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Intelligence Bureau’s report regarding criminalisation of politics

The fate of Vohra Committee’s report about connection between politicians and criminal elements is not known but it can be guessed that it might be having sound sleep somewhere among the dusty files in North Block. Another similar report has now been submitted wherein links between criminal elements and politicians in all the states have been described in detail. This report has been prepared by the special director of Intelligence Bureau, A.K. Deol and recently submitted to the prime minister, cabinet secretary and the national security adviser wherein the position of political criminal activities between the period from August 2001 and July 2002 has been reviewed.

Although the situation in many states has been reviewed in this report, conditions prevailing in UP and Bihar are extremely dangerous and need immediate attention. It has been stated in the report about UP that crimnalisation of politics has become an essential part of the election process. Without naming anyone, it has been stated that during the past few years, the importance of independent legislators, capitalists and those with money and muscle power has very much increased leading to growing political intolerance.

Making a birds eye view of political clashes and killings, it has been stated in the report that during the period under review, 23 such incidents took place in which three political workers were killed and eight injured whereas during the previous corresponding period, i.e., August 2000 and July 2001 only three incidents of political clashes had taken place. It is worth mentioning here that in Maharashtra, which has ill-repute for links between police and mafia group, conditions are better.

Insofar as the issue of Bihar in this respect is concerned, it has been stated in the report that there are two different groups of anti-social elements there. One group enjoys the patronage of the ruling party i.e. Rashtriya Janta Dal and the other group enjoys the support of the opposition parties. Initially, these groups were formed on caste lines but now they enjoy political sponsorships also, resulting in increased cases of political collisions and lawlessness. Moreover, these anti-social elements are also achieving success in entering state legislatures and Parliament as people’s representatives.

Some time ago, the Supreme Court had directed the Election Commission that detailed information about the assets, criminal records, educational qualifications etc of the candidates should be obtained. However, when the Election Commission tried to act on these directions, all political parties strongly opposed it, reasons of which were obvious. All parties prefer candidates who have greater chances of success without bothering to know about their criminal records. If a candidate can spend money for the party or is capable of winning elections through money or muscle power, he is most welcome. That is why, as has been stated in the intelligence report, anti-social elements succeed in reaching state assemblies and Parliament.

During the year 2002, details about the criminal antecedents of some state MLAs have been given which indicate that 18 cases are pending against a Lok Jan Shakti MLA from UP’s Rari constituency and that 11 cases are pending against a Samajwadi Party MLA who won elections from Dodhli constituency seven times. Once Bahujan Samaj Party MLA was arrested in connection with kidnapping case. Similarly, an independent MLA from Gopal Ganj was accused of murdering Rashtriya Janta Dal minister, Brij Bihari Prasad and sent to jail. Another assembly member from Mokaqama constituency was also accused of murder and jailed. It was stated that both these independent MLAs were leaders of criminal groups.

Criminal cases are also registered against 15 MPs and 658 MLAs belonging to different states. Twenty-one political parties have ignored Election Commission’s instructions regarding criminal records of candidates. Under these circumstances there is every reason to believe that the latest report of Intelligence Bureau will also meet the same fate as that of Vohra Committee’s report regarding liaison between politicians and criminal elements.

¯ MG News Desk

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