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Somebody save America 

If the world leaders had hoped to hear President Bush to reiterate in his eagerly awaited speech to UN General Assembly, a renewed commitment to work through international law by getting full UN Security Council sanction for any action against Iraq, they were in for a disappointment. One way or the other the world should be ready to swallow President Bush's hidden agenda. 

Though, after his Camp David meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bush had made a calculated gesture to the doubting friends and allies and taken a conciliatory step to present in detail his side of the arguments in his General Assembly speech, in an attempt to appear willing to work for widest possible acquiescence if not full active backing for his declared intention of unilateral attack on Iraq in order to impose a 'regime change', his list of conditions to judge. Saddam Hussein's commitment to peace, injects trick stipulations, which is impossible for Saddam Hussein to fulfill, as the final judgment on Saddam's performance will remain with the UN or in effect with the US. 

Arab League commentators have been criticising US double standards about holding Iraq guilty of not carrying out UN Security Council resolutions and trying to acquire weapons of mass destructions, including nuclear weapons, while ignoring Israel's similar disdain for various crucial Security Council resolutions and building up its nuclear weapons stockpile. 

President Bush's threat of pre-emptive strike against Saddam Hussein sends shivers down the spine of Europe and rest of the world, as Nelson Mandela has warned, it will be the end of United Nation itself as the embodiment of an international superstructure of a legal world system that has maintained a modicum of peace and stability between the nations of the world during the last half a century. 

Russia's Putin has already warned that it will attack its neighbour Georgia, for 'harbouring Chechen terrorists' on its soil. Israel has already taken up from Yasser Arafat, the sole right to intervene into Palestine Authority areas to 'take out terrorists who have been threatening Israel'. China with its designs on Taiwan, risks a direct confrontation with the US, when it decides to take over its 'long-separated province to join the motherland'. But the most harrowing case involves two states with nuclear capabilities, where India, with its own grievance against Kashmiri militants, could launch pre-emptive strike against Kashmiri militant camps across the borders and trigger one of world's most unmanageable crisis.

As in his speech before the General Assembly, UN's Secretary General Kofi Annan said, this --- pre-emptive strike --- is not some ordinary step; its consequences go far in their context.

America's intransigence in sticking to its threat of preemptive strike against Iraq follows the basic line of the Jewish state's unilateral action in the face of all legal authority. The leadership role in framing America's response to the world affairs is being shaped exclusively by the thinkers and planners of Jewish Think Tank. The process is so ingrained into the US psyche that what Israel does today, America is honour bound to do tomorrow. The tail is wagging the dog. The way Israel is treating Palestinians, the US is egged on to treat the other Arab states in the name of imminent danger. The beauty of this round of operation is that there is no proof of any nuclear facility or stockpile of chemical and biological WMD with Iraq. The mere fact of its intention and its past record is enough to give a convenient handle to Israel and US Axis to move against a regime that has made things easy for them by needlessly using provocative rhetoric that feeds their propaganda needs. In the past Israel has attacked and taken out Iraq's nuclear facilities. That too was a pre-emptive strike which none in the world has been able to stop or condemn. This time around, even without any brick and mortar proof of a nuclear facility, Israel and US are poised to use their power to punish Iraq's suffering millions, who have neither elected Saddam, nor have been instrumental in its holding on to power. Neither Israel nor US has any concern for the innocent people of Iraq, as long as they can flex their muscle to subdue a simmering Middle East by making Iraq and Afghanistan an example of their military might.

As a matter of fact, the attack on Afghanistan and Iraq for the US is like a Viagra for an impotent, which has been shamed. 9/11 has destroyed America's sense of pride; sense of confidence, sense of invincibility and even after one year on, it has not been able to restore that confidence in itself. It has to destroy innocent and defenceless people of Afghanistan and Iraq to attempt to regain its virility, its macho image through the show of its conventional arsenal, which is proving to be obsolete as far as the new challenges 9/11 had thrown up to defend and protect their own vital assets. And worst of all, the US finds it has no money to place the new wall of security that its glass palace needs. One reason US allies are reluctant to join the Iraq misadventure is, that they are not sure, if funding will be available to compensate them for the huge losses they are bound to suffer in this risky partnership of goose chase. Somebody save America.


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