What to talk of Musawat, equality of human beings, human rights. We have Muslim names with Non-Muslim behaviour and we talk of Islam but act against it.
I wish to express my deep appreciation for your commitment towards Milli Gazette. Not only that you are maintaining high standards with respect to the contents and exposition of this publication. Also you are trying to ensure that it reaches the readers in good shape and clean form. The use of polythene cover protects it from wear and tear, dirt and dust, moisture and stains, etc, and also avoids too much folding of the pages.
Prof. Muhammad Iqbal
Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi

Impressed by MG quality
I came upon your website by chance and am quite impressed by the content and quality of your coverage. The article about the 'Pakistani flag' incident near Meerut was very interesting and timely. You should send a letter to the TOI to get them to issue a clarification. As a secular-minded Indian citizen, I can only hope that more people like me read your paper and that bridges are built between Hindus and Muslims in India through this. Please do focus also on the enduring tradition of Hinduism and Islam coexisting peacefully in our small towns and villages, which would expose people to the lies being propagated by the Sangh Parivar. Hindus and Muslims have, can and must continue to live together and work together for the betterment of our country.

I have read the issue of 16-30 Sep. 2002, for information and I liked it a lot because it comprises a lot of information about all on happening in the world in general and particularly about Islam.
Syed Mustafa Ather, Rae Barielli

I am a regular reader of the Milli Gazette. It is doubtless to say that this is a very valuable and excellent reading material. Every issue of the MG is proving valuable and useful to the reader.
C. Hamza, Mellatur, Kerala

In line with national media
The standard of MG is no doubt going in line with the national media and the article 'A Travesty of Science' by Zeyaul Haque brings before us the fact that medicines are no more safe in our country. I also read the 'Fact and Fiction' by Shakil Ahmed on website. It was a detailed report about the condition of madrasas in Manipur and it also comes as a befitting reply to the article that was published against madarsas in the Pioneer. This article also tells us about the state of madrasas in Manipur.
Ahmed Husain, Bangalore

Display Islamic months
My small advice is that you must display Islamic month and date also on your milligazette web-site.You don't lose any thing but it may benefit someone.I am very much impressed with the articles of your paper,insha-allah I will subscribe it very soon.I hope that insha-allah I can also contribute something for my Muslim brothers in Gujarat. I would also like to remind you that you must be working on my previous request regarding MUSLIMS placement services for abroad jobs. I pray to Allah for HIS great rewards to you in this world and Hereafter for your noble work.
Gholam Mustafa

Prof. Akbar Rahmani
I was shocked to read the news about the death of Prof. Akbar Rahmani in the Milli Gazette dated 1-15 October. I had a good relation with him through letter and his magazine Amozgar.
I had face to face contact with him during All UP Health Caravan in October 1999 in which I was a reporter to cover the Caravan. I visited with him in different towns of UP and learned a lot from his experiences as a journalist, columnist and educationist. Despite being weak in health he not only participated in the Caravan with his son but also delivered speeches whenever the organizer requested. Mr. Syed Hamid, the head of the Caravan was very much impressed by his dedication to help Indian Muslims.
About Amozgar, which was exclusively on education he had told me, "I am not bringing this magazine for any income. I am spending on it from my pocket. Lamenting the Muslim attitude he had told me it is surprising that Muslims don't want to even spend four rupees for a magazine. I am just doing the service of Urdu."
A N Shibli, AFE, New Delhi

Which May, dear Mr Vajpayee?
Your statement on the 27th of September 2002 : "India 'may' have to fight it's own war". "May", Mr Prime Minister? We still "may" have to fight our own war? Would that be May 2003, 2004, or beyond?
Bharatram Gaba, Mumbai

I am not a Muslim but fully empathise with the difficulty faced by you in the recent past. All sane Indians deplore the communal hatred being created by power mongers.. The recent temple massacre has only made it worse.Though the common man is not to blame for this, he suffers.
But what is the solution ?It lies within us.. Please think about getting community leaders from both sides to invite the government for talks on resolving pending issues such as Babri Masjid, Muslim personal law and maybe others..
About Babri Masjid, what happened is a grotesque error - it has to be resolved only by dialogue. This will help in binding the communities.
Muslim personal law - some of the laws such as polygamy and minor marriages are outdated - it was relevant and applicable in the past when Prophet Mohammed wished to provide protection to women who were often larger in number due to continuous warfare. There are many such outdated customs in Hinduism too - which have been made illegal - even if some people still do practice it. The point is, are these really relevant now ? Do we wish to continue with it ?
Such dialogue should not be with fanatical elements like the Shahi Imam or Ashok Singhal but other educated, rational individuals like Asghar Ali Engineer, Shabana Azmi, Swami Agnivesh, the leader of the Swami Narayan movement, Christian leaders and so on.. If such an initiative comes from your side (ie, jointly from the Muslim community) it will be more effective. It is difficult but not impossible to work in a positive way to come out of this mess stronger and more united against the common enemy -" the fanatics " on both sides. "An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind " - Mahatma Gandhi
Jamuna Rangachari

Chauvinists and the Television
Some Television Channels in our country are indulging in fanning the communalism by inviting the fanatics for "interviews". They are providing them the facility of spitting poison against the minorities.
Ashok Singhal, Parvin Togadia, Tarun Vijay and colleagues are the regular invitees for spreading the hatred among the people of India. They are not afraid of any law of the land. It seems that these Channels are instructed by the higher ups to entertain their agents frequently.
Genocide committed in Gujarat through the State-managed riots has shaken the basics of the secularism of India but the BJP Parivar is bent upon demolishing the very foundation. Protests and objections by our eminent jurists as well as many international human rights organisations could not make them hang their heads in shame. Political Parties of their alliance are stock of laugh. They had started with the slogan of secularism and a national agenda. But today, they are interested only in enjoying the benefits of the power sharing; the country may be pushed into the hell.
Majority of our people are illiterate. They are not well versed with the teachings of the great religions of Islam and Christianity. They are therefore carried away with the false propaganda spread by the chauvinists with the help of the electronic media. To which destination are they leading the nation and the country? 
Lack of brotherhood among the people leads to disasters only. Ours is a very poor country. Our people are not yet provided with two squares of meals, nor a shade on their heads, even after 54 long years of independence, while our rich people and a large number of the politicians are over-enjoying all the comforts. We are leading to a disaster, sooner we realize would be better. Media in print as well as the Electronic has a great and significant role to play to save the country.
M. I. Ansari, Bhiwandi-421305

Terrorist attack on Akshardam

Godhra Gujarat and Swaminarayan Mandir, all are master minded by one organisation which has no intimacy with Muslims as well as with Hindus. Its mission is to create unrest and hatred in India and bring disturbance and bad name to India's secular policy abroad. Train was burnt from inside. Gujarat tyranny has been seen throughout the world, letter written in Urdu found in the pockets of militants are clean indication of the whole episode. People at large should understand these designs and jointly condemn all incidents and live with solidarity and peace.
Dr. S. Farooq, New Delhi

Terrorist attack on Swaminarayan temple
What happened in Gujarat-India, this week is tragic. We strongly believe in India and trust India will grow from strength to strength. 
Sonali Singh

All India Muslim Forum strongly criticizes the brutal terrorist attack at the Swaminarayan temple at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Now a time has come when the country, in order to seek the final riddance from terrorism, will have to throw aside its mutual differences and hostilities and rise as a single united force. The Muslim Forum leaders stressed that shedding the blood of the innocent in this manner is a blot on every religion and civilization.
Dr MK Sherwani
President, All India Muslim Forum, Lucknow

US imperialism wants India in one piece on a simple anti-Muslim anti-Pakistan platform. They want to keep Pakistan also under one flag, the ant-Indian anti-Hindu flag. And their interest coincides with that of our creamy layer. As Marxists, we should start re-learning history. Gandhi was a far better anti-imperialist than the present day Left. It is time for a second Khilafat movement. But you keep forgetting that Sonia is not the real Gandhi. Will you ever change or wish to continue to be the prisoner of our Creamy Layer?
K Vijayachandran

We share the grief n sorrow of the families who have lost their dears in this horrifying incident. This tragic incident is not only against humanity but Islam also. Such repercussions not only increase the gap between the two community but the hatred against Muslims will also shoot up. Every Muslim has responsibility to come forward to bridge the gap of hatred with love and compassion and to maintain brotherhood. According to Sir Syed Sahib, Hindus and Muslims are two eyes of India. The negative forces which are trying to disturb the harmony and the peace of the country should be curbed. Allah commands us to repel evil with good: "[Since] good and evil cannot be equal, Repel [evil] with something that is better. Then you will see that he with whom you had enmity, will become your close friend." (Holy Quran, 41: 34)

Nagging question
Your comment on the tragedy is excellent. One thing that needs to be asked is why do the perpetrators of such crimes, such as attack on the Parliament or this tragedy, always get killed leaving many questions unanswered. Similarly the killing of two constables and one commando by the attackers, before they themselves got killed, shows disorganisation and lack of a good strategy.
M Ghazali Khan, London

You've done it again. Your efficiency in tearing the Nation apart is commendable, you, with your white topis and white kurtas and white beards and black hearts. Kashmir, Delhi, Ayodhya, Bombay, Godhra, Gujarat, Gandhinagar.......the saga continues. All we impotent Indians can do is shut our shops and businesses the next day because YOU want to flex your otherwise useless muscles. You stand behind a hundred NSG Commandos and give us slogans which, even if multiplied by a trillion, CANNOT FEED ONE HUNGRY STOMACH. Once he leaves Indian shores, our Hon'ble PM expresses regret over the mass murder of our people in Gujarat and elsewhere, and when he's back, he depends on the same mass murderers to win him the next election. Our Khadi-clad worthies fall over each other offering military support, air bases ad infinitum when people in America die, but Indian lives are obviously not worth it. The entire Army is mobilized when Parliament is attacked, but the lives of the Kaluchak Jawans's families or those of the Gandhinagar temple devotees are obviously not worth it. God, we Indians have become so predictable. Our enemies and our politicians (is there a difference?) are playing us like a finely-tuned cello. We give them enough reason to know for a fact that Ayodhya will lead to Bombay, Godhra will lead to Gujarat. You are going to HELL, Mr/Ms Politician, but the sad, sad truth is, you’re going to lead us there first.
Bharatram Gaba, Mumbai

While our Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and DPM L.K. Advani were busy giving jumbling and confusing statements to the press on the dastardly act of terrorism in Swaminarayan Temple, Gujarat State Congress President Shankarsingh Vaghela was forthright and candid enough to say that Chief Minister Narendra Modi's government had " presented" the Gujarat state to the terrorists. Rather than blaming Pakistan's speech in the UN, it would have been more appropriate of Mr. Advani to say that we should have anticipated such retaliatory attacks after the Gujarat state's machinery had totally connived with the fanatic mobs led by the leaders of VHP and Bajrang Dal, who went on rampage, killing hundreds of innocent civilians during the post-Godhra violence. It is felt that had the Gujarat government discharged it's constitutional obligations impartially during the riots, the terrorists would not have got an "open invitation" and moral courage to carry out such gruesome act.
Mohd. Shuaib, Mumbai

The attack on innocent devotees in Akshardam is strongly codemnable. Nobody can justify this act to achieve any goal. Whoever has done this inhuman act can not be a human being. As far as the religion of Islam is concerned, it strongly prohibits the killing of the human beings. According to Islam, murder of a single person is tantamount to the murder of humanity. 
AN Shibli, AFE, New Delhi-25.

Stop merciless killings
The dastardly, inhuman and fiendish attack on the innocent worshippers at the the historic Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar should be the last nail in the coffin of the terrorists. It is a barbaric and cruel act. Now a time has come when the country, in order to seek the final riddance from terrorism, will have to throw aside its mutual differences and hostilities and rise as a single united force. The common Muslims of India stress that shedding the blood of the innocent in this manner is a blot on every religion and civilization.
Such senseless acts of violence can never be justified by any religion and for any cause. We extend our sincerest condolences to the families of the men, women and children who were killed and sympathy for the injured. We stand in firm opposition to any further terrorist activity against innocents in India as such devilish acts are against the fundamental teachings of any religion. 
We urge both the Vajpayee government at the center and the Gujarat government to find out who the perpetrators of the crime are, as well as the organizations that have been backing them and take them to task irrespective of terrorists' caste, creed or religion. 
The communal cauldron that has been burning in Gujarat, has nothing to do with any religion. Rather, it is an exploitation of religion for political purposes. Moreover, it is not even politics in the real sense of the word. Politics is a noble profession. This kind of religious exploitation degrades politics.
FIROZ BAKHT AHMED and right-thinking and patriotic Muslims of New Delhi

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