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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


Regarding your "Not the right way to tackle Babri" you have mentioned B.N.Pandey's book on Aurangzeb. I have researched this topic quite a bit and so far haven't found any textual evidence of the alleged rape of the Maharani of Kutch. Sangh Parivar's in house white historian Koenraad Elst has written a detailed article on this.
Mohammed Ayub Khan, Toronto 

Editor: I have read Elst before; he only parrots what Hindutvites propagate in their books. BN Pandey's book is available from Patna's Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library while Sitaramayya's book is out of print and may be available only in some old libraries. The basic problem with all Hindutva lies is that they are not supported by contemporary accounts written even by Hindus themselves at the time. Another problem is that Muslim court historians in order to please their masters used to blow up or even make up imaginary deeds in their chronicles which are not supported by any other record or facts on the ground. A few weeks ago historian Mithal wrote this in his column in the Asian Age on Somnath mandir issue. Serious historians have rejected theories about Babri on the basic premise that contemporary historians, including Hindus and Rams' greatest bhakt Tulsidas, failed to mention anything about demolition of a mandir and it was first mentioned in the Faizabad Gazetteer written by an Englishman in early 1850s with a clear colonial purpose of divide-and-rule and the immediate prize at that time was Awadh where riots broke down soon because of this story and the chaos was later used to usurp Awadh in violation of a treaty with the Nawab.

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