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Case for introspection

Baghdad and Cordoba emerged as the most glorious cities of the world because they were torch-bearers of learning in their days. They had the capacity to give to the world. Hence, the world rallied round them.

The present scenario has completely changed. We have nothing to give to the world. Then why should the world come to us? Science is the key to progress in modern world. It is a pity and strange irony of fate that some Muslims still hold the view that teaching of science is against the spirit of Islam. If we deny science, we have got to go only backward.

The main enemy of Muslims is their illiteracy, lack of education, lack of scientific thinking and technological progress. It is a tragedy that still many Muslims are dominated by feudal thinking. They appear to be wedded to feudal customs and practices. The result is stagnation, extreme backwardness, poverty and ignorance.

Is it not a fact that we are still not fully prepared to accept the blessings of democracy? We should make objective and impartial assessment of the hard realities of life. Instead of being emotional we should be guided by reason. It is reason and not sentiment that can lead us to our goal.

Let us remember the greatness, compassion and large-heartedness of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). The Qureish of Mecca had compelled him to leave his home. They wanted to kill him. It was under these circumstances that the Prophet migrated to Medina. When the Prophet was in Medina as the spiritual and temporal head of the Medinese, famine broke out in Mecca. The Prophet on getting the information started raising funds to help the famine-stricken people of Mecca and sent relief to them. The prophet did not think even for a moment that it were those very people of Mecca who had tortured him for 22 years in all sorts of ways and had conspired to kill him.

Let us try to develop such a compassion for all and the whole world will be ours. We shall belong to all and all will belong to us.

Akhtar Hussain Aftab

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