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COMMUNITY NEWS: 16-31 October 2002

Community: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

SM Khan, President of India’s press secretary, inaugurates a new wing of South Delhi’s God’s Grace School on Oct. 9

Agra: The historical Buland Darwaza at Fatehpur Sikri in Agra district of UP was damaged on September 5. According to KK Muhammad, an officer at the Department of Archeological Survey, one Devendra of Fatehpur Sikri stood below the gate of the monument and shot at it with his licensed revolver which hit the dome and its plaster fell down. Devendra’s father Vir Singh has encroached the land near the monument and has illegally constructed a hotel. The police was informed about the incident. Devendra escaped before the police reached there. His father Vir Singh has been arrested.

Fatehpur: Situation became tense after some mischievous elements recently caused damage to a madrasa under Ghazipur police station of Fatehpur district in UP. The police arrested 10 people in this connection. Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) and police were deployed in the area. The damaged parts of the madrasah have been repaired.

Allahabad: Fulfilling a long-standing demand, Uttar Pradesh government has given permission to minority-managed Hameediya Girls Degree College Allahabad to introduce B Com course for the academic session 2002-03, according to the college principal Miss Rehana Tarique. The college has received approval letter and is to start regular B Com classes soon, she said.

New Delhi: India Islamic Cultural Centre Delhi organised a lecture on September 22 on Islam and contemporary issues. The meeting was presided over by its director and former secretary Government of India, Moosa Raza. 
Guest speaker Maulana Syed Zishan Hidayati said that the biggest problem of the contemporary world was lack of balance between economic stability and social values whose best solution was available in Islam in the form of salat and zakat. If Islamic countries lacked this balance, their rulers were accountable for it who followed European and American system of capitalism, he said. The main source and feature of capitalism was interest and hoarding. Another important problem of Islam and contemporary world is terrorism which concerns the entire world, he said regretting that the world could not so far define it while it tries ways to prevent it. After terrorist attack on World Trade Centre, millions of dollars were spent to fight terrorism and thousands of human lives were lost but the problem persisted. But Islam defined it fourteen hundred years ago along with prescribing its punishment whose details were available in the Qur’an, he added.
In his presidential address Moosa Raza, while emphasising the need of Islam’s propagation and expansion, said that the basic reason of non-Muslims’ sense of alienation and fear of Muslims and Islam in India was their ignorance about Islam and Islamic values. We should therefore try to bridge the widening gap by working together, he said. 

New Delhi: At a book release function organised by Bedaar Society, creative and critical book Harf-e-Zaar by Urdu poet and critic Imran Azim was released on September 22 at Thakeray Omkar Hall in Patiala House New Delhi. The book was released by Gujarat High Court Justice Abdus Sattar Qureshi. Dr Anwar Pasha said that a poet was also a critic because he was the first critic of his poetry. He praised the poet’s critical qualities and called them impartial. Farhat Ihsas said that since Imran was an advocate he was a good critic. Prof. Muzaffar Hanafi lauded Imran’s critical talent. To render literary services while being in the field of legal practice was a great task, said Justice Qureshi.

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Government has granted Rs 107 crore for the scholarship of minority students for the current financial year. According to Raja Ram, secretary of the Department of Minorities Development and Welfare, Rs 107.02 crore was granted last year under this scheme which was fully utilised.

New Delhi: A series of pillars and other related structures of Mughal period were unearthed recently during excavation by Archeological Department in the basement of Dara Shikoh Library building at Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate. The department discovered these pillars while digging up the basement which is being renovated to set up the Archaeological Museum of Delhi which would display rare treasures of artefacts, sculptures, statues, paintings etc which have been lying with the department for the past several years in a state of neglect.

New Delhi: In order to de-escalate tension among minorities, National Commission on Minorities while strongly objecting to reports of converting some Sikh families to Christianity recently, wrote a letter to Christian leaders urging them to stop the conversion move in the country. NCM vice-president Trilochan Singh said that several Sikh organisations had held meetings with him in this regard. He requested them to investigate the case maintaining that religious conversion was a matter of grave concern which had earlier led to conflicts among other communities. "I do not wish that two minority groups i.e. Sikhs and Christians condemn each other and resort to conversion drive in order to increase their number", he added.

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Dig Vijay Singh has assured that his promise for all-round development of minorities would soon be put into practice. At a meeting held recently the CM said that orders had been issued to implement the programme for social, educational and economic development of the minorities within the scheduled period. If these were not done within the specified time, they did not benefit the needy, he said. He has ordered payment of the sanctioned amount to 484 madrasash for their modernisation within the scheduled period. Orders have also been issued to fill the vacant posts of assistant Urdu teachers for higher education. Coaching facilities will also be available for minority students in the universities, he said adding that proposal had been sent to University Grants Commission to extend such benefits to minority students. 

Khatoli: State secretary of Samajwadi Party’s minority cell, Haji Kamil Siddiqui has stated in a press statement that Mayawati’s post of chief minister is due to support of Muslims. But they are always at the receiving end. Under the pretext of fake encounters they are being killed. That there is not even a single Muslim district magistrate or senior superintendent of police in any of the 70 districts and police harassment were clear evidences of the government’s bias against Muslims, he said. The BSP has no regard for Muslim interests, he added.

New Delhi: Nadiyatut Talaba, a students’ association of Jamia Islamia Sanabeel, run by Abul Kalam Azad Islamic Awakening Centre New Delhi, held its annual programme on September 29. The meeting was presided over by the centre’s secretary general, Maulana Ashique Ali Athari.
Students of various faculties delivered speeches in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and English. Students who held position in Urdu essay writing contest, presented their articles. 
Maulana Athari told students to work hard and to follow in the foot steps of Yahya Andalusi, a close disciple of great Islamic jurist, Imam Malik (RA). Prizes were also distributed among successful students. 

New Delhi: The historic monument Qutub Minar has had no electricity for more than four months. Neither any plans have been made to restore electricity to the tallest minaret of the country which symbolises the cultural identity of the capital. The electricity of the Qutub Minar had been maintained by Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC) since 1989. DTTDC has refused to pay the monthly bill of Rs 15,000. The BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, which used to supply electricity to the Qutub says that the electricity metre which was destroyed by fire in May had still to be reinstalled. DTTDC general manager, SK Singh said that it was not just a matter of applying for new electricity connection from any agency adding that “since the corporation did not get any financial support from the Central or Delhi government, it was not possible to bear the cost of illuminating the monument.”

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