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Published in the 1-15 Aug 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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Remove All the Tainted M.Ps
During NDA rule when the opposition demanded removal of tainted ministers, former PM Vajpayee had said a person is innocent untill he is proved guilty by the court. The plea of BJP is that cases against its leaders are of political nature but the corruption charges against RJD ministers are of criminal nature. 
The CBI special Judge J.P. Shrivastav had chargesheeted Advani, M.M. Joshi, Uma Bharti, Vinay Katyar and others for demolition of the Babri Masjid under criminal sections 147, 20 (B), 153 (A), 153 (B), 295 (B), 505 for conspiracy, rioting, promoting enmity between two communities and creating ill-will and hatred. Ayodhya case was criminal and not political. These charges are hundred times more criminal and grave than corruption charges against RJD leaders. The NDA govt. was most corrupt regime of India. BJP’s leaders were involved in many scams. BJP’s 26 MPs are tainted. 
G.Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara
New Sunrise Industry
After IT and Biotech, AIDS drugs, the new sunrise industry promoted by Israel and the US, is the ‘terror’ industry. As in any new field, promoters have to first create a demand and then make money by meeting that demand. 
9/11 was the first opening of a new market, creating demand for protection from ‘terror’ --- just as the products like tobacco, tea, coffee, opium, AIDS, TB, have been launched from time to time--- the demand for protection from ‘Islamic terror’ has to be created on the world scale and then capital resources are diverted in the new industries to make abnormal profits. On it hangs the survival of American capitalism.
New contracts, new techniques, new relationships and alliances are to be promoted openly to legitimize the diversion of human and material resources to give monopoly profits to new selected few. Israel, that pioneers in all such new ventures, experiments in its own backyard laboratories all nuances of the new enterprise and then sells the whole project on retainer basis to the highest bidder: The US being the highest bidder that can outbid all competition. 
The Americans have first started the new sunrise industry from their home market. Federal Funding for the new project is provided through the new Homeland Security Department with huge budgetary allocation at the federal level and now all 50 states are forced to participate in the diabolical venture. Even small towns are asked to chip in. Arrival of CIA in small towns, instead of the usual intelligence bulletins, means the Intelligence community too is forced to sell the product. They had had long holiday with huge federal budgets not translating into any tangible financial benefits to corporate world. 
Terrorism protection is now a State sponsored product and all are forced to buy under dread of annihilation from the bogey of Al Qaida. Fear sells. The US authorities are releasing new warnings, at various times, to keep the correct momentum to give periodic boost to the ‘terror industry’. Even Osama and Saddam are kept alive as required advertising counterpoints, to scare the world into contributing huge sums to fight ‘Islamic terrorists’. Probably they got their cuts assured. Intellectuals and journalists in universities and media are churning theories and books to reap the harvest, while the going is good. Media has got a new lease of life and fully cooperating with the Bush and Cheney business team, who have already locked up their interests in strategic locations all around the chain of producers, marketers and consumers.
Even if Bush and Cheney lose the elections, their sunrise industry will thrive and they will reap automatic dividends from their pioneering investments where human lives will be criminally destroyed and human values shamelessly trampled to give boost to bottom lines in the corporate world.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai,

The Concept of Foreign Origin
The great Indian thinkers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan, Lokhitawadi, Dayanand Saraswati and Vireshlingal Pantalu were impressed by the western values of freedom of the individual, education, equality, social justice and rationalism. These leaders successfully planted these values into the minds and hearts of the orthodox Indians. 
After Independence in 1947, India invited her last Viceroy, Lord Mounbatten, to become its first Governor General. It offered one of the top posts to a person of foreign origin showing the Indian traditions of tolerance and entertaining even the bitterest enemy. English language was a gift to India by the Britishers. It is taught in schools and colleges and used for official work. Even the opponents of foreign origin used it during the last Lok Sabha elections by writing slogans like "Feel Good" and "India Shining". 
The BJP and other Sangh outfits played the card of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin to capture power at the centre during the last Lok Sabha elections. They did everything possible to spoil her image but the people of India gave her a mandate to rule the country. 
H G Parkar, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

UPA and the Leftists
All the Parties in the United Progressive Alliance had joined hands basically to fight the communalism in the country although on economic and many other issues including the Foreign Direct Investment, they had different views. People wanted to get rid from the tainted in demolition of religious places, Gujarat carnage and the Tahelka etc. 

The Leftists are grueling on Budget proposals particularly the FDI. The West Bengal Govt. itself has been seeking Finance from the Foreigners in the State. Moreover, they have neither joined the UPA Govt., they are supporting from outside. Nor do they have the numbers to form a Govt. in coalition with any other group.

The new Govt. has come into power with tremendous support and hopes of the people. Madam Sonia had risen on the occasion and emerged as a SAVIOUR of India. Masses in general and deprived groups in particular are looking forward for their welfare which has been denied since last 57 years.
Leftists should support the UPA sincerely and wholeheartedly in the interest of the secularism, peace, prosperity and democracy in India.
M. I. Ansari, Bhiwandi

Modi is luckiest
Narendra Modi is probably the luckiest Chief Minister around. Is'nt it amazing how a plan is unearthed out of nowhere when the CM is surrounded by problems. His favourite rescuer seems to be LeT, one has seen them coming to his rescue even in the past. The gunning down of four "terrorists" recently in Ahmedabad is the latest of the "rescue" acts. The Gujarat CM was facing the worst time of his tenure at the helm, as around 60 MLAs of his party had revolted against his high handedness, also pushing him to the corner was the poor performance of BJP in Gujarat under his leadership in the Lok sabha elections. Adding to his miseries was the transfer of Best Bakery case from Gujarat to Maharashtra. Just when it looked that the Chief minister was trapped and there was no escape route, out came the sensational plan of LeT to assasinate the CM. The Gujarat police needs to be lauded for completing the whole operation with utmost precision, not a single policeman dead or even injured in the encounter. How were they able to achieve this feat? The answer lies in the film Matrix, the art of dodging the bullets.The other remarkable thing about the Gujarat police is their ability to sense from miles away if the occupants of any vehicle are terrorists or not. These two qualities puts them on top as the no.1 cops in the world.

Full credit for solving the case should not go to the police alone, for had it not been for the "help" provided by the terrorists it would not have accomplished the job in record time. One of the terrorist carried her college Identity card and her personal diary to expedite the investigation. There is a small riddle in this "encounter" for the readers "What is that thing, which the car took on the back and the terrorists on their front"? Well the answer is simple ----- Bullets.
Abdul Monim, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Is this justice?
My son Javed Afzal works as a Steno-Typist, under District and Sessions Judge, Sangrur, Punjab. After Aydhoya incidents in Feb 2002, he was subjected to mental and physical torture by an anti-minority lobby and his immediate boss. A complaint in this regard was filed with Chairman National Commission for Minorities, New Delhi on 9 February 2002 and its copies were also sent to Hon’ble Chief Justice and Inspecting Judge Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh. They managed to spoil his personal records (i.e. ACRS) through their influence and position. The chairman of Punjab Human Right Commission was also apprised of these developments. But instead of redressing our grievances, I was pressurised to withdraw the complaint.

On 28 February, 2004, he was retrenched vide order no. 1187/EB dated 28.2.2004 by the Hon’ble District and Sessions Judge Sangrur without even a single days notice. I am pained to say that on receipt of required sanction all other retrenched staff has been reappointed except Javed Afzal. 
Mohammad Afzal, Nabha, Punjab

Zakat is not income tax
I reside in Guwahati, Assam my name is Nurul Islam Laskar. I came to know about your website that is while I was searching for some pages from India on Zakat. 

In most of the Islamic countries there is no burden of income tax as the tax is levied as Zakat in these countries. But in secular country like ours I feel being in a middle class we are the worst sufferers of this system. As a servant of Allah it’s my duty to pay Zakat and as an employed citizen of India I am bound to pay income tax. In order to fulfil both these responsibilities and duty I end up with 65% of my total income left for me and my family which results in lack of fulfilling all the basic necessities of today’s life.

So in order to prevent that, few years’ back I had come to know through an newspaper article about many foundations and associations engaged in collection of Zakat which gives income tax rebate to the payers, which I think should be made a mandatory process for us and this concept must be promoted widely throughout the country for collectively better use of the funds rather than to pay a single unit to individuals which is been followed everywhere in the country. 

But somehow I have been unable to retrieve that newspaper article so there is a kind request from my side to you. Can you please send me a full furnished detail of this procedure for paying Zakat and the address of the various Foundations and Associations which deal in this regard with full income tax redemption? Preferably it can be the Indian Zakat Foundation which as I know has been the pioneer in this field. The details can be sent through mail to the above mentioned address or to my email:, thanking you in anticipation. I will be looking forward to your reply regarding this matter.
Nurul Islam Laskar, Guwahati 
Editor: According to my knowledge payment of Zakat is not mandatory in any Muslim country and it is not in lieu of usual taxes which are levied in each country to run the state. As in India, even in Muslim countries it is left to the individual to assess and pay if he wishes to. An attempt was made in Pakistan during Zia's regime to deduct zakat from bank accounts but this failed as people withdrew their money from accounts just before the deduction time. In any case the 2.5 percent you pay as zakat is not enough to run a modern state.
In India you have the choice to get tax deduction by paying to some organisations which have obtained permission from the Home Ministry because they do charity work. These organisations include Zakat Foundation of India (New Delhi) and Rahat Welfare Trust (Mumbai), MESCO (Mumbai) and there must be many more. This route is open to Muslims to at least get tax deduction on the amount they pay as zakat. 

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