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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

The American-Israeli axis tightens the Arab noose
By Karamatullah K. Ghori

Karamatullah K. GhoriThe cold- blooded murder of Shaikh Ahmed Yassin, Hamas’ spiritual leader, in a Gaza raid personally supervised by Ariel Sharon is further evidence, if any was still needed, of how free Israel now feels to carry on with its state terrorism against the Arabs. 

Although Washington denied any prior knowledge of the well-planned murder of a crippled and wheel-bound Palestinian leader, it made sure in its guarded comments not to imply any culpability of Israel in an act of blatant terrorism. Condolezza Rice, as ardent an Israeli votary as any other on the Bush team, still vehemently insisted that Hamas, in her putrid sense, was a "terrorist organization" and Israel had ‘every right’ to ‘defend itself’. In other words, whatever terrorism Israel may unleash on the Arabs—and it has done aplenty under its serial killer Prime Minister Sharon—would always have Washington’s tacit endorsement.

Ariel Sharon’s camaraderie and personal rapport, not only with Bush but the long string of Zionist supporters on his team, has been a fact of life since the two came to power in Washington and Tel Aviv. But Sharon’s well-known appetite for grabbing as much Arab lands as possible was greatly whetted by Bush’s naked aggression against Iraq. The arch-Zionist whose life-long ambition is ‘Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates’ feels that he has been given a carte blanche by his buddy in the White House to unleash as much terror as suits his appetite against the Arabs.

Knowing its pivotal status in the Arab world’s geo-strategic and political sense, Iraq had been in the sights of the American Zionists for a long time. In a recent illuminating newspaper article, Patrick Buchanan, himself a prominent conservative (though a reformed one) who ran twice for U.S. President, shed a lot of light on the Zionist plans to unleash an unprovoked war against Iraq.

According to Buchanan, as far back as 1996, a gang of four notorious Washington Zionists—Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and David Wurmser—all of them now key advisers to Bush, drafted a strategy paper for the then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu imploring him to "focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power" as an "Israeli strategic objective." Two years later, in 1998, the same four joined by another gang in which Donald Rumsfeld was prominent, made a similar recommendation to Clinton coaxing him to "aim, above all, at the removal of Saddam Hussein." Clinton ignored them but they found an ardent listener in his successor.

Once comfortably ensconced in power under Bush, the gang had its appetite much whetted. In a January, 2001, strategy paper unveiled on the heels of Bush stepping into the White House, it called for American-Israeli axial attacks " to broaden the conflict to strike fatally…the regimes of Damascus, Baghdad, Tripoli, Tehran and Gaza…to establish the recognition that fighting with either the United States or Israel is suicidal." A footnote exhorted Bush: "Crises can be opportunities." Indeed they have been, as September 11 so convincingly proved.

Buchanan quoted Bob Woodward of the Watergate fame, whose book" Bush at War" provides a wholesome peep into Bush’s aggression-prone mind, about a War Cabinet meeting in the White House on September 15, four days after 9/11. At that meeting, Paul Wolfowitz spoke for all his Zionist colleagues and exhorted the Cabinet to put Afghanistan on the back burner and attack Iraq on priority. His logic for unleashing terror on Iraq, which had no connection with 9/11, was simple: It was "doable".

To put Bush under greater Zionist pressure, 40 neo-conservatives—a veritable galaxy of rogues—published an open letter to him on September 20, demanding that Bush dislodge Saddam from power " even if evidence does not link Iraq directly to the attack" (of 9/11).

Buchanan succinctly summed up the Zionist agenda in regard to Iraq, in particular, and the Arabs, in general, in these words: "To its neocon architects, Iraq was always about empire, hegemony, Pax Americana, global democracy—about getting hold of America’s power to make the Middle East safe for Sharon and themselves glorious and famous."

Buchanan’s diagnosis of the neo cons is bang on target. Of late the indications are that Sharon and his neo con accomplices in Washington have entered a ‘rush’ and top urgent phase in their agenda and want to fulfill it at the earliest. The reason for their urgency is that their man, Bush, whom they have been using like a puppet, seems no longer certain to retain the White House in November. 

With an increasing roster of revelations about his blatant and deliberate lies that took U.S. into an unprovoked war against Iraq, Bush is looking vulnerable and fallible by the day, very much likely to go his ‘dad’s’ way as a one-term president. 

Former President Jimmy Carter, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, is the latest to unleash a harsh barrage of criticism against the lies of Blair and Bush, holding the latter much more culpable for also misleading the former. Senator Edward Kennedy on his part, too is not relenting at all on his scathing campaign to expose Bush’s lies and fabrications from every platform.
A more damaging expose of Bush’s hidden intent to attack Iraq on any pretext has just been made by Richard Clarke, who was anti-terrorism ‘Czar’ under Clinton and retained that position under a different title under Bush. Clarke had also held senior positions under Reagan and Bush Sr.

In his latest book that has just come off the press, Against All Enemies, Clarke has scathingly attacked Bush’s dismal track record on fighting terrorism because his mind, from his first day in office, was set on finishing Saddam whom his father had let off the hook at the end of the Gulf War. In an interview with the highly popular 60 Minutes, Clarke revealed how Bush cornered him in the first meeting after 9/11 and pressed him hard to come up with evidence to link Saddam with that terror. When Clarke didn’t succeed to please him, the neo con President leaned on him harder and virtually threatened him if he failed to oblige.

A more revealing chapter in Clarke’s account of the White House scene after 9/11 speaks of Rumsfeld’s outburst on the day after 9/11 against Saddam. Rumsfeld coolly suggested that Iraq must be bombed. Clarke says he thought ‘Rummy’ was joking. But he wasn’t. He meant it. When reminded that Iraq was not linked with Al-Qaeda, as Afghanistan did, Rumsfeld chuckled that there were not enough targets to bomb in Afghanistan whilst there were plenty in Iraq.

Of course it would be premature to write off Bush at this stage. He is straining on a string of his acolytes and surrogates, like Musharraf of Pakistan, to come up with a winnable trophy, like Osama bin Laden, for instance in the months up to the election day. But the Neocon gang, with its heart hung more on Israeli interest than that of U.S, seems disinclined to take any chances. Their answer is to unleash their top dog, Ariel Sharon, to take full advantage of the immense opportunity that the occupation of Iraq by U.S. has served on a platter for Israel. 

That Sharon is not going to disappoint his soul mates in Washington is writ large in his crime to assassinate Yassin in cold blood. He knows that his back is safe. Who, in an election year in U.S., would dare even come close to criticizing him or Israel? U.S. is there to shield Israeli in any contingency. The world may condemn Israel but not a word of it from U.S. There is no worry either that U.N. cowed into submission with a supine Secretary- General at the helm would show any initiative either. 

And there is nothing to worry from the Security Council, too because U.S. and Britain are sitting cozy there to shield Israel to the hilt. 69 of 87 Vetoes used to date by U.S. in the Council have been exercised to shelter Israel from any inconvenience. So Sharon has a free hand to demolish Palestinian homes by thousands, assassinate their leaders at will, confiscate their lands to his heart’s content and build his ‘security wall’ on their fields and orchards; he will, rest assured, get away, sans blemish, courtesy of his ‘friends’ in Washington. 
As for reaction from the Arab or Muslim worlds, no worry either is on the cards. The key countries of the Islamic world have been silenced or bought over by the Bush terror. Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, amongst the non-Arabs, are all in lockstep with Bush. As for the likes of Egypt or Morocco or Algeria among the Arabs, the less expected the better. The most courage Hosni Mubarak could muster to protest Sharon’s bestial crime was to cancel the visit of a parliamentary delegation to Israel.

The Saudis are remonstrating, with some courage, the proposed American Plan for Democracy in the ME because that promises to threaten their stranglehold of the Saudi society. But it is unthinkable that the Saudis would put any teeth into their protest, like considering an oil embargo against Israel or its principal crutch, the United States.

Iraq was one Arab country that posed any credible challenge to Sharon’s lunatic dream of a Greater Israel. So his friends in Washington’s high places have taken out that threat. Iraq has been pulverized and vanquished. And it is now in dire danger of becoming split into two or three independent entities.
Whatever couldn’t be achieved in the barbaric military onslaught against Iraq is now being attempted for achievement by the Bush viceroy in Baghdad, Paul Bremer, a legatee of the Bush neo cons and Zionists. He is furiously at work to secure all the loose ends before the deadline of June 30 when sovereignty will, nominally, be passed into the Iraqi hands.

Bremer, sworn to fulfilling the Zionist agenda in conquered Iraq, is making sure that U.S. retains all effective power in the post-June 30 period. A latest story by AP from Baghdad quotes a highly placed American source, on condition of anonymity (who else but Bremer?) saying blithely: "We’re still here. We’ll be paying a lot of attention and we’ll have a lot of influence." The same source also told AP: "We’re going to have the world’s largest diplomatic mission with a significant amount of political weight."

So the transfer of authority to the Iraqis, on June 30, will, in all practical sense, be just a façade to let U.S. carry on with its pro-Sharon and pro-Zionist agenda in Iraq. It will not only have 110,000 well armed American troops stationed in Iraq for as long as they wish to be there—or until the Zionist plan is fully implemented—but will also have a burgeoning ‘diplomatic mission’ (a euphemism for a pro-consulate of Pax Americana) to make sure that nothing happens in Iraq without Washington’s or Tel Aviv’s consent. It is very likely that Saddam’s Republican Palace, where Bremer is presently holding court, would become the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, with Bremer or someone like him lording over Iraq from its splendid confines.

The likes of Adnan Pachachi, a spent force from the ancien regime, are tilting at all the windmills to secure every inch of what their American masters want to be done in the vanquished land. Pachachi told AP that his plan to expand the Interim Governing Council (IGC) to about 100 from its current strength of 25 is likely to be implemented by Bremer before the transfer of power. Washington will, thus, have a bigger team of lackeys to do its biddings in Iraq with impunity.

Bremer, on his part, is busy appointing ‘permanent heads’ of various Iraqi Ministries from among the Iraqi émigrés who have come back after decades in self-exile and know nothing about the country. They will, obviously, take dictation from Bremer or his successor and not from the figure-head ‘Ministers’. The incoming Ministers will not have the power to remove or change these American-picked appointees. So much for the American-blessed and baptized ‘democracy’ in Iraq.

But the greatest danger to Iraq’s unity, fragile at best, comes from the American-drafted interim ‘Constitution’ that gives a virtual veto over legislation to the three Kurdish provinces of Iraq. With a population of about 20 per cent of the country, these Kurdish votaries of America will have the power to strangulate the will of the majority 80 per cent. Therein lies the fuse to blow up Iraq at any time of convenience to U.S. and Israel. ¤

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