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Published in the 1-15 Aug 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

Putting the heat on Iran the Bush way

By Karamatullah K. Ghori

George W. Bush is determined to remain a 'war president' till his last day in office. Like Orwell's cold-blooded 'Big Brother' he is wedded to keeping his people permanently engrossed in military adventures overseas, so they may have little time to focus on his gross foibles and blatant lies.

War is priority number one for Bush for both strategic and tactical reasons. 

The first reason is attributable to the lobby or lobbies that have propelled an erratic and piddling politician like him to the highest office of the land. He owes his office, his fame, every thing, to the corporate world and the Zionists both inside and outside of U.S. This deadly combine of vested interests has invested heavily in him so he may deliver up to their priorities and preferences. 
Bush's open-ended 'war' on terrorism has served the interests of both the corporate barons and the votaries of Zionism splendidly. War means big business and big bucks for the war-oriented defence industries. They have never had it so good under any president since the end of the Vietnam War in mid 70s. The only other president who came close to Bush to covet this dubious honour was, of course, his own father, Bush Sr. The defence industries are rolling in wealth under Bush and, no doubt, are his biggest supporters and financiers.

It is also a crystal clear reality of our age that no country in the world has profited so much from Bush's war and his anti-Muslim and anti-Arab policies as Israel. That is what the Zionists always wanted: Israel's sway of terror over all its neighbours; and that is exactly what Bush has delivered to them by relentlessly pursuing policies hostile to the Arabs and unashamedly pro-Israel.
The latest example of Bush's infantile infatuation with Israel's expansionism is the negative vote U.S. cast in the UN General Assembly on the resolution demanding of Israel to tear down its illegal and immoral 'wall' Sharon is building on usurped Palestinian lands. U.S. was only one of 6 countries voting against the motion and making itself look out of step with an overwhelming 150 member states of the UN who voted in support of the resolution. Earlier, U.S. had also denounced the categorical verdict of the International Court of Justice declaring Israel's wall totally illegal.

But waging war in the currnet perspective is an even greater priority for the sake of Bush's reason number two, i.e. tactical.

Bush is in all sorts of trouble at home because of his ill-fated Iraqi military adventure. After months of being regularly fooled and lied to by an administration, packed with not only hawks but vultures too, the American people have awakened from a deep slumber that seemed to border on amnesia. Bush's ratings are dropping in a free fall and currently stand in the low 40s. History is against his re-election. No president with this kind of public ratings has won a second consecutive term since the end of World War II.
On top of his sinking fortunes at home, the Iraqi situation is rapidly spinning out of control. The puppet government to whom Bush transferred sovereignty as a façade to hoodwink the world public opinion has thus far failed to come to grips with the alarming law and order situation in the country. The so-called militants and terrorists are still perpetrating acts of violence, murder and mayhem at will. The colonial and hectoring presence of 150,000 U.S. soldiers is apparently insufficient and ineffective to keep them in check, or daunt their soaring spirits.

So in order to overcome his burgeoning handicap, Bush must create a diversion, and do it sooner than later. The window of opportunity for him to trigger another firework is a matter of only a few weeks-between now and the end of October.

Creating a diversion is another Orwellian requirement of 'Big Brother' who regularly took his people into war, especially when painted into a corner. For Bush, this is the tightest corner he has ever been painted in his presidency. So his neocon advisers and lobbyists from the corporate world and the corridors of Zionist power, are egging him on to open another theatre of military adventure in order to shore up his free falling fortunes.

In this moment of necessity, the supposedly non-partisan 9/11 commission has come to his rescue. The commission was set up to look into the debacle of intelligence that spawned the tragedy of 9/11. It found gaping holes in the CIA's vaunted intelligence machine and made its director, George Tenet, an scapegoat. But the commission didn't bother to look deeper into the more puzzling question as to why the Bush administration eagerly lapped up the faulty intelligence? Or was it not a fact that CIA and other agencies were bamboozled into delivering the intelligence that fitted the Bush agenda to go to war against Iraq on any excuse or pretext? 

The 9/11 commission conveniently, for Bush and the gaggle of hawks around him, overlooked any probe into the role of the president and his war-mongers who were spoiling for war and twisted all and any intelligence to serve their agenda. Bush's 'buddy' Tony Blair of Britain has, likewise, managed to get scot free from bearing any responsibility for taking his country into war against Iraq on similarly 'tailor-made' and spurious intelligence. The clean bill of health given by the so-called independent commissions of enquiry to the deadly-duo of Bush & Blair illustrates the sickening decline of moral standards in these champion states of freedom and democracy. Lying is now accepted as a legitimate tool of governance.

But the 9/11 commission has also given to Bush what could only be construed by him as a God-send gift. It has, mindlessly or mischievously on purpose, armed him with another deadly tool of war.

The commission has concluded, though not convincingly, that there is evidence that some of the alleged perpetrators of the crime on 9/11 had been to Iran prior to landing in the U.S. to carry out their plans. And yet the commission admits having little to conclusively establish a link between Al Qaeda and the Iranian government.

However, for Bush & company the commission's 'reasonable' conjecture is good enough to jump to conclusions and hold Iran guilty of responsibility in crime. This is much more than the flimsy pretext on which Bush went to war against Iraq. There the only link he could conjure up between Saddam and Al Qaeda was a dishonest report from the Czech intelligence, which the Czech government quickly retracted, that Mohammad Atta, a principal character in the 9/11 tragedy, had met with an Iraqi diplomat in Prague, the Czech capital. Bush made a mountain out of that molehill despite the Czech admission of its lack of credence.

Bush has seized the commission's allegation against Iran with alacrity and exuberance. He has started talking of the Iranian government being a 'dictatorial and tyrannical' regime denying the Iranian people their freedoms and fundamental rights. He is implying that just as he 'liberated' the Iraqis from the clutches of a tyrant like Saddam he might be inclined to do them the same favour.

Bush's shrill and strident anti-Iran rhetoric is dangerously reminiscent of the tone and hostitlity that marked his utterances against Iraq prior to launching that country's invasion. He has also started talking gravely of the threat posed to U.S. and Israeli security by Iran's alleged ambition to become a nuclear power and has warned Iran to desist from this course. This is despite the fact that IAEA, whose head Mohammad Al Baradei, has visited Iran several times in the past one year, has yet to find fault with Iran for nurturing nuclear weapons' ambition. But when have bush and cohorts taken the UN and its agencies seriously. To them UN is as best a nuisance which should only be courted in times of dire necessity, as recently in Iraq.

But the most sinister aspect of the rising anti-Iran chorus in the Bush administration-and on cue from it in the right wing American media, like Fox Television and CNN-is that it is being minutely co-ordinated with Israel whose hostility to Iran knows no bounds. It was Ariel Sharon's provocating suggestion to his pal, Bush, on the heels of 'victory' in Iraq, that he should turn his tanks, without a moment's loss, in the direction of Teheran. 

The Zionists and votaries of Israel have held for years that Iran posed a greater threat to Israel than any Arab country. Now after vanquishing Iraq they are gloating with pride that no Arab state has been left with any power to cause trouble to Israel. But that is not the case, in their sense, with Iran. Hence the logical thing for them to do, after Iraq's obliteration and virtual demise, would be to take out the 'menace' that Iran, is in their convoluted and perverse logic, to Israel.

So Sharon has ultimately found a soul mate of Bush's anti-Muslim proclivity to put his own dangerous agenda against Iran to practice. Sharon is an inveterate and compulsive war-monger, something Bush admires in him. The two have met at least half a dozen times in the course of the Bush presidency and remain in phone contact all the time.

According to the Jerusalem Post, an authentic mouth-piece of the Israeli government, Sharon has already taken a decision in his cabinet to go after any country in Israel's neighbourhood with nuclear ambitions. The Post has quoted Israeli official spokesmen hectoring that the ambitions of the Iranian Ayotallahs for nuclear power will be finished forever.

The Post story claims that the Israeli armed forces have readied plans of unleashing an aerial attack against the hub of Iranian nuclear programme at Bushehr, on the Gulf. The long range, and highly sophisticated American-provided, F-15 aircraft of the Israeli Air Force are all primed to take off against their target and will overfly the Turkish air space for this purpose. It would be a rehash of the 1981 Israeli aggression from the air against the Iraqi nuclear reactor outside Baghdad, which was totally knocked out and obliterated. On that occasion the Saudi air space was used to launch an unprovoked and pre-emptive attack.

The only caveat in the plot against Iran is the role of Turkey. The latest indicators from Ankara suggest a deliberate decision by the Islamist-oriented government of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan to cap Turkey's erstwhile close co-operation with Israel, especially in the defence field where Israel had become Turkey's number one partner. Erdogan has also declined an Israeli invitation to visit Israel. He has justifiable reason to be unhappy with Israeli expansionism, especially the ongoing Israeli interference in the Kurdish areas of Iraq.

But for Bush an Israeli-led blitz against Iran would be a welcome development. Let Israel do the dirty work of serving its own interest and that of its ally and mentor, U.S. Bush would see to it that Israel remains fully covered and shielded against the world public opinion. Let the world cry itself hoarse but if the matter goes to the UN Security Council the redoubtable American veto would, once again, be used to insulate Israel against the world hostility. The Americans have no shame when it comes to standing up, alone most of the time, for their invention, Israel.

It is anybody's guess, at this stage, when would war be unleashed against Iran, if at all. But if it comes down to that, it would be before the U.S. presidential elections in early November. Bush and cohorts have already been engaging themselves to create a war hysteria by constantly alluding to the danger 'evil' and 'rogue' states like Iran, Syria and lately Sudan pose to U.S. interests and allies. 

There is no greater interest of U.S. than to stay as a policeman and arbiter in the oil-rich Gulf region. By the same token there is no bigger ally of U.S. than Israel. With Bush and Sharon in the leadership slots, there couldn't be a more sinister and dangerous confluence of interests and goals, either. Watch out, Islamic world, Pax Americana is in lock-step with a jingoistic Israel to lord over your most affluent parts and rob their riches and resources. Iraq was gambit number one; Iran could well be the number two.«

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