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MIT courses on the Net

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided last year to make all the course material availabe on its website by year 2007. This will be free and open to the world. As of now, dozens of courses are made available. Visit the MIT Open Courseware’s website for full details:

Course List
Aeronautics and Astronautics
16.76J Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods 

21A.211 Magic, Witchcraft, and the Spirit World 
21A.453 Anthropology of the Middle East 

7.012 Introduction to Biology 
7.02 Introduction to Experimental Biology
7.03 Genetics 
7.28 Molecular Biology 
7.51 Graduate Biochemistry

Chemical Engineering 
10.333J Introduction to Modeling and Simulation 
10.34 Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering 

5.61 Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics

Civil & Environmental Engineering 
1.00 Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving
1.021J Introduction to Modeling and Simulation 
1.061 Transport Processes in the Environment
1.138J Wave Propagation 
1.203J Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods 
Comparative Media Studies 
CMS.930/21F.034 Media, Education, and the Marketplace 

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences 
12.409 Hands-On Astronomy: Observing Stars and Planets

14.271 Industrial Organization I
14.33 Economics Research and Communication
14.452 Macroeconomic Theory II

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 
6.071 Introduction to Electronics 
6.170 Laboratory in Software Engineering
6.281J Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods 6.542J Laboratory on the Physiology, Acoustics, and Perception of 

Engineering Systems Division
ESD.216J Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods 

21H.126 America in Depression and War 
21H.433 The Age of Reason: Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries 
21H.504 East Asia in the World 

Linguistics & Philosophy 
24.00 Problems of Philosophy
24.900 Introduction to Linguistics
24.946 Linguistic Theory and the Japanese Language

21L.435 Shakespeare, Film and Media 

Materials Science and Engineering 
3.021J Introduction to Modeling and Simulation 
3.46 Optical and Optoelectronic Materials 

18.013A Calculus with Applications
18.04 Complex Variables with Applications
18.06 Linear Algebra
18.361J Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
18.996 Topics in Theoretical Computer Science: Internet Research Problems 
18.996vp General Relativity and Gravitational Radiation 

Mechanical Engineering 
2.003 Modeling Dynamics and Control I
2.030J Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
2.062J Wave Propagation 
2.51 Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer

Nuclear Engineering 
22.00J Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
22.312 Engineering of Nuclear Reactors 

Ocean Engineering 
13.021 Marine Hydrodynamics
13.022 Surface Waves and Their Interaction with Floating Bodies
13.49 Maneuvering and Control of Surface and Underwater Vehicles
13.665J Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods 
8.02 Electricity and Magnetism

Political Science 
17.251 Congress and the American Political System I
17.871 Political Science Laboratory

Sloan School of Management 
15.053 Introduction to Optimization
15.783J Product Design and Development
15.094 Systems Optimization: Models and Computation 
15.810 Introduction to Marketing 

Urban Studies and Planning 
11.208 Introduction to Computers in Public Management II «

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