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Published in the 1-15 Aug 2004 print edition of MG; send me the print edition

The Eighty Crore of Hindus

By I K Shukla

Yes, they have been insulted, as screamingly proclaimed by the outlaws sporting saffron. By the primitives and criminals of a barbaric cult called Hindutva, which has nothing in common with Hinduism or Hinduutwa.

This Hindutva is composed of terrorists, rapists, arsonists, assassins, traitors, and thugs. It is void of any sense of nationalism. It is a coterie of privileged fanatics who are afraid of the national wealth being called for equitable distribution among its real producers.

There is no people in India called Hindu (small u). Anything derived from it is ipso facto spurious. The abstract noun from Hinduu (oo) is Hindootwa, not Hindutva.

Just as they shrank the root word to a puny size, they also made their cult useful and appealing only to a coven of pygmies - the brainwashed, and the retarded. This linguistic mayhem reflected their minuscule minds very aptly.
Why were they afraid of the Mandal Commission Report? Because it sought justice for the oppressed of centuries.

Commission reports were till then routinely considered just fit for shelving and oblivion, not implementation.

So they were aghast at this unexpected turn when Mandal Report was dusted off and life was breathed into it, which amounted to assertion of faith in and commitment to the Constitution. But this adherence to the constitution was anathema to those who had decided to wreck it wholesale and fast.

V. P. Singh government, making bold to implement it, was toppled by them in vengeance, proving once again, that they would not let justice be done to those oppressed over several millennia. They would shed blood to sustain a stagnant and savage social order based on iniquity and hierarchy, exploitation and degradation.

And they retaliated big. Revenge is how all the subsequent communal riots and ethnic cleansing by the majoritarian pseudo-Hindu bloodhounds should be understood.

Fiery and Bloody Revenge against Muslims by the Gujarat government of Modi was supported by the vindictive cabal entrenched then in New Delhi headed by Atal and Advani.
Talk of Hindu interests being ignored by UPA? 

It is only Hindu interests that have so far been served excessively and exuberantly pre- and post- 1947.
It is only Hindus who have this long been appeased.

It is only Hindus who have been privileged, in defiance of the Constitution, over the rest of millions of non-Hindu Indians who built and sustained this nation over millennnia with their sweat and blood.

Modi, Gujarat's Nero, pretends to be representing 5 crores of Gujaratis. Thus he criminalises them as his co-conspirators and co-criminals. He insults Gujarat and is feted for it!

The trident-wielding saffros now pretend to be representing 80 crore Hindus. Pure bunk. Total blarney.

They are imprisoned in their cocoon of fable and fantasy. They may not be representing even 8 crores of Hindus. And, they are "Hindus" on hire, won over by terror, intimidation, bribery, harassment, and violence.

The seasoned liars of Hindutva wallow in their delusional dreams and their dacoits' diction. For misleading the gullible, for drafting the unwary in their outlaw crusade against the minorities.

Otherwise, why are they so afraid?
It is from fear and inferiority that their violence ensues and erupts.

Minorities - Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Aborigines - must vote for them, or be ready to be liquidated. As was demonstrated in Gujarat.

Atal, before the Lok Sabha elections, warned Muslims to vote thoughtfully. He meant thoughtlessly. For the BJP.

For an incumbent PM so shamelessly to resort to this chilling meanness was unprecedented in the annals of Indian elections.

This naked conversion of citizens into vote banks by the saffronazis, voiding their human and civil rights as citizens, is their brutal contribution to Indian polity.

They cannot subsist without hatred and violence. The culture of crime and backwardness is inherent in their agenda and in their aims.

All of them are required to be criminals, terrorists, anti-social, anti-national - enemies of India, demolishers of Hinduuism.

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