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Mongols in Fallujah

Fallujans pay the price

By Muhammad Ayash al-Kubaisi

When a nation's identity, existence and dignity is put at risk, the sacrifice required is far more than the lives of a group of fighters, and that is why Falluja has chosen to carry the flag of resistance in Iraq, in the clear knowledge that it may be wiped out.

Killing in cold blood: US marine killing a wounded Iraqi man lying on floor of mosque in Falluja on 13 Nov. 04

Killing in cold blood: US marine killing a wounded Iraqi 
man lying on floor of mosque in Falluja on 13 Nov. 04
(Source: AP from NBC news video clip) 

US marine kicking dead bodies with his boot on 12 Nov. 04

US marine kicking dead bodies with his boot on 12 Nov. 04 
(Source: AP)

Fallujans and Iraqis have witnessed the boots of US marines stepping on the heads of Iraqi prisoners, not to frighten them but to tell Iraqis and the rest of the world that they owe the superpower obedience and gratitude. The fighters in Falluja are fully conscious of the balance of power, they know only too well that one bomb from their enemy's arsenal is enough to ruin their beautiful city. 
But the inhabitants of this great city wanted to send a message to decision-makers in the US that coexisting with the occupiers is not possible. They wanted to tell US officials that it is easier for Fallujans to sacrifice their lives than to shake hands with occupiers; it is easier for them to see their houses razed to the ground than see an occupying soldier enjoy them. 

This clear message has been delivered by the people and fighters of Falluja. The occupiers must understand it or the ghost of Falluja will chase them everywhere in Iraq, and they will end up with two options: Stubbornly remain in Iraq, losing their credibility and wasting more resources which could result in a worldwide alliance against them to bring such a prodigal power - the US - to heel, or leave Iraq.

If they leave, Falluja would have paid the price of liberating the nation and saving the world from a potential danger. 

The US should not get the impression that it has performed a successful pre-emptive strike. The Iraqi resistance is fully cognizant of the nature of the fight, and appears to be acting according to a carefully crafted plan. 

The indications coming from Falluja point to the fact that the resistance is continuing, which will prevent the US from enjoying the taste of success in Falluja. The Iraqi resistance realises that it is very dangerous if the US administration thinks its excessive use of power is achieving its goals. This can be seen throughout the mounting resistance operations across the country from Talafar in the north to al-Qaem in the west and Buhruz in the east. Last week, Iraq's third largest city, Mosul, the capital of al-Anbar governorate (Iraq's largest governorate), Ramadi, and vital positions in Baghdad fell to the Iraqi resistance. What does that tell us? It shows that resistance in Iraq is Iraqi, and not dominated by "foreign fighters" or the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi group as the US had claimed before the strike on Falluja. A group of non-Iraqi fighters crossing the borders to fight the US in Iraq for whatever reason cannot achieve that, and the US is fully aware of that from a military point of view. 

The widespread resistance operations in Iraq prove the issue can no longer be consigned to a "restive city" or "rebellious region" - it is obviously a popular uprising by people refusing military occupation of their homeland. 

This gives us confidence that the blood of our brothers in Falluja has not been shed in vain. Rather, it is the price paid for a noble aim: The liberation of Iraq. 

A native of Falluja, Islamic Shariah professor Muhammad Al-Kubaisi represents Iraq's Association of Muslim Scholars outside Iraq. 


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