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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Letters: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

MG is doing a great job. Please keep up the good work... 
Nawaid Anjum, New Delhi

A garland of honour for MG team

We have no words to describe how much we look forward to reading your informative and highly interesting newspaper. We would like to congratulate you on an excellent endeavour and we are trying to publicise your articles as much as possible. We applaud your attempts on the back page to promote the preservation and conservation of Muslim monuments in India.
Sultan Ghalib al-Quaiti
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

[The esteemed reader is the last ruling Sultan of Yemen’s Quaiti State which included Aden and Hadhramaut as a British protectorate and lasted until 1967. He is an Oxford- and Cambridge-educated historian of repute- ed.].

Beware of BJP 's election gimmicks
In one of his popular weekly column in a newspaper veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar rightly remarked that BJP is trying to rub off its stigma of being anti-BJP because of election compulsions. BJP is singing a different tune for getting Muslim votes. BJP is political wing of RSS, remote controlled by it. RSS is the mother body and mentor of all the Sangh Parivar outfits. Its basic books like "Bunch of Thoughts", "We or our Nationhood Defined" etc and its 78 years history bear testimony to the fact that RSS is rabidly anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Dalit and anti-Mandal castes. 'Kamandal' was brought by RSS to combat 'Mandal'.

Muslims cannot forget the demolition of Babari Masjid and subsequent dance of death and destruction. They will never forget BJP government 's state-sponsored terrorism and genocide in Gujarat. The criminals of Ayodhya and Gujarat must be brought to justice and awarded exemplary punishment. Gujarat is the real face of BJP and its parivar. Muslims and justice-loving Hindu brethren beware of corrupt and communal BJP and its election gimmicks.
G Hasnain Kaif, Azad Ward, Bhandara

Having termed BJP better than Congress just before the parliamentary election in India some Muslim politicians have lately joined BJP and started projecting BJP better for Muslim interests in the country. It would certainly assist BJP in winning the heart of some gullible Muslims.

Probably these Muslims are not aware of the fact that BJP is the political platform of RSS and Bajrang Dal who are demanding a change in our Constitution and declaring India a Hindu state. Moreover, they have also been demanding the deletion of Article 370, enactment of uniform civil code and construction of Ram Temple on the site of Babari Masjid in Ayodhya.

There is no proof that BJP has ever given a declaration rejecting those contentious demands of the RSS and Bajrang Dal though it led the coalition government at the Centre for nearly five years. Thus it means that BJP would cling to those contentious issues and keep them as part of its hidden agenda so as to materialise them when it comes to the power at the Centre after gaining absolute majority alone.

Despite these facts how can some Muslim politicians and also some Muslim leaders consider BJP better for Muslim interests in India and join it while it has so far not given up those contentious issues which are contrary not only to Muslim interests but also to other minorities living in India? 
Muhammad Abdus Samad
PB College, Gauripur (Assam)

To garner Muslim votes, the BJP has inducted dishonest Muslim leaders into its fold. This will not benefit Sangh Parivar or BJP at all because these leader have no following among Muslims.
Some Muslim clerics too have prostrated before the Sangh Parivar for their self-interest and safety. Such Mir Jaffars should be rejected in the coming elections. Muslims should be vigilant and ignore any fatwa issued by any Muslim cleric at the time of elections.
The CBI report on Bilqis Rasool case of Gujarat and the latest US report on Human Rights in India has exposed and considerably flays the BJP claim that it is friend of minorities. 
Muzaffar Ahmad , Jamia Nagar, New Delhi

Feel good
Even if it is total falsehood
It mustn't make you sad
Even if it is extremely bad
Ignore insults to womanhood
Never remember the fire-wood
Gathered by claimants of manhood
Only that is good
Which the poet p.m. thinks good
Eat till-gud
Always feel good
S Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150

Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee recently addressed a gathering of "Muslim Cell" of the BJP in Delhi. He claimed that his party is not communal and does not discriminate against any community. He had called upon the Muslims to vote for the BJP.

However, what is special in the BJP that the Muslims should vote for. Would the BJP stop interfering in the religious laws of Muslims? Would the BJP leaders and other Sangh Parivar affiliates express full confidence in and declare to obey the Indian Judiciary in the matter of the Babari Masjid dispute? Would the BJP unequivocally condemn the Parivar stalwarts like K S Sudarshan of the RSS and Ashok Singhal of the VHP for threatening the Muslims with Gujrarat-like carnage once again throughout India?

Would the BJP leadership sack Narendra Modi from the chief ministership? If the answers are in the negative then how can the Muslims and other minorities in India "Feel Good"? All the exercise of the party in wooing them would ultimately go waste.
M I Ansari, Bhiwandi

Sangh Watch: Parivar's double talk
The Sangh Parivar's public relations specialists, high on borrowed videshi marketing strategies, have become masters of doubt and ambiguity. It pays to keep the masses in confusion. Make conflicting statements now and use them selectively in the future if you are ever caught in a tight situation. So now we have Pramod Mahajan, whose job includes checking the meaning of words that are too hard for Atalji to handle (e.g, Jaipal Reddy's "humongous"), making contradictory statements.

In an interview with the Organiser, Mahajan says, "The Ram Temple issue is not on the priority list of the BJP" (The Organiser, March 7, 2004). But in the very next breath he proclaims, "The Ram Temple is an important issue for the country; it is, however, not a political or electoral issue." If this is an important issue for the country then how come it is not on BJP's priority list ? 

The Sangh Parivaris never tire of proclaiming their supposed belief in Ahimsa and look with revulsion at the 'meat-eaters.' The Uttaranchal unit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad has demanded a ban on the sale of meat in the holy cities of Rishikesh and Haridwar. While the VHP was taking out a protest march to convey this demand, their Chhattisgarh brother-in-arms were indulging in animal sacrifice. The scam-tainted, moustache twirling Dilip Singh Judeo sacrificed a goat for good luck before sending off his Swaraj Mazda (Ashvamedh Rath) to L K Advani who will use it for his cross country trip labeled Bharat Uday Yatra. 

In the bizzare world of the Parivar, it is alright to kill an animal for a ritual but not for legitimate human consumption. 
Mohammed Ayub Khan, Toronto

Letters: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

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