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Published in the 1-15 Apr 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Shaikh Yasin The immortal martyr

Shaikh YasinThe rogue settler-colonial state of Israel cold-bloodedly murdered Shaikh Ahmad Yasin as he emerged from a mosque in Gaza after dawn prayers on 22 March in an extra-judicial killing, a criminal act under international law which upholds occupied people’s sacred right to resistance while the terrorist rulers of Israel insist that the occupied must provide security to the occupier and if the occupied fail in this duty, their lives, homes, future are fair play for the occupier. 

America, which politically and militarily supports Israel and shields it blindly in international forums is equally responsible for the disabled Shaikh’s cold-blooded murder. Israeli thuggery and refusal to see reason is a direct result of the blind American support. Americans and their Israeli henchmen should know that resistance is is a sacred right of all occupied peoples and no superpower has the right to deny it to its vicitms. Yet Rantissi, the new Hamas leader, has reiterated the organisation’s known policy that its activities are, and shall remain, limited to the occupied land of Palestine.

Hamas’ spiritual leader Shaikh Yasin, like Tipu Sultan, Subhash Chandra Bose and Al-Qassam, was leading his people’s historical and sacred duty of liberation from the clutches of slavery and occupation. May his pure and brave soul rest in peace in the highest quarters of Paradise and may his brave people continue their sacred and heroic struggle to free themsevles from the clutches of their criminal tormentors who, thanks to blind American support, deny their victims a life of peace even in 22 percent of their historic homeland. Land-hungry criminal zionists are responsible for the violence seen today in the santified land of Palestine because they refuse to come to terms with the Palestinians and they themselves wreck any agreement like Oslo which could have brought peace to them and their victims.

— Zafarul-Islam Khan

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