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Offensive cartoon?
It is too harsh to have such cartoon in Milli Gazette! Milli Gazette forget to note that Arabs are not the only Muslim world! It could have been better if the cartoonist wrote "Arab World" instead of "Muslim World". Anyway, drawing the Kabah has made me to send my comments.
Akbar Batcha

Editor: Many thanks for your feedback. A cartoon is an exaggeration of an existing fact and it tries to jolt people to think about a problem. It is a fact that Muslim rulers and elite are subservient to the US and many of them will soon overtly or covertly support the aggression against Iraq just as they are keeping mum about the Israeli gansterism against the hapless Palestinians. The cartoon was drawn in this background by a simple Muslim who is unaware of the complicated world scene.

The cartoon showing Muslim submited to US must be Muslim gov'ts submited to US, not the Muslim.
Hassan Golsafidi

Your cartoon is in bad taste. If Muslims would have bowed down to USA, there wouldn't be the current 'Crusade' against Muslims. Muslims have stood firm against US agression. Those who are bowing to USA are the tyrannical rulers of the mid-east, Pakistan and the new rulers of Afghanistan.

First of all I congratulate you for this great achievement in bringing this magazine. I am a regular reader of MilliGazette. But today when I got the mail from you people about the updated version and in that I was very surprised to see the cartoon which u made. It did hurt my feelings and beliefs. I am sure majority of your readers might have got angry seeing this cartoon. How can u make a cartoon of a muslim who is bowing before a kafir and facing his back towards Kabah-shareef. I know that Muslim leaders are afraid of Bush not of ALLAH nowadays which is disgusting but your cartoon indicates that all Muslims are of this type.
Muneeruddin Mohammed, Dallas Tx, USA

Fabulous service....rant
With all that the hate inspired violence against Muslims going on in India by the Hindu-facists I can't understand that some of you folks can't tune into reality. I mean, you guys are doing a fabulous service to the Muslim community in India but some of the self-deafeating things I read, like blaming the entire Kashmir saga on "Pakistani militancy" is just too much. As a Muslim from Indian parents, I'm ashamed of all the HYPOCRATE Indian Muslims who would "sell out" their Pakistani brothers or Bangladeshi brothers or ANY MUSLIM for that case to the hardline Indian gov't. Can't you guys see the sad reality. The Hindus are mobilizing against the Muslim minorities of India and are using Pakistan as a scapegoat to blame all of the problems on Pakistan reducing and ignoring many Kashimiris anguish for self-determination. The VHP and all of the organization of their ilk are also using this as a means to silence any Indian Muslim dissent in India itself. I mean it's heartbreaking to see Zafarul-Islam Khan rant about "Pakistani militancy" like a gov't parrot completely brainswashed from the truths on the ground about freedom for Kashmir! If Muslims of India don't wake to this massive campaign being waged against them and their fellow brother/sisters and continue to view this conflict as "us and them", I fear a genocide similar to the Jews of Germany! And stop publishing anti-Pakistani, pro-BJP articles would be a good start!!!!!!!!!
Nazim Haqani, Newark, NJ 07102

Non-resident sermons
As an Indian Muslim living in Paris, I feel very disappointed that your magazine is only trying to expose the problems of the Muslim community. Instead of only repeating that Muslims everywere in India are opressed, why don't you give to a strong and civilised community a positive image? Instead of continuing exclusively to report the riots and others provocations from the Hindu Fascist organisations like the VHP, why not trying to create section dedicated to succeful Indian Muslims, people like Politicians, War Heroes, Sportsmen.. People who were at the same time pious Muslims and proud Indians. I think your magazine convey a wrong message, you are spreading by such articles hatred against Hindus. Are you really trying to inform people , or simply do you want to create communal tensions ? Both Hindus and Muslims are responsible for this HATRED. Most of my Hindu friends are against the vision of the Sangh Parivar, as a Muslim, I accepted them as my brothers. After all we are Indian first, and afterwards Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian ..... And as an Indian and a Muslim, I'm ready to die for this beautifull countr , I'm ready to fight against all forms of terrorism, I'm ready to fight for the national unity and ready to fight for the national cause . India is our country, not Pakistan, neither any other Muslim country. I' feel very ashamed that a such newspaper who claims to be the voice of 150 million people cannot have this vision! I think the Ramzan month could be a very good moment to show a very peacefull and patriotic image of our proud community .
kamil zegabaramid

Hinduism ‘reforms’
This is with reference to Mr. Ilyas Patel's letter of the above subject. Either the writer is ignorant about the reforms in Hinduism or just has an axe to grind against Mr. Kishore and Hinduism in particular. He says Hinduism has lot of evils like idolatory, Sati, Devdasi, etc and one can only smile at his naivete. Why should idolatory be considered evil? Just because Islam does not advocate it? Except Islam, almost all religions in the world follow idolatory. Are they all evil then, according to Mr. Patel? 
Mr. Patel also exhibits his ignorance when he speaks about Sati and Devdasis - both practices have been declared offences under the Constitution decades ago. In any case, these were practices followed by a select few and were not a part of the religion at all. For example, Sati was only practised by Rajputs and a few North Indian Hindus and never by the Dravidian Hindus, so how does it become a part of Hinduism? He talks of child-marriages which are also confined to certain sects and not a part of the religion. As a matter of fact, Islam advocates child marriages and recently in Pakistan, 2 girl children aged 4 and 6 were wedded to grooms almost 75 years old in a traditional Sharia ceremony. In fact reforms are a never-ending part of Hinduism and Hindus don't agitate when reforms are introduced. Can he say the same about Muslims?
Mr. Patel says that Hinduism preaches violence and hatred. Perhaps he is unaware that it was Hinduism which first taught the principles of "Sarva Dharma Sambhav" and "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam" which preach equal respect to all religions. Islam on the other hand commands death to "kafirs" who do not follow the tenets of Islam. Isn't it proof enough that all global terrorism today is perpetrated by Muslims?
Rohan Sirdesai

Holier than thou
With reference to Mr. G. Hasnain Kaif’s letter ("Not Out of Greed", Asian Age, 23rd October, 2002), I feel his views are totally contrary to actual historical events and inconsistent with reality. He mentions that forced conversions are against the Quran and that Islam demands no compulsions. Has he forgotten medieval history when Muslim marauders spread Islam only through sword? Sikh leaders like Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Ramdas, sons of Guru Gobind Singh and numerous others were skinned alive for not having embraced Islam. Ditto with Sambhaji, the gallant son of Shivaji.
Muslim monarchs clamped the discriminatory "Jaziya" tax on non-Muslims to force them to accept Islam. Rajput women were forced to commit "Jauhar" or immolate themselves on the burning pyres of their husbands rather than abandon Hinduism and embrace Islam. There are stories of untold horror, cruelty and barbarism which was unleashed in the name of Islam; thousands of temples razed to the ground as idol-smashing became the religious duty of all medieval Muslim kings. The history of spread of Christianity also bespeaks the same holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition wreaking havoc on the Inca and Aztec populations and its Portuguese version nearer home replicating its predecessor with almost the same brutality. Christianity also spread through inducements and allurements as is evident in the entire North-East, where Christian population is almost 90% strong. Under the guise of humanitarian service, covert conversions take place. Mother Teresa has done yeoman service, serving the needy and the destitute, but can anyone tell me why anyone who partook of the Mother’s bounty, never ever retained his/her original religion and had to convert to Christianity? Surely, all wouldn’t have converted out of their own free will.
Mr. Kaif mentions a solitary example of democratic values in Islam by quoting the successor of the Prophet, but fails to mention that to this day, barring Malaysia and Indonesia, there is not a single true democratic Islamic country. Malaysia and Indonesia are democratic as they lay claim to Hindu ancestry, whereas in actuality, democracy as a concept is alien to Islam. By quoting a stray example of a Hindu king embracing Islam and the succession to Prophethood, Mr. Kaif is quoting exceptions and as is said, exceptions do prove the rule. 
Mr. Kaif may try to hoodwink the readers, but the truth is that Islam, during medieval times, only spread through a wave of terror.
Renuka Sahay, Pune-11


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