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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

The loudest liar leads the pack
By I K Shukla

For recognition one has to excel at something. And, when trained in a certain skill for years on end, one begins exercising it reflexively. That is the perfection and distinction required of, and instilled to the point of saturation in, every knicker-wearing volunteer of RSS (Recidivist Savages' Syndicate). Its two notoriously shining examples are Atal-adVani duo. No ad, as a matter of rule in the PR's professional code, is ever to have the slightest hint or semblance of any relevant truth. To be catchy it must be more than merely catty, it must be bold and brutal, loud and lethal, as a total lie is ideally required to be. RSS, and its litter of offspring from Jan Sangh downward, have had from inception an unparalleled mega monopoly of mighty mendacity.

Politicians invent neologisms and use words in a very imaginative way. When caught telling a lie, they plead they were "misquoted", or variantly, "quoted out of context", or "misunderstood". Churchill had a superior spin on these errancies. He called lies "terminological inexactitude". Go fish. Americans came up with several alternates, long before their invasion of Iraq, but none vying with the Churchillian vault or nearing it anywhere even by yards. The one I love most: the right to scab is called the right to work. Such linguistic glories abound in American English.

Just think of the monstrous mountain of lies that AdVani has incessantly mouthed over less than a week, and you would be astounded by the diabolic energy and lupine bravura of his heroic performance. Take just a few, at random.

When he said that minorities no longer want to remain a vote bank you would have to parse his statement in the light of his previous statements and conduct to arrive at the real import and thrust of his loathing of minorities, whom he is pledged ideologically to liquidate via massacres. His righteous sounding affirmative axiom, seemingly exhorting and endorsing the constitutional right to vote, had, in fact, nothing to do with the civic rights and civil liberties of the minorities. Immbricated in the uspoken threat, but very explicitly conveyed to and collectively understood by the targeted minorities, its real meaning is:

'Hindutva is determined violently to deny you, the "foreigners", living on our sufferance here, the right of choice in the matter of voting. Stay in the stockade as beasts of burden, isolated from the rest of the citizenry, do not seek alliances or alternatives in respect of your votes. If Gujarat and Ayodhya, Maliana and Bombay have not yet taught you whom to vote, then only Allah may help you. Keep your skull caps, and the right to remain dull is all yours. If you reject our "protection", then you have collectively and willfully chosen perdition. Do not blame us for not warning you in time. But you could still save your community from the consequences. You delayed learning the proper lesson in time, see what happened in Gujarat. Be responsible to yourselves, act sensibly, i. e., vote for us, now and forever. You forget at your peril that I am the Gandhinagar MP, I am the Home Minister cum Deputy Minister and my local satrap remains the arch Hindu Rashtravadi Modi.'

Atal, having honed his verbal-rapier thrust and parry skills long ago, recently uttered a mantra for the benefit of the Muslims: cast your vote thoughtfully. Meaning, exactly the reverse, i. e., thoughtlessly. Vote only for us. Or else. This unsaid part was no less effectively conveyed to and assimilated by the targeted electorate. Recall his Varanasi admonition to Muslims over a year and a half ago: "I don't know why Muslims do not vote for us. Anyway, we don't need their votes." True, no majoritarian party, with fascist muscle and communal moola, ever would have to "need" minority votes. It just openly dragoons and odiously commandeers them.

Lal Kishen ji said: "Congress is living in the past." By implication he asserted that BJP-VHP-NDA et al are living in the present. Is there even a scintilla of truth in it? Exactly the reverse is the reality. Because Hindutva is not reconciled with the present, it is terroristically forcing the nation to live in the past on pain of blood and fire. If it can be penned into the past, and thus deflected and dilinked from its present: the crying needs and dire miseries (jobs, housing, education, medical care, roads, hygienic environs, debt relief, subsidized food stuffs, etc.) without any clamor of protest, only then would Hindutva be able to steal India's wealth, sell its resources to global gunboat gargoyles, deplete and degrade it abysmally and absolutely, and still perversely call its squalid and sleazy record India Shining. If Hindutva can so drug the nation and so dupe the people, it is reason enough and miracle enough, for it to Feel Good. Which dacoits' gang would not?

Bharat Ast Yatra (Fall of India March) has been allowed as Bharat UdayYatra, the diaphanous veil of a criminal camouflage. This conman's coinage for a thuggish enterprise, which is calculated to be soaked in blood and baked in fire, a la his Somnath-Ayodhya Yatra, has been publicized by AdVani and his cohort as just "contacting people". Indeed, contract on people. That is, it would be a reprise of the same sanguinary spectacle to achieve the same sordid electoral upset as before. But "Uday" shrouds both the evil past, and the evil prospect. And, benignly, the EC fell for it. That is how democracy and its institutions pave the way for their own cremation by installing fascism.

That is why democracy is so popular with both the demagogues (Atals-AdVanis and their ilk) and desperadoes (RSS-VHP-NDA), and dolts (Varun Gandhis, to stump for BJP in Gujarat). Just see who jumped in the communal-fascist chariot lately: V. C. Shukla, Arif M. Khan (he will convince Gujarat Muslims, they can find no better protectors than the BJP, in Gujarat they were protected from the Congress), Bhupen Hazarika (who will belt songs like 'Muslims, Vote for Hindu-sthan, Do not work for Paki-sthan'. He acquired these brilliant exhortatory skills in IPTA). Najma Heptullah has already certified BJP as "not communal". Sangma, the pretender to Premiership, suddenly struck by "patriotism", and discarded by NCP, has joined the other fire-eating female, Mamta Banerji. As for George Fernandes, he is a class apart, sui generis, uniquely slippery and unquenchably "successful". He will continue, come hell or whatever, reaping "success" furthest by hook, and fastest by crook.

The Deputy PM (an unconstitutional creature, but no less frightening or abominable than Frankenstein's oaf) has cleared the air: 'There is no difference between me and the PM.' True. (They are both working for the same Hindu Rashtra). And, it is as well known as, say, the sun rises in the east.

(Forget, for his benefit, how he scuppered Vajpayee in Agra, with his protégé, a female SS, briskly torpedoing any agreement). Savagery and subtlety from two poles have been sparring signally well, Hindutva hordes from the sidelines briskly engineering, steering, and mutely cheering the match. They are catering well to the nation's entertainment by pulling the not-so-unseen strings of their two grandiose puppet cutouts. That is another truth- telling exertion of AdVani, exactly a repeat of Atal's previous statement to this effect. Recycling is useful both as incantation and as ingratiation.

Here is another gem from the saffron-covered GBSD (garbage bin and sewage drain): 'We are against dynasty, not Priyanka.' How very true! It has quite a raft of variations. 'We are only against those Muslims who are terrorists or ISI agents, but all the terrorists happen to be Muslims'. This reminds me of a Duck called Donald who became immortal for quacking: 'Absence of evidence is no evidence of absence '. How pithy, how profoundly oracular, how majestically Delphian! Advani-Atal (Twee'dum-Twee'dee) duo is beating this Donald into a hasty retreat. We must feel good, white man bested. L. K. Chand ji very discreetly and conveniently forgot several dynasties in VHP-RSS-BJP-NDA. Of course, they are there by sheer dint of merit, not just via succession.

When AdVani was cheerleading the destruction of the Mosque in Ayodhya, 1992 Dec. 6, (defiling and dishonouring Ambedkar's memory deliberately) he knew he was the vandal supremo presiding over his assorted louts and riff raffs, mostly from Gujarat. But now he says he was there to ward off the demolition which he had so painstakingly orchestrated as a surefire ploy and publicly organized over months past (staging station Somnath) and which came trailing streams of blood and columns of fire. See pictures in the press and hand him one for being so consummate and consistent a liar. He had reporters beaten, cameras snatched and smashed. When a woman journalist complained to him, his feral response was: but why should you be here? What he left unsaid was, pay the price if you chose to expose our Dharma drill, you deserve it, don't complain. For his effrontery he was rewarded with the Home Ministry!

It is at par with the scourge of God Attila's wrathful rebuke to the nuns in Jhabua on seeing the debris of glass shards of windows broken, doors splintered: 'why did not you remove it?' He left unsaid: 'You dare confront me with evidence of destruction that we support and launch in the cause of Hindu Rashtra? You dare complain? On such demolitions and destructions BJP will build Hindu Rashtra. There is no way else. We proclaimed it long ago, and never flinched from practicing it since.' When Gujarat was burning and Muslims were roasted and killed right and left in their thousands, he proffered, in another fit of compassion, hold your breath, a national debate on conversion! He thus made clear he would not countenance conversion. 'Those who insist on it must meet their fate without any grumbling.'

This was another first in our history, credit it to the knicker-wala. A breathtakingly simple and starkly original mode of trouble-shooting: Elocution, Oratory, Demagogy. Why did it not occur to any party or politico ever before? After how many more massacres would this solution have dawned on the opposition parties? No credit for counting, unlimited. So at least Vajpayee helped us with the drastic cut in the chore of counting and the drudgery of waiting, and the running series of massacres — all endless.
If the electorate is again waylaid, it would be a disaster of incalculable magnitude and volcanic import, it would signal diabolical portents and disfigure the nation irremediably.

The liars, the traitors, the thugs, and the outlaws cannot be handed the destiny of a nation like India. The rapists, arsonists, robbers, and killers, unchained and free, cannot be allowed to rampage and rule. They will inspire, instigate, and indulge with impunity in ever more crimes, perpetrate ever more terrors, singe and subvert massively more of the Constitution. These Midget Men neither respect India, nor feign any fealty to democracy. If returned to power in any sizeable strength, they would take no time making India burn in hellfire, ubiquitous and unquenchable. This epic tragedy can be averted, this drift to total devastation halted, if wisdom prevails among even just a few of the opposition parties, even as late as now.

Are there any signs of it showing? I don't think so. Bickering and ego flourish unabated. Fernandes has thanked Mulayam grandiloquently for having saved India from Congress and Sonia. Who will save India from fernandes? Sonia, he was afraid, might have shipped India to Italy. And Mayawati would have no truck with Manuvadi Congress, even though she had no such qualm closeting with Manuvadi BJP thrice. Mulayam, having forgotten his role in betraying India and offering it to BJP on a platter, is rightly suspected of some deal with the BJP. Congress, hinged on Sonia and her geriatric coterie, has no coherent strategy or even a recognizably distinct foreign and domestic policy impacting the masses and impinging on the nation's future. The limitless number of shakhas, and cadres of neo-Hindu hordes visiting door to door, have massive volumes of money (stolen and swindled via countless scams and kickbacks), muscle power (paramilitaries), administrative back up (incumbent minions and ingratiating sycophants) at their command. Will the opposition rev up to match, vigorously face off and storm this warehouse of Hindu horrors?

These are still the imponderables and variables which could significantly upset any apple cart of pre-poll "feel good" predictions of instant psephologists. Secularism cannot be ballasted by seminars any more, nor can our national spirit be reclaimed by harangues (for old timers: Naayamaatmaa pravachanen labhyah; This soul cannot be attained via discourse. Naayamaatmaa balaheenen labhyah: It cannot be attained by the weak.). Academics and political scientists, among them specially those who have convinced themselves that fascism, pure and classic, has not arrived in India, should be left to their lotus eaters' dens and caves to revel in their nuances and finesse. But those concerned with the quotidian exertions and travails of India's millions ill afford hibernating and hiding in these enclaves of insensitivity and inactivity. It is time they stirred into action to counter the menace not on the horizon but smack inside the homeland.

The culture of crime and corruption that BJP/NDA turned into mainstream politics has seduced, benefited, and vitiated large sectors of society. This is Hindu Rashtra, by definition, the euphemistic shorthand for "cultural nationalism". A putative majority cannot conjure culture out of frenetic faith overnight. A cultic sectarianism cannot be stretched into anything resembling nationalism. This has been evidenced time and time again. If rape, arson, robbery, and bigotry can be called "culture", then alone can the continual erasure of history and the programmed extirpation of millions of Indian citizens from various minorities can be called "nationalism". India cannot survive with this sword hanging on its head.

The windfall win in three states buoyed the BJP's spirits and prodded it to resort to a slew of illegalities by advancing the Lok Sabha elections. It did, quite calculatedly. And it did so not to come a cropper. It will uninhibitedly resort to violence and other means, mostly illicit, not to let go of its hold on power. That is why it chose April which would effectively debar at least 15 million migrant laborers in the south alone from voting 

(P. Sainath: Millions Who Cannot Vote, The Hindu, March 13). Incumbency itself is a major asset towards continuing in power.

Let not the liars lead this nation and bleed its people again and again. Savarkar and Gandhi's assassins have defiled the Lok Sabha and demolished the Mosque in Ayodhya (Atal: "expression of national sentiment".) They are poised to desecrate Baba Budangiri in Karnataka, and Bhojshala in Madhya Pradesh. The list of demolition targets grows like a hydra-headed monster. AdVani predicting victory in Karnataka has Ayodhya in mind. He can thus both advance BJP's prospects and upstage Atal via bllod and fire once again.

Let this menace to freedom, this dire threat to democracy, calling itself Cultural Nationalism, and forcing itself down the throat of a bewildered nation, reveling in ethnocide and exclusivist extremism, be cremated fathoms deep once and for all this election time. We may never get another chance. (14 March 04). ¤

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