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The Milli Gazette
The Milli Gazette is widely read and much commented upon in the Emirates. I am very proud that the paper figured in a top position and was among the "heavies" of the Indian newspaper industry in a recent survey.
Muhammad Yusuf, The Gulf Today, Sharjah

May Allah (s.w.t) accept all your efforts in propagating the truth and glory of Islam.

I have been receiving MG regularly. It is third year of my subscription. I am sending subscription for renewal. I would like to congratulate you for your excellent service to the Ummah. I pray to the Almighty for your success.
Prof Nurul Islam
P.O. Chanchal, Malda, West Bengal

I had an opportunity to go through Oct. issue of your newspaper, I congratulate u for your efforts to provide Muslims with an English newspaper which is dedicated to bringing forth the facts and truth. May Allah help you and your team in all their positive efforts.
M.Siraj Naim
S.S.Nager, Aligarh

Congratulations. learnt that Milli Gazette has found a place in the top websites in the newspapers category-may Allah bestow success on you and your team always. 
Nigar Ataulla, Bangalore

I went thru your recent issue its really very good
esp the article of Arundhati Roy.
Md. Ziya Khan, Mulund, Mumabi-80

New website
It was indeed a pleasure to note your commendable work through your website. I am also making a humble start, through my website Its purpose and scope is given in its introduction which I request you to have a glance at. May I request you to introduce my website to your readers.
Dr Ahsanur Rahman Khan

Biased media
Indian media is biased towards the New Muslim converts in Gurgaon, Haryana. On Star News at 4 pm we were watching the report on these converts at Gurgaon in which one family converted to Buddhism, one to Christianity, and some became Muslims. I am not sure about numbers as the news reader did not specify it. But at 4:30 pm news on Star News channel, they edited the whole news and broadcast only the news of Buddhist conversion though at 4 pm news the reporter had given the reason why one Muslim convert chose the name, Saddam Hussain. This was a very motivational and exiting news for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims of our generation, especially at the time when whole non-Muslim world is trying to defame Islam and Muslim and trying to turn us from our faith. Despite all their efforts more and more people are accepting Islam. Is it not a sign from our Lord Allah, Who guide those whom He wishes.
Responsibility on our shoulders has increased many folds towards these New Muslims, as we have to represent and help them in learning and practicing the true form of Islam, so that they do not fall prey to mushriks and munafiqs.
Shaheen d/o Ch.Wali Mohd., Gurgaon

Leadership by default
The leadership of the 'Mulla' is a leadership by default. But those who are committed to mobilise the inner strengths and potentialities of the Muslim community for their future role in the Indian society, will have to start with whatever cohesive identities are available. Even a leader like Jinnah, who cannot by any definition be branded as a cleric or fundamentalist, had to don sherwani and Jinnah Cap, and co-opt an ongoing Muslim campaign to tie up his leadership goals with mass Muslim consciousness. How can leaders lead, when they are not able to earn the trust, confidence and loyalty of the masses they wish to lead?
Muslim issues should be boldly, confidently and unapologetically addressed without looking over the shoulder, if the leaders and intellectuals, whether Muslims or non-Muslims, are genuinely concerned with improvement of Muslim community ---- a community whose backwardness is becoming a big drag for the whole nation's peace and progress. In the absence of any positive and constructive leadership, is there any doubt as to why Indian Muslims are being drawn willy-nilly, at least psychologically, into the whirlwind of international clash of civilisation scenarios.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

Anti-conversion law
The anti conversion bill passed by the TN Assembly will lead to mounting unrest in the lower castes. By placing obstacles in the path of changing one’s religion the Bill violates the Constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Religion. Moreover, if a person is subjected to undue pressure or influence to change his religion, one is always free to revert to one's original religion as well as one may set the legal machinery in motion under the existing criminal laws. It should be kept in mind that religious conversion means a change of heart and hence it can never be either enforced or stalled because no power on earth can take control of the human hearts except a 
convincing reasoning. 
Conversions have been taking place in India among the oppressed of society, like the Dalits and tribals converting to get away from caste-based inequality and injustice. The recent report of the National Crime Records Bureau suggested an increase in the crime against them. Instead of clamouring for the ban on conversion, let our communal leaders strive to give dalits the feeling that they are regarded as equals by the caste Hindus, open schools and hospitals for them, as the missionaries do, and above all, work among the leprosy afflicted and other victims of untouchability. Then they will begin having faith in the gods of Hinduism and not go in search of new gods who care for them.
Indeed the same communalists' heart swells with pride when remembering Swami Vivekananda’s speeches to Americans about the glory of Vedantic thought. They rejoice when the Ramakrishna Mission open branches in the West. They even approve of young western joining the Hare Krishna Movement. The numerous peddlers of Hinduism abroad are admired for their organisational brilliance and material success. But They do not want Christian and Muslim missionaries to carry on their works in India. What kind of fair play is this?
Ruby Nishat, Bangalore - 6

J&K elections
Many Indian analysts seem to be euphoric about a "free and fair" election in Kashmir.Some even seem to beleive that the Kashmir dispute has been solved! It is being ignored that more people had choosen not to vote than those who voted. Srinagar and other urban areas saw less than 15% voting. Rural areas, where the presence of media and foreign diplomats was negligible, managed some 40% voting and it is here that army coercion was alleged and perhaps went grossly unreported. Many correspondents have written about the common people's demand for 'Azadi'.
Many who did vote, did it to get rid of N.C. and not to support India. The alienation of Kashmiris is still deep. And the central government says that it will talk only to the "elected representatives". What will we gain by fooling ourselves? What is there to talk with J&K Congress and will that stop the bloodshed? Only talks with the separatists and the militants can achieve something. And of course, Pakistan too has to be involved.
Dr. Haris, Hyderabad

One Ummah or many?
Ii am just another ordinary Indian Muslim. I want to know why all Indian Muslim people in India make separate groups like Sunni Jamaat, Salafi Jamaat and more. I know we have one god that is Allah and we all read one Qur’an and pray same.
Pathan Faheem, Bori, New Mumbai

Closed Khula Manch
Had the utter misfortune of watching a thoroughly disgusting programme on SAB TV called, rather untruthfully called "Khulla Manch" (Open Forum). It was neither open nor was it a forum. All it looked like was a propaganda machine for the VHP. The anchor, Manoj Raghuvanshi was especially reprehensible. I always thought Anchors were supposed to be impartial. This man is nothing more than a Hindutva brigade spokesperson. The way the minority community panelist, a Church Padre, was heckled, insulted and shouted down, left an extremely bad taste in the mouth. To add to the farce, not only were the audience and the co-panelist going out of their way to see that the Padre couldn't get a word in, but even the anchor joined in with gusto. Poor show, SAB TV, poor poor show. And, Mr Raghuvanshi, you urgently need a new job.
Bharatram Gaba, Mumbai

Surat detainees
In late hours of 28th Dec 2001, 123 persons were arrested by the police from Rajesehwary hall, Sangrampura, Surat, Gujarat, who were conducting the meeting of their organization, All India Minorities Educational Board. The brutality of the police with these persons, irrespective of their ages from an old man of 80 to youngster of 19 years youth, is unconceivable in our democracy. They would have been much luckier had they died before this ordeal. I am hereby requesting you to conduct an investigation in order to know the bare facts, the ground realities, who are these persons, what is their crime, what are their activities, what is their background, what they were doing.. 
Lateef Mohammed Khan, Hyderabad

Desperate search for ‘terrorists’
Let us hope judiciary will take suo moto cognizance of the reported heinous state effort to terrorise both the teachers and the taught in an Ahmedabad madrasah (TOI, Ahmedabad, Oct. 24). Some years ago, a Bombay court had criticised the state and released some ‘road romeos’ surreptitiously arrested by lady police in plain clothes who had behaved somewhat like prostitutes at Chowpatty to send some men to jail taking an indecent benefit of natural human weakness !!!
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh, Gujarat

Is Islam a phobia or love?
No, Islam is a love not a phobia. It is a religion of peace, progress and salvation of mankind that leads the people of the world on the correct path and in a disciplined manner. Muslims are fighting for peace and justice for the mankind in the world.
Muslims are at presently looking towards a new world order where peace is the main source and hate malice. Islam is misunderstood by the majority people of the world due to lack of knowledge about Islam. Intellectuals from several countries of the world like the UK, the USA and Germany are undertaking research about the religion. Islam is not for a particular community but for the entire mankind the across the world. The telling description of Islam finds no end and Prophet Mohammad is the most wonderful man in the world among hundreds of Michael Heart.
Anonymous lover of Islam
New Delhi

Togadia, spare the Muslim dogs!
Look at the abusive and foul language of Pravin Togadia, the self-proclaimed Defender of the International Hindu Faith and of Narendra Modi, the self-appointed ‘Chhote Sardar’ of Gujarat. Can you even compare the language of this Homo Sapien with the language of any other creature on the earth?
And yet Shri Pravin Togadia, for no reason, abuses the barking of innocent dogs! O, champions of the Hindutva ideology, please spare animals in your world of vituperation, hatred and violence. Your ideology, speeches and actions have stooped so low in Gujarat after February 27 that they cannot be compared with the behaviour of any animal on the earth. No living species in this universe, other than Homo Sapiens, have the mind, power, civilisation or culture to kill each other in millions, to annihilate one’s own species and to destroy the whole universe. These are the only two distinguishing features of human beings, shown in abundance during the recent events in India. 
Once human beings questioned themselves as to how monkeys can be their ancestors, now monkeys are worried as to how these human beings can be their descendants.
Let Pravin Togadia remember the famous statement of a great writer, "The more I thing of dogs, the more I hate men," Let us have humility to learn from the world of animals before we can boast of our achievements!
Girish Patel, Ahmedabad

Thackeray’s Hindu jihadis
Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray has hit the newspaper headlines once again by his recent statement calling for the need to form Hindu suicide squads to combat the might of Islamic terrorism. This is not a mere statement but an ominous threat to a particular community. On the other hand, it is a call for those Hindus who want to live in peace to join the organisations like Shiv Sena, VHP, Bajrang Dal and other myriad Hindutva organisations. Human suicide squads are not only a threat to India’s security and integrity but to the world at large. Such acts of senselessness can’t be justified in the name of religion. But the reasons which provokes to do so at the risk of their lives must be identified and addressed.
Without pondering over the ways and means to find a solution to such acts, inciting a whole community to prepare suicide squads to counter it amounts to destruction and ruin. This is an antagonism with the country and a treason with it. But the irony is that such leaders who are spewing such venom, are enjoying the support of those at the helm of affairs.
It is the government's duty to deal with terrorism. It has enough resources to do so. No group or organisation should be allowed to form suicide squads. Otherwise this will lead the country to an abyss of anarchy. 
Obaid Ahmad, New Delhi

Beard in Islam
A relevant treatise what Islam says about growing beard needs to be discussed. As a reason for growing beard by a Muslim, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: distinguish yourself from non-believers, grow your beards and shave your moustache. This saying which had been earlier discussed by Professor Yusuf Ali Qaradawi in an earlier issue of the MG needs to be taken note of. While it is true that the prophet was willing to distinguish Muslims from non-Muslims in appearance and behaviour, and therefore cutting off ones beard being a Muslim may be amounted to be revolting against the nature and copying of woman.
However, most of the Muslims nowadays shave their beard, and this is nothing but an invitation to the adversaries of their religion as well as imitation to colonizers. At present, we see that a number of non-Muslims keep beard too, particularly Hindu sages. A Muslim is also exhorted to grow beard. But the most important question is that how can a Muslim be identified or distinguished from a non-Muslim who also keeps beard? 
However, even from a name one may fail to distinguish a Muslim. I knew that Tariq Aziz of Iraq was a Muslim, but now my idea has changed. Professor Qaradawi has also been quoted as saying that some contemporary scholars allowed shaving of the beard under the pressure of the existing situation. They scholars have stated that growing of a beard by the prophet was a normal act of life not a religious act. 
Abdul Matin, Hizim, Sasgram (Assam)

Chechen militancy
The 700 Russian hostages surrounded by Chechen militants in a theater in Moscow, would appear to be a gift from US to Russian President Putin, for his marked intransigence in not agreeing to US plans to invade and take over Iraq. 
US involvement in Chechnya has been a major instrument to influence politics in Russia. Ironically, it was US machinations that afforded President Putin the 'served-on-the platter' opportunity to win election to the Russian Presidency, on the basis of his 'successful' campaign in Chechnya. 
All along the US played double game in Chechen. While publicly appearing to be siding with the people of Chechnya, US was more interested how it can manipulate Russian top leadership, by manipulating Chechen moves in their 'war of independence'. 
The ruthless way, US moves to railroad its highhanded gobbling of Arab states, it is not above twisting the arms of its apparent allies like Russia and France, to get its way. 
However, the more desperate US gets, to meet JAN/FEB dateline as the most ideal season for an attack on Iraq, the more the world is resisting US resolve, as witnessed the wrangling in UN Security Council. 
Only deterrent to US administration's aggressive designs on relatively defenceless Arab countries, would be American public opinion. And we have not heard the last of the opposition voices in the Homeland itself. 
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


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