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Issues, posted 29 Dec 2003


It is said that the ‘Muslim Ummah’ is over one billion strong. In more than fifty countries, Muslims are in a majority. Most of the rulers, kings, presidents or prime ministers, of these countries are also Muslim. But the question is whether the term ‘Muslim Ummah’ can really be applied to this scattered body of Muslims? Some may think yes. But, as a matter of fact, the status of Muslims today is that of a disorganized collection of multitudes. The term ‘Muslim Ummah’ can be applied only when Muslims all over the world are organized under a single leadership or a Khalifa or Amir according to the teachings of the Quran. 

So long as the institution of Khilafa existed, even in its weakest form, the Muslims were like an Ummah. But the enemy, who was waiting for a chance to pounce upon the Ummah, took advantage of the weakness of Khilafa and succeeded in tearing it into pieces and then displacing it with inconsequential nation states. As if this was not bad enough, the enemy is now planning to undo Muslim nation states in such a manner that any sense of Islamic identity is totally erased from the Muslim mind. Muslims may remain Muslim in name only, not in spirit. This is not just a figment of imagination. Perceptive minds who see through global political chess moves are well aware of the evil intentions of the enemy to undermine other Muslim countries following the undoing of the revolution in Afghanistan.

In some Muslim countries, the Islamists are struggling to establish Islamic rule, and are hoping to export their success to other countries with the ultimate aim of a united front against the common enemy. But the nature of their struggle is such that it can hardly be expected to succeed in full, if at all. What is needed is a global movement to promote Islamic ideology. This movement should be aimed at those Muslims who profess to practice ‘moderate Islam’, and particularly those who have unwittingly become the leaders of this group. In addition, the Muslim governments all over the world should be introduced to this movement. They should be persuaded to see the need for unity among them, without which their very existence is in danger. In this respect, the proposal of a common currency initiated by the Malaysian government is a positive step. Plans for common trade and common defense should also be made. 

Today’s most dire need, however, is to change the hands which hold global power. But this task cannot be performed by a military power for obvious reasons. Even if this could be done, what is achieved by military power will be lost to another military power. If it is at all possible to change the hands holding global power, it can only be done only by ideologically winning the hearts and minds of the people at large.

With this in mind, it is proposed that a global think tank be established with its intellectual manpower comprising of all those Muslim scholars who have a deep insight into the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah. Those who are well versed in modern fields of knowledge, and who keenly follow the day-to-day world affairs. 

By the grace of Allah(swt) there is no dearth of such scholars in the Muslim world. No doubt, these Muslim scholars are doing their best in their individual capacity to promote Islam, and their efforts are not fruitless. But a united effort will be much more effective. 

The first agenda of the proposed think tank should be to survey, from east to west, the attacks on and the prejudicial interpretations about Islam, and then to prepare suitable literature in different important languages to counter these attacks and misinterpretations. In doing so, care must be taken not to blame other religions and ideologies, but simply to point out their fallacies. Islamic ideology should be presented in such a manner that no doubt remains about Islam being the cure for all of our moral and social diseases faced worldwide. There is no doubt that some of the enemies of Islam have become utterly blind to see any good in it. Even in the Muslim community, a group has emerged which has degenerated internally to the extent of hating Islam. But the world is not devoid of sincere people who have the ability to accept the truth when it is presented to them.

The second agenda of the think tank should be to present such ways and means before Muslim governments that strengthens their sovereign status by uniting them under the common ideology. 

The third agenda should be to study the overt and covert plans of the enemies of Islam to misguide Muslims, particularly the youth, by putting them on the wrong path. Countermeasures must be devised to protect and help the youth at emotional and rational levels. 

Beyond this, a dialogue may be established with non-Muslim thinkers and reformers. 
According to the availability of means, printed media, TV, Internet, etc. should be used to carry the struggle as far and wide as possible. In short, the need is to launch a global movement to win hearts and minds in favor of Islam.

Syed Abdul Qadir
3717 Galena Hills Loop
Round Rock, TX 78681-1035
Telephone: 512-246-0899


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