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M Naseem or MEEM NASEEM as he is affectionately known, is among the breed of people who are ready to sacrifice everything for the cause they have selected for themselves. And he has in fact sacrificed everything for the cause.
Meem Naseem is from Lucknow where he made a fortune in business and trade selling different well known brands of tea, cigarettes and spirit. He was the sole distributor of three leading cigarette brands in the area.

His flourishing business with almost no worries in sight encourages him to spend his time in a number of other healthy activities practiced by the upper-crest people of that time. He learnt swimming and music, besides starting a literary circle of his friends who had a similar vision and way of thinking. He is a gifted writer and has a fondness for writing short stories. His literary mind enthused him to launch a new venture and this was not any new cigarette brand he was going to launch. He launched Nayee Naslein a literary-cum-political magazine, which was being published for no material gains but to satisfy the instinct in man behind the venture. It was one of the best magazines Lucknow the city of Urdu ever had. With his prolific writings Naseem gave a new vision and height to the language and the magazine.

His affiliation with Jamaat-e-Islami proved a turning point for him. With emergency being clamped down in the country, he too was put behind bars as he was the local ameer of the Jamaat. His business was crippled during the two years he spent in the tiny cell of the prison. How his family managed in his absence is another story. His bank lockers were opened and he was deprived of all his belongings. The man who was the sole wholesaler of the three leading brands of cigarettes was forced to sell lungis on the pavements of his own shops as it was confiscated by the government.

Then he got a call from Islamic Institute to deliver lectures in the US. First he was taken on a year’s probation. It seems that it was the responsibility he was selected for by the Almighty. But when he came, he conquered the heart of one and all.
The common perception is that his speeches change the hearts of all the people and whoever comes in contact with him gets so highly impressed that he wants to continue the relation forever. He hates making long speeches, gets irritated if he is asked religious questions. According to him these problems should be explained by Islamic scholars according to their beliefs. His speeches (don’t say it before him. He calls it talk) do not last more than 30 minutes, while he does not mind question-answer sessions that may stretch for hours, provided the questions are such that the younger ones have in mind but hesitate to ask a "Moulvi" or their parents because they are afraid of their reactions. It may be the cause that he is extremely popular among youths.
He has been in the US now for around 23 years. He has travelled to some 58 countries as a lecturer and is the resident Imam and training consultant of ICNA, which is obviously a full time assignment. Besides these engagements, he gets the talks or lectures recorded for Urdu and English TV channels.

Imamat of weekly Jama prayers in UNO and yearly Eidul-Fitr and Eidu-ul-Azha prayers at the markaz in New York are also his responsibility. He has some 2,500 audio-cassettes and 600 video-cassettes, besides, authentic translation of the Holy Qur’an in many languages of the world and thousands of books of Islamic Literature. He has authored many books including Adhi Kitab and Tamashai.

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