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Published in the 1-15 Aug 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition


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Recently, Mr. L.K. Advani declared that in spite of their electoral defeat BJP would not return to it’s core Hindutva issues like Ayodhya and Article 370.

No. doubt, such statement is nothing but to allure Non-Hinuds towards BJP. Interestingly, BJP's stalwarts began to confess their shortcomings and started mutual negotiation. Even former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee admitted that the Gujarat riots were one of the reasons for BJP's defeat in the Lok Sabha Election.
In fact, post rout of BJP in the Lok Sabha Polls, its dreams of making India a Hindutva Rashtra was burnt into ashes. BJP now is on the horm of a dilemma. It is imperative that UPA Government create a riotless atmosphere and restrain ghastly pogrom like Gujarat so that people live peacefully regardless of any caste and creed discrimination.

Obaidur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow

Reservation to Muslims
Andhra Pradesh govt. has taken a decision (5% reservation to Muslims), which was long overdue. This will encourage Muslim students to go for study and subsequent employment. Presently, the sense of hopelessness and lethargy set in Muslim community does not bode well for the country.
However, care should be taken to see that the govt. order is followed in letter and spirit. Periodic monitoring of the scheme is, therefore, necessary.
Earlier draconian laws and a very biased attitude of the govt. helped in alienating Muslims from National program. It is imperative that Andhra Pradesh government’s example is followed by all other states where Muslims are deprived from the benefit of education and employment.
Sudhakar Kumar Sharma, Azamgarh, U.P.

Reservation for Muslims is shocking
It refers to shocking news of Andhra government’s anti-constitutional move to provide reservation to Muslims. It is not understood how a nominal job quota of just five percent can improve position of general Muslim population in the state? Unfortunately study-groups recommending such steps do not go to root-cause of problem. Basic reason for low standard in Muslims is their higher rate of population-growth as compared to general class. Problem cannot be solved by snatching right of deserving persons of general categories by extending reservation to Muslims. Practical steps must be taken to check their extra population-growth by prohibiting more than one marriage through application of Uniform Civil Code. Persons of present reserved categories should be attracted towards planned-family norms by giving benefits of reservation only to persons/ families with upto two children. 
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Editor: It is sad that a person like you is parroting the Hindutva propaganda despite the fact that this multiplying-by-polygamy myth has been authoritatively refuted and Hindus have been shown in official data to be more polygamous than Muslims. According to the findings of the Indian Government census of 1961, survey of polygamous marriages shows the following: polygamous marriages were highest among adivasis, Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus, in that order. Muslims figured last on the list. The National Survey Commission on the Status of Women in India (1975) found that incidence of bigamy and polygamy is higher among Hindus than Muslims. During 1951-61 Hindu polygamous families were 5.06% (0.65% more than Muslims) while Muslim polygamous families were only 4.31%. ( population_of_minorities.htm).

Pleasure-hungry Arabs
Material success has robbed once morally sound Arabs of their Islamic values. Recently a section of the press published the photo and statement of the wife of one Yeslam Binladin. She criticised the Holy Quran. Her remarks were blasphemous

S. Akthar, Khanpur Deh-392150

Why Bush attacked Iraq?
There is as many answers as people hazarding replies. However, a more sinister reason was exposed when Iraq’s US appointed ‘Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, threatened Iraq’s neighbours, that if they will not check incursions of foreign terrorists into Iraq, Iraq can export terrorists to their borders too.

People have not forgotten, how Rumsfeld had earlier met Saddam in Baghdad. Saddam’s Iraq was able to raise and put in the field an army of upto million by compulsory draft, to fight Iran. Rumsfeld and the Chicago group who have been working to reduce US armed forces involvement in their neo-imperialist ventures around the world, seems to have found Iraq, not only as a source of oil, but also a poor and demoralised country, which under any dictator, be that Saddam or Iyad, could supply ready forces to make further US incursions into other countries of Middle East, specially Iran ----- without a hue and cry back home, from US parents on the casualty toll of their sons and daughters. Iraqis have proved their fighting mettle with their war with Iran. Now they will be used as cannon fodder by the US to wage wars on other US ‘enemies’

The new Rumsfeld reorganization of defense strategies to suit post-cold war exigencies promises, less and less US forces to minimize political opposition back home. But the deficiency seems planned to be met by forces of colonized countries like Iraq. After all this is nothing new in history. Britain used forces from its own colonies like India among them to fight wars on all fronts in the 2nd World War. The new Iraq will be forced to move into Iran and Syria. It is time, rest of the world, including India, Russia and China, stop playing Chamberlain to Bush and project the menace of the Imperial America to the practically defenseless Third world.

Ghulam Muhammed

A New Security Council
A Security Council who's permanent members represent the world's largest armament manufacturers is not representative democratically. The cynicism that this order has engendered is so rampant that it is hardly noticed. It is a very unhappy, not to say monstrous, precedence.

Samual Huntington, reknown intellectual jongleur, in his "The Clash of Civilizations", talks about civilizational representations in Security Council. But then, why not go strainght back to the stone age and start all over? Indeed, Mr. Huntington is inclined to promote anachronistic identities. In his "casual survey" he rightly observes that struggling groups are inclined to resort to religious conceits (the last ditch), but these are certainly temporary shelters (from confusion). The traditional religions do not accommodate modern man's spiritual needs. In fact, spiritual reality has traditionally been bogged down by the theological conceits of the religions. That was a demogogic imperative at the time. Just think of the fate of many Sufis, and remember the fate of Meister Eckhardt. Evolution has brought us to materialism and man is confronted with his egotistical worldly reality. Each is his own heart closest from the moment he is born into this world. And to get to know himself truly, to individuate, to mature, he must resort to spiritual reality and meditation. Just as there is no such thing as Islamic or Christian morning gymnastics so there is no such thing as Christian or Islamic meditation. Spiritual reality is exactly the same for each of us. We all have our existence in the spirit (Ocean of Consciousness). Everything exists in the spirit. The material universe is come out of the spirit. What makes you conscious is the same as makes me conscious. The spirit is our common domain. To meditate is to confront your own inner being. This inner being has its existence in consciousness. Religious identities may be a practical expedient in a particular worldly situation, but in practice they cannot be the rigorous orders of former times. Theologies do not lead man to individuation. At best they provide a moral (maybe hypocritical) context for worldly expediency.

In international relations man should not fall back on emergency or even desparado identities. A very pernicious ideological example of such monstrous sophistication is manifest in Israel. That newfangled nation with its spurious hoax of "Anti-Semitism" and the political myth of "a homeland for the Jews" is an example of devilish dialectics. As if it isn't blatantly evident that "Israel only exists by virtue of its enemies", (Th. Herzl)? Indeed, Israel is where Jews become the abject lackeys of Zionism. Practically all the Jews in Israel are Ashkenazis, they're East European Jews, and they are of Turk-Mongol extraction. Their forefathers never set foot in Palestine. Yet this devilish international precedence is inducing grotesque international ebarrations and confusion. This iniquitous situation persists largely because of the collusion of unrighteous political scum and decision-makers in the West, and among Arab leaders. For years the Zionist sneakies whispered madly in the alleys of the West - "Egypt is the key, Egypt is the key". And Anwar Sadat was made a present of a Sinai victory. Overnight he became a God in Egypt and could make peace with Israel, but the Islamists were not fooled. 

Such filthy belial abounds but it should not be allowed to tyrannize or stupefy the international community. If truth and right is not asserted as common denominator in international relations then Zion's project will endeavour to repeat the Dark Ages.

Quite regardless of people's ethnic or religious background, the world consists of geographical regions that naturally render themselves to democratic representation in the Security Council.

1) Pacific, with Japan;
2) China;
3) South East Asia;
4) Australasia;
5) India
6) Islamic Nations
7) Russia
8) Africa
9) Europe
10) South America
11) North America
Persons elected or appointed in each of these areas will surely constitute a more representative Security Council.

Kaj Krinsmoe
Abildgade 15,, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark 

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