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Published in the 1-15 Aug 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

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Tourists enjoy cable car rides in snow-clad 
Gulmarg, 55 kms west of Srinagar


Mahandawel (Sant Kabirnagar): Members of Anjuman Islah-e-Muashara (Organisation for Social Reform) are actively involved in eradicating social evils and creating educational awareness among Muslim women. In a social reform meeting, Maulana Muhammad Umar Nizami, head of the Anjuman said it is time we educate our women. Maulana said that taqwa (piety) makes man successful. Hence we need to make our youths pious. Man’s moral level is raised high by understanding the Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and a sense of social service is also developed in him, he said. 
Speaking about peace and harmony, Maulana Nizami said Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent as a mercy to mankind. He prayed even for the enemies and taught the message of love to mankind. 

New Delhi: Haji Jawed Iqbal Khokhar, a resident of Gujranwala in Pakistan is preparing a 9 ton heavy digital manuscript of the Quran with leaves of steel. Haji Jawed says it will be the heaviest version of the Quran in the world. The stand (Rehl) on which the Quran would be kept would weigh three tons which would make the weight 12 tons altogether.

Talking to BBC Urdu Jawed Khokhar said so far he has completed 16 paras (parts) while the remaining 14 would take another one and half year. The digital Quran would require 220 volts of electricity to run. Every page would automatically turn after two minutes. Along with a search system to read or find any part or verse, the Quran will also have audio facility. Khokhar said he had started the work in 1997 on an estimated budget of Rs 50 lakh which had now gone up to one crore. 

Khokhar, who makes surgical dies is assisted by his two sons and three daughters who help him after completing their school work. Thus he has not employed anyone to do the job. When asked from where he gets money for the project, he says people give him money when he holds an exhibition of the Quran. Besides, some private companies are also helping him. Punjab Province government gave him Rs 1 lakh for the project. 

Khokhar has already registered his name in the Guinness Book of World Records for making the biggest lock and largest fan in the world. He is also working on a project to make the biggest mobile phone which will weigh 700 kgs.

Saharanpur: State secretary of Deeni Talimi Council, Maulana Riyaz Nadwi has demanded the state government of Uttar Pradesh to include Waqf madrasas and makatib (morning schools) under the category of registered madrasas. He said madrasas and makatib run by Waqf should get same state facilities as registered madrasas. He had earlier drawn the attention of state education minister Shahid Manzoor towards this demand and was assured that this would be done. Maulana Riyaz said Mulayam Singh Yadav should accept the demand in view of his sympathy towards minorities. He also welcomed the decision of Central HRD minister to set up a Central Madrasa Board. He said if the government was sincere in this regard it should think and implement the proposal presented by Maulana Abdullah Mughisi of Milli Council to include majority of ulama in the Board. 

Mubarakpur (Azamgarh): Haji Nisar Ahmad, state president of All India Backward Muslim Front has demanded the UPA government to include Dalit Muslims and Christians in the Notified List of castes and take solid steps for development of weavers and other craftsmen. Speaking at a press conference, Haji Nisar welcomed Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav’s announcement for use of kullarh and khadi dress in government offices but also demanded the same from Bihar state government. While answering a question he said there is equality in Islam. 

New Delhi: Urdu journalist and member of Parliament Shahid Siddiqui has demanded the government to restore railway facilities for madrasa students. He drew the government’s attention to this problem during a parliamentary session on 7 July. He said madrasas were cultural and educational centres of Indian Muslims. Therefore, they should be given modern facilities.

Modern subjects should be taught in madrasas so that the students could earn their livelihood and play a part in the country’s development. He regretted that instead of adopting new techniques madrasas were being stopped from making progress. He said that due to the erstwhile government’s discriminatory policy, railway facilities to madrasa students were ended. These facilities were started by CK Jaffer Sharief when he was the railway minister. Now madrasa students have been deprived of railway concessions.

Meanwhile, Maulana Iftikhar Hussain Madani, vice-president of Delhi Madaris Education Organisation has demanded railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav to give confessional travel facilities to madrasa students.

Bhopal: Knowledge of Arabic along with modern education has been part and parcel of Muslims’ lives in all times. Muslims have succeeded whenever they have understood it. These views were expressed by Maulana Saeedur Rahman Azmi, rector Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama. He was speaking at the inaugural function of Al Mahad Al-Dirasatul Islamia wa Al sinah (Centre for Islamic Studies and Languages) on 12 July. The presence of more than a thousand and a half million (1.5 billion) Muslims in the world is due to the fact that earlier Muslims understood their responsibility, paid attention to the spread of Islam and at the same time they incorporated it in their own lives. This is possible only when a Muslim understands his Lord and His messenger and the teachings of Islam, Maulana said.

Maulana Muhammad Saeed Mujaddidi, amir Darul Uloom Bhopal said a Muslim can make his life more successful than others as he has God’s revelation besides knowledge and wisdom. Maulana Syed Mushtaq Ali Nadwi, nazim of the Centre spoke in detail about the purpose of setting up the Centre.

Rampur: Neither officers not doctors are ready to work in Rampur due to strict discipline of UP cabinet minister Muhammad Azam Khan. Though appointment orders of deputy collectors, city magistrate and 20 government doctors have been issued, none except one lady doctor has reached Rampur even after 15 days. A higher officer had to say it jokingly, “Will the officers die of starvation in Rampur. If they work and get no extra income, why will they come here?”. A doctor is punished if he accepts money given by a patient after he is cured.

A truthful and martinet, Azam Khan excepts other officials to be like him. So far four deputy collectors have been transferred for not living up to Azam Khan’s principles. When asked about city magistrate Khan said he gets money according the work he does. Recently Swar SDM, SN Yadav and some other officials were transferred for misbehaving with some ulama. The condition of district magistrate is pitiable.

Out of 20, the posting orders of only 11 doctors have been issued so far. But among them only one lady doctor has registered her presence. Khan doesn’t want complaints by patients. He punishes the doctor if he receives a complaint from a patient. He has also allowed people to deal with doctors if due care is not taken of the patients.

Bijnor: Uttar Pradesh chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has launched an educational campaign “Chalo School Chalein” (Let’s go to school). Efforts are being made to prepare poor children to attend schools. Financial aid would also be provided to these children. District president Muhammad Dawood said a conference would also be organised on the subject ‘Education is light, illiteracy is darkness’.

Meanwhile a 10-day educational campaign was started in Eastern UP on 2 July. Jamaat tried to reach 5000 poor children to persuade them to learn. Maulana Waliuallah Saidi Falahi said Muslims lagged behind others in education which was the reason for their low representation in government jobs. He emphasised on modern education along with religious education. 

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